Larry Hoover Net Worth

Larry Hoover Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Larry Hoover Introduction 

Larry Hoover is an American goon, Mafia Boss, and Gang Leader.

Larry Hoover is infamous for being the co-founder of the deadliest and scariest street gang, The Gangster Disciples.

Larry Hoover has been convicted of most of the crimes against humanity. Larry Hoover has been involved in cases like Murdering, Kidnapping, Money Laundering, Extortion, etc.

With all his convictions being proven in court, Larry Hoover has been serving Six Life Sentences in ADX Florence Prison.

According to some insider info, Larry Hoover was connected to running a Criminal Enterprise from ADX Florence Prison in Colorado.

Larry Hoover Net Worth & Salary

Larry Hoover’s net worth is $103 million.

Larry Hoover is one of the wealthiest and brightest Criminal minds in the history of the United States of America.

The Criminal consignments taken up by Larry Hoover pay the gang a handsome sum. Being the Gang Leader, Larry Hoover is paid most part of the deal.

Larry Hoover Age, Early Life & Biography

Larry Hoover’s age is 72 years. Larry Hoover was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi on the 30th of November 1950. 

When Larry Hoover was only four years old, the Hoover Family had to relocate to Chicago due to financial conditions. This marked the beginning of the “Chicago Street Gang” and a normal Larry Hoover became the “King Larry”.

Not much information is available regarding Larry Hoover’s family or early life. The name or profession of his parents and information regarding other members of the family aren’t available to the public.

Larry Hoover attended the Local elementary and Junior High School in Jackson, Mississippi. When he was only 12 years old, Larry Hoover got involved in criminal activities. Larry Hoover dropped out of Junior High and started his illegal criminal activities.

As a Teenager, he had a fair share of encounters with the Law and has served years in Juvenile. After getting out of the juvenile, Larry’s near and dear ones expected him to go straight and start a new life.

But Little did they know about what fate had in store for Larry Hoover. From Petty Theft and Mugging to high-level Extortion and Murder, Larry Hoover became the “Most Deadliest Criminal in the USA”.

Larry Hoove Net Worth
Getty Images
Name:Larry Hoover
Age:72 years old
Birth Date:30th November 1950
Birth Place:Jackson, Mississippi
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:N/A
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):3
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Criminal, Gang Leader, and Mafia Boss
Yearly Income:$2 million
Net Worth $103 million
Content Last Updated:January 2023

Larry Hoover Personal Life 

In 1968, when Larry Hoover was only 18 years old, he found the love of his life, Winndye Jenkins. Even though the truth about their marriage is unknown, it was reported that Duo was indeed married.

Winndye Jenkins gave birth to Larry Hoover Jr. Winndye Jenkins and Larry Hoover were very happy with the birth of their first kid.

In 2020, The US Department of Justice announced the legal marriage of Larry Hoover and Winndye Jenkins which they had been denying since 1969.

Apart from Larry Hoover Jr, Larry Hoover has 2 more Kids, a son, and a daughter. The name of the mothers of his other kids is not known to the world.

Larry Hoover Career 

Larry Hoover got involved in gangster and criminal activities when he was only 13 years old. Larry Hoover joined the “Supreme Gangsters” and became a small-time crook.

After spending days in Juvenile, Larry Hoover got out of Juvenile and started his gang the Chicago Street Gang “The Gangster Disciples”.

During that time, there was a presence of yet another Powerful and deadly gang called ” Supreme Gangsters”. David Barksdale was the leader of the “Supreme Gangsters”.

Larry Hoover and David Barksdale, the leader and the Alpha Male, had major rivalries and conflicts.

In 1969, Larry Hoover decided to put an end to the year-long rivalry and merge both the street gangs i.e, The Supreme Gangsters and the Black Disciples. Both gangs merged to become “Black Gangster Disciples Nation”.

In an unfortunate mass shooting, David Barksdale lost his life. Following the death of their leader, Larry Hoover assumed the role of the Chairman and new leader of Black Gangsters Disciples Nation.

During 1974-75, BGDN had full access to the South Side of Chicago and took full control over the illegal and criminal activities taking place in that zone.

To expand the operations of BGDN, Larry Hoover recruited other gang members such as Spanish Cobras, Simone City Royals, Maniac Satan, Lady, etc, and created a gang that covered most every big city and country.

With tackling inside conflicts and issues, there cropped up an issue of Leadership in BGDN. When Larry Hoover started leading a different gang, the members of BGDN became furious and wanted immediate attention to the problems.

Following the big issue, Larry Hoover decided to drop out of criminal activities and engage himself in Political activities and became an influential political figure in Chicago.

In 2016, he was convicted of the past crimes committed by Larry Hoover and his BGDN and is currently serving Six Life imprisonment in ADX Florence Prison in Colorado.

There were rumors of Larry Hoover being connected to the Gang from the inside of the prison and being part of the major crimes. But Larry Hoover denied his involvement.

Larry Hoover Awards & Achievements

Larry Hoover hasn’t been a recipient of any accolade as of now. 

Larry Hoover Major Investments and Assets

Larry Hoover is the founder and the head of the “Chicago Street Gang”. Even though he has a net worth of more than $100 million, information regarding his assets and investments is still unclear.

Larry Hoover owns private mansions worth $20 million in parts of the US. The location of these places is not known due to security purposes. He also had huge cash reserves before going to prison.

Larry Hoover Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

This video is a Documentary movie based on the life story of Larry Hoover and his associates. This video portrays the life and reality of the “Chicago Street Gang” and the operations within.

Larry Hoover Twitter Handle

Larry Hoover doesn’t have a Twitter presence as he is serving his sentence in ADX Florence Prison.

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