Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth

Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Introduction About Larry Fitzgerald

Football has a completely different shape in the US. American Football is played with an oval, leather ball. This form of sport is very famous in the country. 

Larry Fitzgerald is a former American Football player, who represented the “Arizona Cardinals”.

Fitzgerald is a superstar of this ball game. He has played for seventeen seasons in the National Football League, breaking the existing records; over the years. He is loved by fans and considered a living legend by them.

Net Worth & Salary of Larry Fitzgerald in 2022

The Net Worth of Larry Fitzgerald is estimated to be something around $50 million in 2022. On average, he earns around $4 million per year.

Larry has been a regular player in the NFL for over fifteen years. He has been a major asset for the teams he played for. As a result of his peak form and star-studded career, he has received a massive amount of salary over the years. 

Age, Early Life & Biography of Larry Fitzgerald

As of 2022, the age of Larry Fitzgerald is 39 years.

Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr. was born on 31 August 1983 in Minneapolis. His father Larry Fitzgerald Sr. was a sportswriter. He has a younger brother named Marcus. Larry lost his mother Carol Fitzgerald in 2003. She passed due to a brain hemorrhage while undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

He began his academic journey at the Academy of Holy Angels, Richfield. He was highly attracted to football when he was in high school. He represented his school and fetched multiple awards and titles for the team. 

After graduation, Fitzgerald enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh for higher studies. Football was still in his blood as he was considered one of the best wide receivers on the team, the “Pittsburgh Panthers”.

Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life
Name:Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr.
Age:39 years
Birth Date:31 August 1983
Birth Place:Minneapolis, Minnesota
Height:1.91 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Dating
Wife/Spouse (Name):-NA-
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Devine Fitzgerald, Apollo Fitzgerald 
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Melissa Blakesley
Yearly Income:$4 million
Net Worth in 2022$50 million
Content Last Updated:August 2022

Personal Life of Larry Fitzgerald

Nothing much is known about the personal life of Larry Fitzgerald, as he seldom opens up about it. He tends to keep his personal life away from his public and professional image.

He was involved in a short-living relationship with Angela Nazario in 2006. The couple had a child named Devine. 

Things started falling apart after the birth of their child. Larry was accused by Angela of violent behavior and adultery. As things worsened, the couple broke up.

In 2010, Larry was seen with Melissa Blakesley. They publicized their relationship and attended multiple events together. They had a son in 2013 and named him Apollo.

There has been no solid proof of the two continuing their relationship at present. Both of them have chosen to remain silent about the status of their relationship.

Career of Larry Fitzgerald

The star-studded journey of Larry Fitzgerald is a truly inspiring story. Within a short period, he has established himself as the undisputed legend of American Football.

Fitzgerald began his professional career in 2004. He was drafted as the first wide receiver of the year by the Arizona Cardinals. He had a moderate year as a rookie on the team. Though the Cardinals failed to qualify for the playoffs, his statistics were satisfactory.

In the following years, he started building up his reputation and gifting fabulous games to the fans. He finished his third season with 69 receptions and 6 touchdowns.

In the meantime, Larry’s statistical numbers were soaring high. He was nicknamed the “Sticky Fingers” for his flawless receptions. The Arizona Cardinals renewed a four-year contract with him in 2007.

Larry Fitzgerald marks 2008 as a dream year. He managed 96 receptions and 12 touchdowns, leading his team to victory laps. He made his debut in the playoffs and snatched a massive victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Cardinals were up against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008 at the Super Bowl. Though Arizona got defeated, Fitzgerald gave an amazing performance.

After a stellar season in 2008, Larry prepared for the future years. He finished the 2009 and 2010 seasons with high numbers. With 90 receptions, he was ranked at the fifth position in the history of the NFL.

Fitzgerald’s popularity was gaining pace as he maintained his form. In 2011, the Arizona Cardinals signed an 8-year contract with him, for $120 million. He honored the decision of the executives and fans by gifting them another mesmerizing season.

Larry led the offensive section of the Cardinals for many seasons. In 2015, he became the youngest player in NFL to reach 1000 touchdowns. He has been consistent throughout his career, maintaining his numbers and performance.

In 2020, Fitzgerald announced that his NFL career was coming to an end. Thanking the fans for their ever-lasting love, he took a farewell from his team and career.

Awards & Achievements of Larry Fitzgerald

The highly successful career of Larry Fitzgerald speaks for itself. He has been entitled to various prestigious positions and has received multiple awards in his career.

Fitzgerald finished his rookie Pro Bowl season in 2008, receiving the Pro Bowl MVP Award in the first year itself. He received this award for four consecutive years. Fitzgerald finished his career with ten Pro Bowl titles.

As he flew through the garden of glory, achievements came raining down. He finished the 2010 season as the 14th Best Player in the league. As his performance became enriched, he was promoted to the 7th position in the following year.

Recognizing his contribution to the Arizona Cardinals, Larry received the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award in 2012.

Major Investments and Assets of Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald has beautifully oriented his career and has earned a massive fortune. He has successively treated himself to a variety of luxurious properties and possessions.

He owns a massive mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He bought this property in 2015 for $3 million. Set on a 9231-square-foot estate, the mansion has every feature and amenities that you can think of.

With extravagant tile flooring, an elegant set of upholsteries, a breakfast bar, and a combination of warm color tones; the house gives off an essence of eccentricity and aesthetics. The house also has a massive wine cellar, a salon room, and a home theatre.

Fitzgerald is often seen flaunting his collection of cars. He has stocked his garage with a red BMW 7-series, a customized Mercedes S-class, and a Range Rover SL550. Recently, he bought a Shelby Mustang 68.

Larry has also made some investments in real estate properties. He is also a minority owner of the Phoenix Suns, a team in the NBA.

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