Larry Gatlin Net Worth

Larry Gatlin Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Larry Gatlin Introduction 

Larry Gatlin is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. Larry Gatlin is an infamous country and gospel singer and songwriter.

Larry Gatlin is part of “The Gatlin Brothers” band alongside his brothers Rudy Gatlin and Steve Gatlin. “The Gatlin Brothers” are one of the well-known trios in the music industry. 

Apart from being part of “The Gatlin Brothers”, Larry Gatlin also has a rather successful solo music career with over 50 top country songs.

Larry Gatlin in his career of nearly 40 years has released over 22 studio albums. Most of Larry Gatlin’s albums and songs became chart Busters and are loved by people all over the world.

Larry Gatlin Net Worth & Salary

Larry Gatlin’s Net Worth is $10 million.

Larry Gatlin’s exceptional talent and skills proved to be a blessing for him. Larry Gatlin not only gained widespread fame and popularity but also made huge bucks for himself.

Song revenues being his primary source of income, Larry Gatlin has also managed to earn money with his public appearances and occasional acting career.

Larry Gatlin Age, Early Life & Biography

Larry Gatlin is 74 years old. Larry Gatlin took birth on the 2nd of May 1948 in a small place called Seminole County situated in Texas.

Larry Gatlin is the oldest of the Gatlin Brothers. Larry Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, and Rudy Gatlin formed one of the greatest trios ever since they were teenagers. The Gatlin Brothers along with their sister would host impromptu concerts and also play in the Church Choir.

As Larry Gatlin’s father was an Oil Mine Worker, they’ve never lived in the same place but have moved to different places which allowed Larry Gatlin to learn about different people and see the world through different perspectives.

Larry Gatlin joined Odessa High School. He was one of the star players of Odessa High playing for the quarterback position. Larry Gatlin graduated from Odessa High school in 1966.

 After graduating high school, Larry Gatlin decided not to serve the military forces during the ongoing Vietnam War, instead, he joined the University of Houston. He continued his Football game and was certain of choosing Football as his profession for a brief moment.

Larry Gatlin Net Worth
Getty Images
Name:Larry Wayne Gatlin
Age:74 years old
Birth Date:2nd May 1948
Birth Place:Seminole, Texas
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Janis Ross (m.1969)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):2
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Singer, Song Writer, Musician, and Entrepreneur
Yearly Income:$500,000
Net Worth $10 million
Content Last Updated:January 2023

Larry Gatlin Personal Life 

Not only Larry Gatlin’s songs are termed “Dreamy and Romantic” but Larry Gatlin himself is what we call a “One Woman Man”.

During the initial days of his career, Larry Gatlin met and instantly fell in love with Janis Ross. Though the two were uncertain about their future together, they decided to give it a fair shot.

In 1969, Janis Ross and Larry Gatlin got married. Soon, they welcomed two beautiful children into this world. 

Ever since the fall of 1969, Larry Gatlin and Janis Ross have been together. Who says a fairy tale isn’t real, the story of Janis Ross and Larry Gatlin is living proof of one!

Larry Gatlin  Career 

Straight after graduating from the University of Houston, Larry Gatlin auditioned to be a part of the Country music club “The Imperials”. During his audition, Larry Gatlin came in contact with fellow singer Dottie West.

Dottie West helped Larry Gatlin to launch his career. Being impressed with Larry Gatlin’s songwriting skills, Dottie West decided to two of Larry Gatlin’s songs through her record label.

Dottie West played a very significant role in making Larry Gatlin the country music star that he is today. Dottie West introduced Larry Gatlin in Nashville, Tennessee, and helped him kick-start his musical career.

In 1973, Larry Gatlin released his debut album “The Pilgrim”. Even though Larry Gatlin’s album was a masterpiece but failed to reach the Billboard charts.

In 1974, Larry Gatlin released his second album “Rain/Rainbow”. Unlike his first album, “Rain/Rainbow” became a Chartbuster and became the top Hit of 1975.

1976 marked the beginning of “The Gatlin Brothers”. Larry Gatlin announced the release of his new album ” Larry Gatlin with Friends & Family” which featured Collaboration with Steve Gatlin and Rudy Gatlin.

Years into his Musical career, Larry Gatlin finally scored his first number 1 hit ” I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love”. Larry Gatlin continued making music but later decided to form “The Gatlin Brothers”.

In 1985, “The Gatlin Brothers” was officially formed with Larry Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, and Rudy Gatlin. Their first album as a group was released in the October of the same year titled “Straight Ahead”.

In the following years “The Gatlin Brothers” went on to release albums “What are we Doin’ Lonesome”, “In Like We Each Other”, “She used to Sing on Sunday”, “Sure Feels Like Love”, etc which went on to become the top hits in the late 80s.

Nearly after a decade after forming the band, The Gatlin Brothers decided to disband and embark upon their journey.

Larry Gatlin joined the acting industry and starred in a documentary made on Dottie West. The movie was titled “The Dottie West Story”.

In 2010, Larry Gatlin joined the Fox Network as a Political and Social Commentator. Larry Gatlin also hosted shows airing on the Fox Network.

Larry Gatlin Awards & Achievements

Larry Gatlin is going in history as one of the most awarded musicians in the world. In his career of nearly 5 decades, he has been honored numerous times for his exceptional work and talent.

Larry Gatlin has been a recipient of Academy of Country Music awards, Grammy awards, CMA awards, AMA awards, etc in his lifetime and musical journey.

Larry Gatlin Major Investments and Assets

As per the sources, Larry Gatlin owns a million-dollar House in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, Larry Gatlin and Janis Ross reside in the same house where he makes his music.

Larry Gatlin also has a vintage Rolls Royce and Mercedes 1989 model.

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In this video, Larry Gatlin is talking about the tragic death of Lisa Marie Presley.

Larry Gatlin Twitter Handle

This is the link to Larry Gatlin’s Twitter Account.

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