Most Expensive Wedding Rings

10 Most Expensive Wedding Rings

Weddings are commitments made between two individuals, and in most cultures, a ring is required to symbolize this connection. Depending on the people involved, it may be a modest or opulent affair. It’s said that the ring a guy proposes with is a representation of his feelings. 

While others express it simply with a modest ring, certain celebrities are recognized for popping the question while wearing engagement jewels that cost millions of dollars. In certain traditions, men and women are seen wearing complementary rings to signify their blissful marriage. You can read this post if you’re seeking a lovely ring to propose to someone you love.

Unveiling the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Rings in the World: The Top 10

10. Princess Diana- $ 317,200

Princess Diana- $ 317,200
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A blue sapphire is surrounded by white diamonds in this stunning ring. Princess Diana was the first to get the ring from Prince Charles. This diamond ring is now a family heirloom, and the Duchess of Cambridge wears it. 

Kate Middleton usually dresses in blue or purple to match her 18-karat engagement ring. The ring has become a sign of the late princess’s life, and it can be found in art museums all over the world. It is one of the world’s most renowned and valuable wedding bands.

9. Anna Kournikova- $ 2.5 million

Anna Kournikova
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Anna Kournikova was a well-known personality, mostly on lawn tennis courts. This Russian pro player became a sensation due to her stunning appearance and, of course, her power play. She married Enrique Iglesias, a prominent Spanish musician, and was given one of the most costly wedding bands. The magnificent ring was purchased from Argyle Jewellers for 2.5 million US dollars. 

The most expensive 11-carat magnificent diamond was flanked by twin trillion-carat stones on either side. This naturally pink, flawless diamond ring is among the world’s most expensive wedding rings.

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones- $ 2.5 million

Catherine Zeta-Jones- $ 2.5 million
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is a very well-known actress who has been in various Hollywood films. Her husband, Michael Douglas, gave her one of the most expensive wedding rings. It is believed to have cost 2.5 million US dollars. 

The pair split for a short time in 2013, but subsequently reconciled their differences and remarried. This antique ring was designed by Fred Leighton and has a 10-carat white diamond. To enhance the beauty of the solitary marquise-cut diamond, it is surrounded by twenty-eight lesser stones.

7. Jacqueline Kennedy- $ 2.6 million

Jacqueline Kennedy
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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is best known as the partner of former US President John F. Kennedy. She was also engaged to Aristotle Onassis, who gave her a unique wedding ring set with a big emerald and diamonds of different patterns from Lesotho mines. However, the legendary first lady hardly wore her $2.6 million ring twice and kept it in a safe for the duration of the period. 

Jacqueline, who died in 1994, remains a fashion icon for many people because of the elegant headgear and pearl jewelry she favored. The Lesotho III ring is set with a 40.42-carat pear-shaped Marquise-cut diamond. It was purchased from Harry Winston and was regarded as one of the most important.

6. Melania Knauss-Trump- $ 3 million

Melania Knauss-Trump
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Donald Trump married Melania Knauss for the third time in 2005, and he completed the deal with one of the most costly wedding rings. The breathtaking 15-carat diamond ring cost a whopping $3 million in US dollars. 

The company then rejected Trump’s assertion that he received a significant discount on the ring. Melania Knauss’ most costly wedding ring was acquired from Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s best jewelers. That was an emerald-cut diamond embedded in a platinum basket encompassed by a leaf pattern that was frequently seen on the fingers of the first lady of the United States.

5. Jennifer Lopez- $ 4 million

Jennifer Lopez- $ 4 million
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Jennifer Lopez is a very well-known celebrity with a diverse CV that encompasses singing, dancing, acting, and producing. When she married her friend Marc Anthony in 2004, her husband gave her one of the most expensive wedding rings. They divorced because their relationship could not have been sustained. 

That is without a doubt among the most expensive wedding bands ever made, costing $4 million USD. Neil Lane’s Neil Lane Blue Diamond Ring included an 8.5-carat blue diamond in the center, flanked by two side stones. The rare and precious blue diamond is set with pricey but delicate metal to give it an amazing appearance.

4. Grace Kelly- $ 4.06 million

Grace Kelly- $ 4.06 million
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Grace Kelly was among the most well-known people in Hollywood. When she accepted Prince Rainier III of Monaco’s offer to retire from acting at the age of 26, her love for him led to marriage. The ring is one of the most costly wedding rings in the world, with an appropriate price tag of $4.06 million US dollars. 

The diamond ring is from the famed French brand Cartier and holds a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond. From both sides, it is bordered by dual diamond baguettes. This is an iconic item, and it was without a doubt among the most costly wedding rings of its day. The pair stayed married until Grace Kelly died in 1982.

3. Paris Hilton- $ 4.7 million

Paris Hilton- $ 4.7 million
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Paris Hilton’s would-be husband, Paris Latsis, presented her with a stunning wedding ring to express their love. With an estimated value tag of 4.7 million US dollars, that is without a doubt among the most expensive wedding rings in the world. Because the wedding did not take place, the ring’s owner sold it and donated the proceeds to Hurricane Katrina victims. 

The gorgeous ring is made of 24-karat white gold. A rectangular-shaped diamond solitaire sat in the center, surrounded by two other stunning jewels. While the diva has been approached on numerous occasions, this has always been the ring of fantasies. Unfortunately, it’s not really the millions that help, but the sentiments.

2. Beyonce- $ 5 million

Beyonce- $ 5 million
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Beyonce is one of the world’s most well-known celebrities, noted for her abilities as a  dancer, singer, songwriter, actress, songwriter, and record producer. Her net wealth is believed to be USD 440 million. There were going to be fireworks when she chose to marry musician Jay-Z. 

Beyonce owns the most costly wedding ring, which her husband, Jay-Z, gave her. It’s a Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring set with an 18-carat octagon-cut diamond. The most costly ring is reported to be worth USD 5 million. The diamond is of excellent grade and has been verified as an outstanding stone. The gorgeous and immaculate item may frequently be seen on her finger.

1. Elizabeth Taylor- $ 8.8 million

Elizabeth Taylor- $ 8.8 million
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Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding band is worth an estimated $8.8 million US dollars, making it one of the world’s most expensive wedding rings. Richard Burton bought it as a wedding ring, and it became renowned as the Elizabeth Taylor diamond. The diamond in the ring was earlier called the Krupp Diamond and weighed 33.19 carats. 

It was an Asscher-cut diamond with VS1 clarity, D color, and flawlessness, as per the Gemological Institute of America. Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed this costume, which she wore several times. This one was sold at Christie’s in 2011 to E-Land, a South Korean company, before her death.

Summary- The Most Expensive Wedding Rings

Elizabeth Taylor’s, Paris Hilton’s, and Grace Kelly’s wedding rings sold for more than $4.7 million, as did a 6-carat heart-shaped solitaire diamond and an undisclosed sum. Other pricey wedding bands include those made from gold and platinum, both famous and expensive alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What is the most expensive engagement ring in the world? 

Ans: The most expensive ring in the world is indeed the $80 million Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ring. 

Q2) How much is Beyonce’s wedding ring?

Ans: Beyonce’s wedding ring is estimated to have cost around $5 million. 

Q3) What is the most expensive ring in the world for men? 

Ans: The Pink Star, sold at $71.2 million, is now the most expensive ring in the world for men. 

Q4) What is the most expensive metal for a wedding ring?

Ans: The most costly element for a wedding ring is platinum. It is a white metal that is both pricey and respectable for a ring.

Q5) Which celebrity has the most expensive ring?

Ans: Grace Kelly has the most expensive engagement ring, worth over $44.3 million.

Fun Facts About The Most Expensive Rings In The World

1. The Blue Diamond Ring, which sold for $9.49 million in 2013, is the most expensive diamond ring in the world. 

2. A 59.60-carat pink diamond ring with a 24.18-carat Cullinan Dream was purchased for $71.2 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April 2017. 

3. December is perhaps the most popular time for wedding rings, and selecting a ring is often left to the guy. 

4. Blue diamonds account for about 0.0001 percent of all gems produced, and only roughly 1 percent of these stones “show the color tone and intensity that allow them to be categorized as Fancy Vivid”. 

5. Pink diamonds, on the other hand, arrive on the market approximately 50 or 60 times every year and fetch between 20% to 40% extra per carat than identical white diamonds.

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