Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Magic Johnson

Who hasn’t heard of the magic of Magic Johnson in the arena? The legendary basketball player who never stepped down from occupying a pedestal in one of the most revered games ever. 

Magic has easily been one of the most known, revered, and recognizable names in the industry. Be it his immaculate skills, his publicist presence, or the way he presents himself, everything about him screams legendary! 

Net Worth & Salary of Magic Johnson in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Magic Johnsonis estimated to be something around $600 million. He has amassed this amount through his career in basketball and his company which he built from the ground up. 

He has garnered this amount of money due to his profession in basketball, around 1/6th of the sum. The rest is owed to the Magic Johnson Enterprise which has been a major gamechanger. He earns around $40 million per annum. 

Early Life & Biography of Magic Johnson

Known as Magic Johnson, originally named Earvin Johnson Jr. was on the 14th of August in 1959. 

He was born in Michigan, born to parents Earvin Sr. and Christine. He wasn’t essentially born in a family of the wealthy. 

His father had the job of an assembly worker. His mother was a janitor in a school nearby. 

However, this didn’t stop them from giving their 10 children (which included 3 step-siblings and 6 siblings) the life that they had always desired to provide their kids with.

His father and mother would toil day and night to make ends meet and this inspired Magic a lot in his childhood where he’d even help his father at times as well. Ever since he was a kid, he liked the art of basketball more than anything, idolizing players and visualizing a future. 

He went to Everett High School along with his siblings. He played basketball there but was kicked off of the team due to some reason. 

He coined the term “Magic” when he broke records after records. He got offers from all over the world due to his immaculate record as he got named the best player ever, with deals and colleges going haywire after him. 

He decided to attend Michigan State University. He majored in Communication studies and aspired of becoming a commentator shortly. 

NameMagic Johnson
Age:62 years old
Birth Date:14  August 1959
Birth Place:Michigan
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Earlitha Cookie Kelly
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Sons- Andre and Earvin; Daughter-Elisa)
Yearly Income:$40 Million
Net Worth in 2022$600 million
Content Last Updated:April 2022

Personal Life of Magic Johnson

In the beginning, he had to go through a lot of hardships and saw poverty and pain at very close proximity. Be it losing his best friend to an accident or watching his parent’s toil day and night to make their ends meet, he took them all as a motivation to work harder and harder. 

He maintains a very strong relationship with his family. His first child, Andre Johnson was born in 1981, whom he had with Mellisa Mitchell. 

In 1991, he got married to Earlitha Cookie Kelly. It was a very private ceremony. 

Together they had a son Earvin III in 1992. They adopted a daughter Elisa in 1995. 

He practices immense faith in his religion and is often seen saying how he owes his success to it. He has been an idol to not just aspiring basketballers but humans too! 

 Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Major Investments in 2022

Career of Magic Johnson

He was drafted in 1979 for the Lakers, one of the most known and revered teams ever. Due to his contribution, the Lakers won records and got to play in the Finals. 

He played in a lot of games and excelled as well, bagging award after award. However, things took a tumble when he suffered from a cartilage injury in 1980. 

This led to him missing a lot of potential matches. After his recovery, he signed a major contract with the Lakers which was worth a ton of money, becoming one of the most expensive contracts ever. 

His contract was swaddled by memories of games both good and bad. He scored records after records and made certain career highs while leading the team to victory. 

He played on and on till the 1991 episode. He contracted the disease HIV and immediately announced that he’d be retiring from the game.

After that, he dedicated his life to advocating the measures and ill effects of the disease. He was honored to be chosen as a part of the 1992 Olympics, being a part of the “Dream Team” and bagging a gold medal. 

He authored a book known as “My life”. He also got a job as a commentator and worked in the NBC headquarters. 

He also created charity events and donated to causes that interested him. He returned to his team, the Lakers as a coach in 1995. 

He purchased around 5% of the total stakes of the team as well. He made a return to the game in 1996. 

After breaking records and setting personal highs again, he decided to retire permanently from the game. After that, he formed the Magic-Johnson-All Stars. 

He later went on to join teams like M7 Boras and the Great Danes. He played with them for quite some time. 

He invested in his enterprise, the Magic Johnson Enterprise which had a variety of products that it sells, being valued at around billions in the past year. He has also invested in owning Starbucks outlets, around 125 of them as well as has invested in a variety of clubs, restaurant chains, etc. 

Awards & Achievements of Magic Johnson

He has achieved various honors thanks to his immense dedication and perseverance. He has been an achiever ever since the very beginning. He has been a 3-time NBA MVP, 2-time-All-Star Game MVP, and MVP of various other NBA categories, has received the prestigious Grammy awards, has a statue in the Michigan State, etc to name just a few. 

Major Investments and Assets of Magic Johnson

He has amazing entrepreneurial skills and it shows. He has invested in various chains like that of Starbucks, where he owns 125 of the total outlets of the popular chain, has invested in movie theaters, where he currently owns around 40+, as well as his company Magic Johnson Enterprise. 

He leads a luxurious life and has real estate properties scattered all across the world. His level of life and luxury do match up to the revenue that he has garnered! 

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Magic Johnson

A must-watch! On a candid yet professional note with the interviewer, this gives an insight into Magic’s professional takes and personality. As he goes on talking, it’s mesmerizing to watch him speak with such etiquette! 

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