Trick Daddy Net Worth

Trick Daddy Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Introduction About Trick Daddy

Manuel Samuel Young a.k.a Trick Daddy, his stage name, happens to belong from the coastal city of Miami.

Honing his rapping skills from the street to reach and achieve the love from his fans for the newest foam of music lovers is a journey itself.

Overcoming his life hurdles, and representing the black community on a global platform is a wholesome journey itself.

Net Worth & Salary of Trick Daddy in 2022

Trick Daddy’s net worth happens to be an impressive $150,000.

With multiple talents like rapping, songwriting, acting, and being the owner of a music record company, we can surely say that he has multiple sources of income.

Though a major chunk of his income happens to come from his album and singles royalties. His merchandise gets sold in the market, from which he gets a decent share amount of money. The tour and concert tickets of his performance are also kept under close monitoring by his fans since they went to enjoy his live performance.

Having partial ownership of his music record label named Dunk Ryder Record Label he has a modest amount of income from there also.

Irrespective of the fact we do not have any concrete numbers about every source of income, we can surely say it is enough for him to sustain himself.

Age, Early Life & Biography of Trick Daddy

As of 2022, Trick Daddy’s age is 47 years.

As we the audience thinks that the life of celebrities is full of happy days and everything is served to them on a bed of roses.

No, not always, and not for everyone, things do not work the same way.

On 27th September 1974 The Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, a boy was born who had to go through quite a hard time in his life. Still, he stood tall and shined bright in his future.

His mother, Pearl Brockinhton single-handedly brought him up along with his 10 brothers and sister siblings.

The Liberty Square Apartment where Trick stayed with other siblings after being relocated from Goulds Florida was also known as “Pork-N-Beans”, because of the color of the Apartment doors. 

Since his father Charles Young was involved in unusual work, Trick had seen the difficulties of life at a very young age.

During his early adolescence he and his brother Derek “Hollywood” Harris accompanied their father to his workplace, which happens to be a brothel area since his father worked as a pimp.

He also made him land to police custody, due to unlawful activities. But somehow his fortune did not favor him during these years. The day he got released from custody he again got arrested on an allegation of an attempt to murder. He was pronounced guilty at the age of 20 years.

Also the same year his elder brother Hollywood got murdered.

As someone has rightly said there is always light at the end of the tunnel because as soon as Trick got released from prison, he was approached by Ted Lucus, the head of the music production company of Slip-N-Slide Records. 

He came as a Messiah or Savior for Trick because he requested him to concentrate on his rap career. 

Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life
Name:Trick Daddy 
Age:47 Years 
Birth Date:September 27, 1974
Birth Place:Miami, Florida, US
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Divorced 
Wife/Spouse (Name):Amane Joy Burnett 
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):10
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):None
Profession:American Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, and Record Producer 
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$150,000
Content Last Updated:June 2022

Personal Life of Trick Daddy 

As we discover the rapper we get to see that he had to go through many difficulties in his life. From his early childhood days, he has seen a lot of atrocities, which should not have been seen by a child.

The rapper got married to Amane Joy Burnett, who happened to be the CEO of New Roots Extensions.

They married each other in 2003. However, they thought it would be best for them to part ways for irreconcilable differences. Which came in front of the media through the television reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 2.

The Career of Trick Daddy 

Irrespective of having turmoil in his personal space he never compromised his career for it. 

For the very first time Trick appeared on the track sharing the screen space with Luke, with the latter’s ’96 album Uncle Luke.

The song was an instant hit among the music audience. Not only listeners were impressed with Trick but also many record producers liked his voice. 

Immediately, he was signed by the CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records, Ted Lucas for the then newly formed record label. 

The record label launched his debut album Based on a True Story in the year 1997, the album got quite popular regionally the in Miami area.

After this major song success, he got signed with Atlantic Records, in the year 2000.

Jason Birchmeier from all music considered ‘Shut-Up’ as Trick’s all-tie rollicking club hit, which was also the lead single from the om Book of Thugs album. 

Not only was his album and singles a huge success but quite a few times he also shared screen space with DJ Khaled in numerous rap tracks. The most popular happened to be Born&Raised. 

He also did a special appearance on Pitbull’s album The Boatlift in 2007.

Still, now he continues to perform throughout the United States, and present his classic hits and his new releases.

Awards & Achievements of Trick Daddy 

While it is very obvious that celebrities will get awarded and get recognized for the hard work they do and share the news with the media. Well, it is not the same for everyone.

Though we do not have any materialistic information regarding Trick’s Awards and Achievements this also tells us about Trick’s personality of not showing off to the media.

Each and Everything in our life does not need to have a worth or monetary value to our life.

The amount of love and affection Trick has received from his fans, cannot be compared to any kind of allocation for him.

Coming up from where he belonged, and taking the charge of his career, to doing something productive with his career, is an achievement in itself. Representing himself, so people can draw inspiration from him is a huge confidence booster for his audience.

Major Investments and Assets of Trick Daddy

When we talk about Trick’s investment we do not get to see any major kind of investment he has done.

But we can surely say that the hard work he has done with his career is one of the most precious investments one could ever do.

Overcoming his life hurdles and shaping his career according to his desire.

Though he neither got any professional guidance nor any support from his family though he was determined to make his career as a singer.

So the most precious investment he has done was into himself through his dedication, hard work, and zeal.

He happens to be an arrest for himself and the music industry.

Must Watch the Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Trick Daddy 

Avid music listeners who have spent their teen years in the 90s era will get to understand the popularity and emotion behind this Hip-Hop track of Trick with Trina.

Instagram Handle of Trick Daddy 

Twitter Handle of Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy doesn’t have an official Twitter account that is known to the public yet.

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