David Lynch Net Worth

David Lynch Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

David Lynch Introduction 

David Lynch is one the finest directors of all time. Lynch is not only known for his cult classic acting but is also fond of many passions. He likes to paint and visualize things. Apart from acting, he also runs a production house.

David Lynch’s films and TV shows are mainly known for the mind-blowing horror element which surprises the audience every time.

David Lynch’s works are out of this world and his imagination has no limits. Every work of David Lynch makes me wonder, “how can this even be possible to think!”

The freedom of imagination in David Lynch’s work is commendable and unique.

David Lynch Net Worth & Salary 

David Lynch has a net worth of $70 million. David gains public attention from films and shows like The Elephant Man, Twin Peaks, and Blue Velvet. They were not only critically acclaimed but also were top grossing.

David Lynch might not be one of the richest directors, but his works are worth more than his earnings.

David Lynch Age, Early Life & Biography

This American filmmaker who is 76 years old, was born on 20th January 1946. David was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.

David Lynch’s father, Donald Walton Lynch had a respectable position as a research scientist in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). His mother, Edwina “Sunny” Lynch was an English tutor and housewife.

David Lynch’s father’s job was transitory often. So, Lynches used to move from one place to other as told by USDA. David Lynch quickly adapted to this and had no problem making new friends.

David Lynch used to believe schools are the places where imaginations are buried. So he often had a fear of going to school as a child.

Apart from school, he was very fond of Boy Scot. He also attended the White House where erstwhile president John F. Kennedy had the welcoming ceremony.

David’s painting passion led him to join the Corcoran School of Arts and Design in Washington. To enhance his skills, he then joined the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

David Lynch found bored in both of the schools as he found his imagination was restricted. So, he traveled to Europe from then on to explore the world.

David Lynch
getty image
Name:David Keith Lynch 
Age:76 years
Birth Date:January 20th,1946
Birth Place:Missoula, Montana
Height:5 feet
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Emily Stofle
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Jennifer Lynch, Austin Jack Lynch, Lula Boginia Lynch, and Riley Lynch
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Filmmaker, painter, visual artist, actor, musician, writer, and philanthropist.
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$70 million
Content Last Updated:October 2022

David Lynch Personal Life 

David Lynch had many ups and downs in his life as he encountered three divorces in the past. David was top of the town when he started to date Peggy Lentz. Peggy was a well-known film director. Eventually, they got married in Chicago, Illinois on 1967.

Things between David and Peggy were getting worse so they decided to end up their relationship in 1974.Then David Lynch married Mary Fisk on June 21st, 1977. Though the marriage didn’t last forever they had a son, Austin Jack Lynch. 

Likewise, Mary Fisk and David Lynch’s relationship with Mary Sweeney didn’t work out but both had beautiful sons.

Finally, David Lynch found the love of his life, Emily Stofle. As a result, both got married on 26th February 2009. David and Emily have one child, Lula Boginia Lynch who was born in 2012. Let’s just hope David  lives happily ever after from now on.

David Lynch Career 

David entered the film industry with his first short film Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times). He got the idea of doing Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) from one of his paintings and help from an animation artist Bruce Samuelson. 

David Lynch wants to have freedom every time so he decided to film alone. For that, he bought the cheapest 16mm camera and repaired the academy’s upper room as a workshop for $150.

Owing to his successful first animated film, David got $1,000 from one of his wealthy fellow students, H. Barton Wasserman to create a film installation in his home.

David Lynch’s second film was a disaster and he was very upset with it that he broke the camera. Luckily, Wasserman was ok with it and calmed down David and just asked him to give him the print.

Then David came up with a film by the name The Alphabet, which was played by his ex-wife Peggy at that time.

As time passed, David Lynch’s career in filmography evolved by establishing films like The Elephant Man, Dune, and Blue Velvet and TV shows like Twin Peaks left indelible marks of David’s imagination and thought process. As many of his films are horror-type and unique which amazes the audience every time.

David Lynch Awards & Achievements

David Lynch has won many awards and achievements in his life. He was awarded the most prestigious award the “Oscar Award” for his TV show “Twin Peaks”.

David Lynch has won Palme d’Or in 1990 for Wild At Heart, Academy Honorary Award in 2019, Cannes Best Director Award in 2001 for Mulholland Drive.

The majority of his films like  Mulholland Drive, The Elephant Man, The Straight Story, and Blue Velvet won many awards and achievements.

David Lynch Major Investments and Assets

David Lynch owns real estate in Los Angeles worth $4 million.

Leaving aside his materialistic possessions, his greatest assets will always be the admiration of millions of fans all around the world, and his greatest investment will always be the countless days he has worked on his passion to someday become Mr. David Lynch in his fullest capabilities.

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