Robert Englund Net Worth

Robert Englund Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Robert Englund Introduction 

Robert Englund,  A warm-hearted entertainer is underneath all the hideous masks.

To scare a few individuals is one thing but to keep generations under the fear of a fictional character and be etched into their brains as a memorable part of their childhood is a feat in itself. And who can do it better than the master himself, Robert Englund. (no haunting me in my dreams, please!)

Here’s an article on the actor. 

Robert Englund Net Worth & Salary 

Currently Robert Englund has an astounding net worth of $16 million.

Most of his income is traced back to his highly flourishing career as an actor. He also branched out his career into being a director, voice actor, singer, and video game. These sources keep up his consistent source of wealth.

Robert Englund Age, Early Life & Biography 

Currently Robert Englund is 75 years old.

Born to his mother, Janis Englund, and father John Kent Englund, an aeronautical engineer, Robert began to study acting from the early age of 12. Following a friend, he enrolled in a theater program at California State University, Northridge. He is part Swedish and part Scottish.

During his years in high school, he attended Cranbrook Theater School. He went on to attend UCLA for three years but dropped out and ended up joining Michigan’s Oakland University. This is where he received his classical training as an actor at the Meadow Brook Theater, which was then a branch of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Robert spent 5 glorious years in the regional theater, playing out the classics of Shaw and Shakespeare. He then returned to the west coast where he grew up. His journey took the right turn from here. Although he did not quite emerge distinctly for physical qualities (aka meeting society’s expectation of being tall and handsome), his ambition, determination, and experience got him off a great start (and rightfully so).

Robert Englund Net Worth
getty images
Name:Robert Barton Englund
Age:75 years
Birth Date:6th June 1947
Birth Place:Glendale, California
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Elizabeth Gardner (1968-1972)Roxanne Rodgers (1986-1988)Nancy Booth (1988-now)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):No
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Actor, director and 
Yearly Income:$5.6 million 
Current Net Worth:$16 million
Content Last Updated:September 2022

Robert Englund Personal Life 

Robert has not let much out to the public about his personal life. No worries, we are here to help you out!

 Robert married Elizabeth Gardner, a nurse in 1968. They remained together until their divorce in 1972.

For the next few years, Robert directed all his focus toward evolving and shaping his career.

As luck would have it, his work helped him meet his second wife, actress Roxanne Rodgers. They got wedded in 1986 and spent two years together before breaking up.

 The year 1988 finally brought to him his now wife, set designer, Nancy Booth. They continue to stay and grow together. The only regret Robert has expressed is not having children.

Robert Englund Career 

Englund auditioned for two roles, in 1976, in Star Wars but ended up getting none. He starred in Eaten Alive (1997) and Galaxy of Terror (1981). He was typically cast as a nerd and was first noticed in his role Willie in the 1983 miniseries V and its sequel.

But then, he broke the stereotype and was cast into a role that changed the face of American Horror films and ushered Robert into stardom. Robert starred as Freddy Krueger, a child murderer and psychopathic burn victim in ” A Nightmare on Elm Street”(1984). This film brought him his much-awaited and deserved success. 

He took on his role as Krueger in the franchise in the multiple sequels (which continued till 2003) of the massive hit. He became a renowned name in the horror genre. He enjoyed playing the character of Freddy as it gave him the much necessary break from playing the pleasant human. 

This led him to have principal characters in movies like “The Phantom of Opera”(1989) and “The Mangler” (1995).

He appeared in a lot of TV shows including a short-lived series “Nightmare Cafe”(1992), and got into the role of Freddy Krueger in the series- “Freddy’s Nightmares- A Nightmare on Elm Street”. He guest appeared in a lot of series including “Babylon 5”, “MadTV”, and “Knight Rider” to name a few. He hosted the Horror Hall of Fame from 1989 to 1991.

His career diversified as he got into voice acting. He voiced over as The Riddler on “The Batman”, The Vulture in “The spectacular Spiderman”, and “Chuck”.

“976-EVIL” (1988) was the first horror film that Robert directed. He also directed the “Killer Pad” (2008), and two episodes “Of Cabin Fever” and “Monkey dreams” on “Freddy’s Nightmare”. He featured as himself in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies maps as a playable character.

Robert is featured in a documentary that shows the LGBT take on “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge”. He is the host of a true supernatural encounter show.

His latest appearance was in the fourth season of the worldwide massive hit, “Stranger Things”.

Robert Englund Awards & Achievements 

Surely a personality like Englund will have a lot of awards under his belt. There’s a list of a few.

A three-time nomination in the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, he won a Life Career Award in 2001. 

He won the Career-Honorary Award in the CinEuphoria Awards as recent as 2020.

He shares one nomination for Gold Derby Awards, New York City Horror Film Festival, Fantafestival, Online Film, and Television Awards, and The Streamy Awards each. He boasts two nominations for Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

Robert Englund Major Investments and Assets 

Robert Englund has his well-placed, strategic investments. He owns several restaurants. He is the owner of a Football Team “Glendale Angels”. 

He has launched his brand of Vodka and his brand of perfume is dominating the market.

He also boasts of very remunerative endorsement deals and a successful fashion line.

Phew! A lot of investments Freddy!

Although not much is known about his house and cars, it won’t be a bad guess to say that Robert is living his life just fine and enjoying himself heartily.

Robert Englund Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

An hour-long conversation with the living legend is all you need. Robert shares his glimpse of getting into the role of the infamous Freddy Krueger.

Robert Englund Instagram Handle 

Robert Englund does not have an official Instagram account.

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