Blueface's Net Worth

Blueface’s Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Blueface Introduction 

Blueface is an American Rapper. 

He is one of the youngest self-made artists known in the music industry. With his highly talented way of rapping, he is also known for his brilliant songwriting, composing, and producing songs. 

He can make his own constructive and unique song a hit, without any help. Pursuing music as a career wasn’t on the list of Blueface. However, he made it his life and showed an immense passion for it. 

Although he started his career late, he eventually made himself proud of choosing the right path. 

He got recognized for his offbeat and unconventional way of rapping, worldwide. 

Blueface Net Worth & Salary

Blueface’s Net worth is 5 Million USD. 

His primary source of income is the music he makes. 

Being a self-made famous artist, he had tours and concerts, all over the world. 

Although he had not collaborated with other artists, his source mainly flows from his songs that were charted at the top of Billboard’s top 100.

In the beginning, his songs weren’t recognized but he kept going and made his songs famous which gave him his first flow of income. 

Blueface  Age, Early Life & Biography

Blueface’s Age is 25 years old. 

He was born on 20 January 1997 to his father and mother, named Karlissa Saffold. His mother single-handedly raised both him and his siblings. 

His real name is  Johnathan Jamal, Michael Porter. He then later changed it to his stage name. 

Blueface started his music career in his later years. Before that, he was a football player in high school. He even got a scholarship for being a quarterback in football. 

However, he changed his motive and showed a passion for music. He went with one of my friends for auditioning for rapping. There he was interested to make rapping his lifestyle. 

He had a case with the police where he was accused of dealing with an armed man. Later he was found out as not guilty and he was just defending himself. 

Blueface's Net Worth
getty images
Age:25 years old
Birth Date:20 January 1997
Birth Place:Los Angeles, California, US
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):2 sons
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Chrisean Rock
Yearly Income:0.3 Million USD
Net Worth 5 million USD
Content Last Updated:November 2022

Blueface  Personal Life 

Blueface’s personal life seems awfully out of track. 

He has been in a dating scandal with an influencer and a rapper, yet somehow he managed to have 2 sons. 

He was seen dating Jaiden Alexis, who is famously known as Blueface’s baby mama. The couple shared two sons. He once took them to a radio show, and his son shared how much they love their father to have been spend loving time with them. 

However, they broke up when Alexis found out he was cheating on her with another person named Chrisean Rock. 

Blueface’s relationship with Chrisean Rock has been on and off, because of the dating rumors of him going back to Alexis. 

Blueface’s relationship is pretty much like an uneven mountain that sometimes goes up well and sometimes goes downhill. 

Blueface  Career 

When Blueface was growing up he was interested in playing football. He had his unique skills to make someone believe that he was born to be a football player. 

His talented quarterback skills made him win a championship in high school and even got a scholarship for it. 

But later, he changed his mind to go into the music industry. He started his career at the age of 20 and released his first album, which did not sell much. 

However, he didn’t give up. He continued to hone his skills, self-composed songs, and even write lyrics for them. After great efforts, he again released an album the next year. 

All his self-efforts skyrocketed and one of his albums took place in the Billboard top 100 for 18 weeks. He was then offered to sign many record labels, but he declined. 

He made his own fortune and eventually became a worldwide sensation.

He rose to fame as a meme when he released his song “Respect my Cryppin”. He became known for his unconventional way of singing. 

Recently he gave a major hit song collaborating with Cardi B ” Thotiana “.  His other songs include “Internet Shooter”, ” Better Days 2″, ” Bleed It”, “Holy Moly”, ” Outside”, ” Daddy”, ” West Coast”, “Bop”, ” One time ” and many more. 

Blueface Awards & Achievements

Up until now Blueface’s talent has not been recognized. He has given such numerous hits that it has been on the charts of Top 40 and Top 100.

Although he has never received an award, he has been continuously making his songs viral on Tiktoks, the internet, and on many social media. 

Most of his songs were charted in the Top 20, Top 40, and even the Top 100 for 18 days. Although it goes up and down it still manages to be in the Top Charts. 

Blueface  Major Investments and Assets

Blueface has made over 6 Million USD in his music career in 5 years. 

He has bought properties in Miami, Florida which comes with a price tag of 2 million USD, and in Los Angeles, California which also comes with a price tag of 1 million USD. 

He also has endorsed in FashionnovaMen, a fashion line for men. 

No more investments have been reported by the media yet. But still, this is huge for a rising star to have assets and investments. 

Blueface Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

Blueface has been updating his tours and upcoming shows on social media. 

 Recently he announced his appearance in the show “Crazy in Love”. He shared a snippet of a trailer featuring him and Chrisean Rocks sharing their love life and fame.

Here’s the link to his Twitter account to know more about it:

Blueface  Instagram Handle

Blueface  Twitter Handle

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