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Parag Agarwal Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Parag Agarwal

They say every time a person tweets, there’s someone or the other who’s losing sleep over it. But the CEO of Twitter certainly occupies a major position in the company and in the minds of many.

Parag Agarwal stands tall as the pride of India as he occupies the position of CEO of Twitter. The path wasn’t easy, but it was certainly something worth being inspired by! 

Parag has set his name in stone as a distinguished personality. He’ll certainly go down in history as one of the most talked-about and appreciated Indians in history. 

Net Worth & Salary of Parag Agarwal in 2022

Parag Agarwal has a net worth of around 2 million. He owes his fortune to the hard work that took him to the top of the game, i.e. being the revered CEO. 

His salary is estimated to be around a million a year. He doesn’t just earn money, but earns the pride of a million Indians too! Kudos to him! 

Early Life & Biography of Parag Agarwal

Parag was born on 21st May 1984 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He is 37 years old as of now.

He was born to parents with a strong academic standing. Thus making them ensure that he gets the best possible education that they could provide him with. 

Due to both, his parents having diverse and different jobs and aspects, Parag stayed with his grandparents in the very beginning. He expressed how he’s indebted to his grandparents and how he later moved to Mumbai to stay with his parents. 

His mother (now retired) is an Economics professor in a prestigious college. While his father occupied a senior and major position in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy, commonly known as IAE. 

He completed his schooling in Atomic Energy School and Junior college situated in Mumbai. . He later went on to complete his Undergraduate in one of the most sought out universities of India, i.e. IIT Bombay.

Thus he obtained his Btech. in IIT Bombay in Computer Science. Expressing an interest in pursuing higher studies, he then went on to go for an MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the much revered Stanford university. 

Parag has been described as an exceptional student by his mentors and teachers all throughout his career. Some even portray him as a prodigy. 

Name:Parag Agarwal
Age:37 years old
Birth Date:21 May 1984
Birth Place:Ajmer, Rajasthan
Height:1.62 m
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Yes
Husband/Spouse:Vineeta Agarwal
Children/Kids:Yes (Son- Ansh Agarwal)
Profession:CEO of Twitter
Yearly Income:$1 Million
Net Worth in 2022$2 Million
Content Last Updated:February 2022

Personal Life of Parag Agarwal

Parag was born to parents whose priorities were fixated on good education and good occupation. Parag had the option to follow his heart and so he did!  

As he stayed with his grandparents right during his toddlerhood, he instantly took an immense liking to them. Even though he was separated from his parents, they didn’t let him feel it as much and so he went on to do great things in life! 

His parents have always been his biggest cheerleaders and his strongest supporters. He has made them as proud as any kid possibly could! 

He got married to Vineeta Agarwal in 2016. She’s an exemplary woman with diverse interests and strong work ethics just like him! Vineeta is a general partner at a very well-known firm. 

Vineeta is exceptionally skilled just like her counterpart. She has gotten her degrees from well-reputed universities like Harvard and Stanford. 

They welcomed their child Ansh together with a house filled with nothing but love and goodwill! Their son was born in 2018. 

Career of Parag Agarwal

Parag has a very strong academic profile. Paired with his exceptional work ethic, he’s someone you’d definitely want to have on your team! 

After graduating from Stanford, he became a part of some paid internships in order to gain experience in some MNCs. They include names like Microsoft Research, Yahoo! etc. 

He then joined Twitter in 2011, holding the position of software engineer. He occupied the position till 2017 when he later was promoted to CTO.

He started his work as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in 2017 and never looked back! Impressed by his skills and background, he was later appointed as the head of the project BlueSky in 2019 by Jack Dorsey himself! 

It’s said that all the projects under Parag have always reached their maximum potential. He has been the head of almost all the major projects which have flourished in some past years. 

His work didn’t go unnoticed by the people around him. His efforts made his position skyrocket, which he certainly deserved. 

As he continued to build a reputation for himself, he was later chosen as the CEO of Twitter immediately after Jack Dorsey stepped down. He became the much-celebrated CEO in November 2021! 

Awards & Achievements of Parag Agarwal

Parag has had multiple records in academia throughout his career. Be it him winning the gold medal in school or him scoring a well reputed and high score in his JEE (entrance exam). 

He has not just won the admiration and pride of a million Indians, but has also gotten the Alumnus honor from IIT Bombay! Kudos to him! 

Major Investments and Assets of Parag Agarwal

As he was made the CEO of Twitter as Jack Dorsey stepped down, his charge was immediately in effect. Thus, he got awarded the annual bonus of $1 million as well as got stocks worth $12.5 million in the company as his share. 

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