John Hagee Net Worth

John Hagee Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

John Hagee Introduction 

John Charles Hagee is an American Pastor, Author, Televangelist, and Political Figure.

John Charles Hagee is well known among the people of the United States of America and Canada for his views and opinions regarding Christianity.

John Hagee is known for founding “John Hagee Ministries” which through their television show upholds the Values and traditions as dictated by the Holy Bible.

John Hagee also joined the Christian Organization named “Christians United for Israel” as the Chairman and activist organization.

John Hagee has also been circled up in controversy regarding his criticism of Jewish People and the Catholic church. He also found himself in midst of the troubled waters after his comments on the Islam Religion and their tradition of Blood Moon Prophecy.

John Hagee Net Worth & Salary

John Hagee’s net worth is $5 million.

John Hagee is one of the wealthiest and most successful Pastors in the whole world. John Hagee managed to earn millions by preaching about Christianity to the people.

According to the sources, most of John Hagee’s net worth constitutes the donations and the salary he receives for delivering preachings all around the world.

Apart from his donations and salary as Pastor, John Hagee is also an author who receives book revenue for his published work.

John Hagee Age, Early Life & Biography

John Charles Hagee is 82 years old. John Hagee took birth on the 12th of March 1940 in Baytown, Texas.

John Charles Hagee was born to William Bythel Hagee and Vada Mildred Swick. John Hagee belongs to the Caucasian Ethnicity. He grew up watching his parents religiously following the teachings of Jesus Christ as scribbled down in the Bible.

John Hagee attended the local elementary and high school. He was touched by the suffering of people around the world and wanted to find a way to end the suffering of the people. John Hagee believed, adhering to the rules and regulations of a certain religion can help in decreasing the pain and suffering of people.

After graduating high school, John Charles Hagee attended Texas University. John graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Later, he pursued Post Graduation in the same subject.

John Hagee has received 6 doctorates for his work in the development of Christianity religion. John Charles Hagee later founded the “Cornerstone Church”.

John Hagee Net Worth
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Name:John Charles Hagee
Age:82 years old
Birth Date:12th March 1940
Birth Place:Baytown, Texas
Height:1.70 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Diana Castro (m.1975)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):5
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Pastor, Televangelist, Author, and Political Figure
Yearly Income:$500,000
Net Worth $5 million
Content Last Updated:January 2023

John Hagee Personal Life 

After years of dating each other, John Hagee and Martha Downing tied the knot in 1960. All seemed happy and perfect but a storm hit the lives of the happy couple. 

After 15 years of togetherness, John Hagee and Martha Downing decided to part ways. Martha Downing’s lawyers held John Hagee accountable for falling apart of their marriage.

In 1976, a year after his divorce from Martha Downing, John Hagee got married to Diana Castro in an intimate ceremony. The Couple is still going strong and is gearing up to celebrate their 47th Wedding Anniversary in 2023.

John Hagee Career 

In 1966, John Hagee founded his first Church in San Antonio, Texas. Word spread around the town and the membership of his church kept on increasing.

With the sudden spike in the membership of the Church, John Hagee had to change the location of the church frequently to accommodate all the believers.

In 1987, John Hagee finally founded the iconic “Cornerstone Church”. John Hagee’s sermons are widely loved and accepted by Christians. 

John Hagee is known to interpret the text of the Holy Bible and preach them in real-life situations. People often considered him to be the 21st-century incarnation of Jesus Christ.

John Hagee managed to create an impact and a huge position for himself in the minds and hearts of the people. Everybody supported John Hagee in his deeds.

In 1981, John Hagee got involved in “A Night to Honor Israel”. John Hagee has been very vocal about the State of Israel. John Hagee has been an ardent supporter of Christianity followed by the Israeli people.

Through his church, John Hagee has been known to help the people of Israel during times of War and Crisis.

Apart from his church, John Hagee has also been an active political figure in the United States of America. He has been open to supporting Republican candidates like George Wallace, Alan Keyes, Donald Trump, John McCain, etc during their presidential campaigns.

In 2006, John Hagee and 400 members of the Christian-Jewish community went on to form the “Christians United for Israel” Foundation. This foundation constituted members of both Christian and Jewish religions who came together to help the people of Israel.

John Charles Hagee is a prominent author and has published over 20 books in his lifetime. The Essence of his books is Christianity and Religion. He writes about the Religious Beliefs of people and aims at finding a way to end the suffering of the people.

Most of John Hagee’s published works have made a place for themselves in the top spot of the New York Times bestseller list. People often describe John Hagee’s writing as “Enchanting” and are flabbergasted by his writings.

“The Battle of Jerusalem”, “Beginning of the End”, “Attack on America”, “Jerusalem Countdown”, “Knowing the Secrets of God”, and “Avenger of Blood”, etc are some of his infamous books. 

John Hagee Awards & Achievements

Some of the major achievements of John Hagee include his books “Jerusalem Countdown” and “Beginning of the End” which received the Top 1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

John Hagee has also been a recipient of 6 doctorial degrees from Universities around the world for his work in developing Catholicism and preaching Christianity.

John Hagee Major Investments and Assets

Not much is known about his assets and investments of John Hagee.

John Hagee Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

This video is the latest installment from his show. Here, John Hagee is seen explaining “The Power of the Holy Spirit” to the people.

John Hagee Twitter Handle

This is the link to John Hagee’s Twitter handle.

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