Vivica A. Fox Net Worth

Vivica A. Fox Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Vivica A. Fox Introduction 

Vivica A. Fox, the name is not as popular as other actresses. But she is the one who was the co-star of the all-time blockbuster film Independence Day.

Vivica has always struggled in her life. Be it due to her color or the partiality in Hollywood. She undisputedly stood up against all the odds and created huge milestones.

Vivica has been the part of $400 million grosser film Independence Day. Though she didn’t get many films as others get. In essence, films like Set It Off, Soul Food, and Booty Call have always been top-grossers and critically acclaimed. 

Vivica A. Fox Net Worth & Salary 

Vivica A. Fox has a net worth of $6 million. 

Apart from films and TV shows, she generates $20,000 monthly revenue from her hair products business. Consequently, adds up to $250,000 annual income. 

She is an entrepreneur apart from being gorgeous.

Vivica A. Fox Age, Early Life & Biography

Currently, Vivica A. Fox is 58 years old. This American superstar was born on July 30th, 1964. Though she was born in South Bend, Indiana. She and her family settled in Benton Harbor immediately after her birth.

Vivica belongs to an educated family. Her father, William Fox use to run the school at the administrative level. Mother, Everlyena holds a prestigious job as a pharmaceutical technician. Her parents have always been supportive of her career. That led her to complete her graduation in Social Sciences. 

Unfortunately, Vivaca’s parents parted ways when she was just 4. The brave girl learned life at a young age itself. Apart from schooling, she use to work at a restaurant. Fortunately, there a guy stood up to be a producer. He left his number for future guidance.

Apart from working, she is fond of sports and extracurricular activities. Since childhood, she was vivid about her career. She even declared at times and worked on it. Consequently, she completed her high school at Arlington High School and went to California for graduation at Golden West College.

Vivica A. Fox
getty images
Name:Vivica A. Fox
Age:58 years
Birth Date:30th July 1964
Birth Place:South Bend, Indiana
Height:5 feet
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Wife/Spouse (Name):Christopher 
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Actress, Producer and Television Host
Yearly Income:$250,000
Current Net Worth in 2022$6 million
Content Last Updated:November 2022

Vivica A. Fox Personal Life 

Vivica A. Fox is damn interesting and thought worth at the same time. She was rumored to be close with Christopher, the singer of the Sixx-Nine. Vivica wanted a fairytale marriage with all events and predecided. Eventually, both tied knot in 1998. To her misfortune, they parted ways after 2.5 years of a successful marriage.

She recently revealed in an interview that she didn’t want to be the sole earner in a relationship. As Christopher was running through tough times. In addition, he was struggling with the projects. Vivica didn’t want a failure guy and her mother didn’t raise her to pay all the bills. 

Unfortunately, her mother didn’t raise her to support her husband when he needed her the most. Anyhow, she felt pity to take care of him as she had gone through her parent’s partition at a young age. Vivica left him in 2002 and she wanted to have a baby but ended up single. 

The following month after the divorce, Vivica started to date 50 Cents. Showing off their relationship in public had backfired on them. As they were too open with their relationship eventually had to end up soon. Fox’s priorities was always about having good sex apart from a good heart and compatibility. 

Vivica engaged with Omar “Slim” White who was not like Christopher. As he holds a good position in his career. Sadly, that too didn’t go to marriage as she feels Omar isn’t made for her. After all these unsuccessful relationships and prioritizing work more than love is what happened in Vivica’s life. She ended up being single and regretful of not having a family.

Vivica A. Fox Career 

Vivica A. Fox started her career on television where she use to perform roles in morning soap operas. She worked in television shows viz; Days Of Our Lives and Generations. Before debuting on television, she worked in the music video Meeting in the Ladies’ Room. After that, she started her television career professionally.

Months after struggles in soap opera, she finally confirmed to host prime-time shows. She hosted critically acclaimed shows like Family Matters, Matlock, and Martin. After gathering a bunch of loving audiences, she then earned the biggest jackpot of her career. She got cast in the all-time top-grosser film Independence Day.

Independence Day was the ultimate breakthrough in Vivica’s career. In essence, she got many projects and eventually was top of the town. Vivica’s fame after independence Day led to her being cast in Set It Off. Which turned out to be a  good manifestation. The film earned multi-folds with a budget of $9 million. Approximately, a profit of $32 million.

After achieving a successful career, she became first preference in films like Booty Call, Soul Food and Why Do Fools Fall in Love. These films apart from being critically acclaimed were decent earners too.

Vivica A. Fox Awards & Achievements

Vivica A. Fox was awarded for her cult classic acting skills many times. She got 18 nominations from various award shows. 

Be it MTV Movie Awards or Saturn Awards, the list goes on. She undisputedly won 5 accolades altogether. 

Independence Day often was the main reason for her nominations and winnings.

Vivica A. Fox Major Investments and Assets

Back in her prime, Vivica Fox purchases real estate in California which is now for sale for $1 million. 

Apart from ventures and real estate, though she is not fond of cars and stuff. But to show royalty she holds a supercar viz; Lamborghini Gallardo – which costs not less than a million.

Vivica A. Fox Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs

Vivica A. Fox is best known for her controversial statements about her exes.

She even roasts them publicly. This is one of the videos where she said publicly about the film Kill Bill. 

Where the director expected her to be more open in terms of clothes.

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