Bill Paxton Net Worth

Bill Paxton Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Bill Paxton Introduction 

Bill Paxton is a notable part of Hollywood as an actor. Left indelible marks as a filmmaker too. Though the American actor is not between us but will be evergreen with his passionate roles.

Bill Paxton is known for his persona in films like Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow, and Apollo 13. Apart from his film career, he is open to television series viz; Big Love. It starred on HBO.

Bill Paxton Net Worth & Salary 

Bill Paxton has a net worth of $25 million. 

Bill struggled in the past as a director but his cult classic acting in the top-grossers like Weird Science, Aliens and Near Dark made him a superstar indeed.

Bill Paxton Age, Early Life & Biography

Bill Paxton is currently 61 years old. 

Bill Paxton was born in a Christian family on May 17th, 1955. Bill comes from a renowned family where his father, John Lane Paxton was a renowned businessman in Lumber enterprises. His mother, Mary Lou, was embedded in the Roman Catholic faith.

Bill Paxton’s father was also a part of the Spider-Man trilogy starring Toby Maguire. Though born and grew up with his parents in Texas, his great-grandfather served in the army and was awarded for the dismantling of the chief general during the civil war.

Bill Paxton is related to the well-known Hollywood actress Sara Paxton who is the nephew of Bill Paxton’s mom. Apart from that, he experienced the assassination of John F. Kennedy which can be seen in the albums at the sixth-floor museum. In essence, he co-produced the film Parkland which unfolds the assassination of the erstwhile president.

Bill Paxton completed his schooling at Arlington Heights High School. Along with his childhood friend Danny Martin, he left Texas to complete his graduation at Richmond College in London. He tried directing his first short film Super 8 with Tom Huckabee.

Bill Paxton
getty images
Name:Bill Paxton
Age:61 years 
Birth Date:17th May 1955
Birth Place:Texas, USA
Height:6 feet
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Louise Newbury
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):James Paxton and Lydia Paxton
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Actor, Filmmaker and Musician 
Yearly Income:N/A
Current Net Worth$25 million
Content Last Updated:November 2022

Bill Paxton Personal Life 

Bill Paxton’s love life will always be remembered as short and simple. As the actor linked to Kelly Rowan. Unfortunately, both decided to end it in 1980 after a year of marriage. Fortunately, Bill met the love of his life on a number 13 bus. Louise Newbury was a student then.

As a teenager, Bill suffered from rheumatic fever. In essence, that led to the damage of one of his aortic heart valves. Back in 2017, he revealed his health condition in the show WTF with Marc Maron. Following this condition, he had to undergo heart surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under the supervision of Ali Khoynezhad.

Unfortunately, a day after surgery complications rise. As he had an aortic aneurysm following the surgery. Eventually had to operate again to fix the damage. But the condition went too far and Bill Paxton died due to a heart stroke. Bill Paxton’s last rites were performed at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park of Hollywood Hills. 

Some rumors pop up that saddened Bill Paxton’s family and his audience. During post-surgery care, the supervisor doctor Ali Khoynezhad was absent. And the family too believes it’s the main reason for Bill Paxton dead. Eventually, they filed a lawsuit against them. In essence, after five years of Bill’s death, the hospital gave compensation of $1 million. 

Soon after Bill Paxton’s death, colleagues, actors, and actresses in the industry paid tribute in love to the actor. His co-star viz; Jennifer Aniston, emotionally broke down while paying tribute at the 89th Academy Award. And Big Love co-star Chloë Sevigny commented as Bill Paxton brings out positivity and believed in entertainment being transportive and transformative.

Bill Paxton Career 

Bill Paxton started his Hollywood career by grabbing small roles. He acted as a mortuary guard in the film Mortuary. Apart from this, Bill got minor roles in the films The Terminator and Streets of Fire respectively. In essence, he grabbed the longest screen time as a supporting role in Weird Science. 

In addition to this, Bill directed numerous short films and songs. One of which is Fish Heads which was critically acclaimed. After gathering a bunch of audience at Saturday Night Live, the song was top of the town and ran several times at MuchMusic. He landed a role as a Nazi radio officer in the music video Shadows of the Night.

Bill Paxton’s two well-known characters came from the films Aliens and Near Dark. The former one in which Bill played Private Hudson was critically acclaimed by Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Latter one grabbed by the cult classic role of a psychotic vampire

Bill Paxton became part of the top-earning film of all time Titanic. In addition, films viz; Tombstone, Apollo 13, Twister, One False Mover, and Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise came as a good manifestation. Apart from films, Bill was also behind the camera for Frailty and The Greatest Game Ever Played. 

Having said that, from the director of Titanic, Bill landed in the film Ghosts of the Abyss. Bill Paxton’s biggest impact came from the lead role in the series Big Love streaming at HBO. In essence, Hatfields and McCoys were praised by the History channel.

In memory of Bill Paxton, Call Me by Your Name decided to be the erstwhile actor. The film was produced by Peter Spears and directed by Luca Guadagnino. The producer of the film is the wife of Bill Paxton’s friend Brian Swardstorm. In addition, Bill Paxton’s fellow came up with the article expressing grief and gratitude for their 36 years of friendship.

Bill Paxton Awards & Achievements

Sadly, Bill Paxton didn’t leave the impact which he is capable of. Anyhow, he won three awards from 16 nominations. 

Among them, he gathered Outstanding Performance for Apollo 13 by Screen Actors Guild. Scoop and Aliens critically acknowledged by USA Film Festival and Saturn Awards respectively.

Bill Paxton Major Investments and Assets

Bill Paxton owns a stunning real estate property in Ojai, California. 

Which stands up to be priced at $1 million in the current scenario. 

Apart from the scenery, the real estate comes up with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths furnished with around 4,000 square feet.

Bill Paxton Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

This is the video that describes the cult classic roles of Bill Paxton in various films. 

Bill Paxton Instagram Handle 

Unfortunately, Bill Paxton doesn’t have Instagram that is known to the public.

Bill Paxton Twitter Handle

Unfortunately, Bill Paxton doesn’t have twitter that is known to the public.

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