Sourav Ganguly Net Worth

Sourav Ganguly Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Sourav Ganguly

The term ‘Dada’ is something every member of the cricket team and the whole Indian audience knows and holds at the tip of their tongue. Often described vehemently as the ‘Maharaja’ of the Indian cricket scene, he is none other than the living legend, Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Ganguly played a quintessential role in Indian cricket in the 1990s. Even though he might not be a part of the current cricket scenario, he does serve as a timeless mentor, guru, and inspiration to aspiring as well as established cricketers. To the man of the match who never stops hitting boundaries after boundaries, Sourav Ganguly.

Net Worth & Salary of Sourav Ganguly in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Sourav Ganguly is estimated to be something around $50 million. The accumulated sum is owed to his career as a master cricketer as well as the endorsements, commentary, etc. 

He earns around $3.2million per year. This huge amount comes from the team he owns, his position as the President of the BCCI, and his deals with well-reputed brands like Puma, Senco Gold, etc. 

Early Life & Biography of Sourav Ganguly

His name reverberates in every single Indian household whether you’re a cricket fan or not. This legendary and multi-talented human was born on the 8th of July in 1972.

He was born to Chandidas and Nirupa, their youngest son who was born into a lavish life of wealth, with happiness and money flowing in abundance. Sourav’s father ran a print business, which was one of the most well-known and wealthiest print businesses in the entire city.

Sourav, born the youngest, was born with a golden spoon in his mouth as his father was crowned as the richest man of Calcutta, thus making Sourav gain the title of Maharaja, which translates to the greatest king. 

Sourav’s elder siblings are not much known to the general public however, it is known that Sourav idolized his brother Snehasish and took up cricket after watching him play.

Snehasish was also a very prominent player and Sourav tried his level best, even going as far as trying to play with his non-dominant hand to let his family know about his seriousness regarding cricket. However, his parents were initially against the idea of him taking up any sports as a recreational activity in the first place, while Sourav depressed his innate desire to make it his life-long career and passion.

He was a student of St. Xavier’s school in Calcutta, whereafter he displayed exceptional performance in an under-15 tournament, he was made the captain.

Once he proved his desire and aspiration of becoming a cricketer, his dreams received full-fledged support from his brother who subsequently went on to convince his parents as well. 

Thus began the journey of Sourav being crowned captain, battling teenage issues, attending camps,  scoring centuries, etc. He went on to complete his graduation from the University of Calcutta. 

Sourav Ganguly
Name:Sourav Ganguly
Age:50 years old
Birth Date:July 8, 1972
Birth Place:Calcutta
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Dona Ganguly
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Daughter- Sana)
Profession:Cricketer, Host, President
Yearly Income:$3.2 Million
Net Worth in 2022$50 Million
Content Last Updated:April 2022

Personal Life of Sourav Ganguly

Sourav was born into a family of abundance, often being termed as the richest family of Calcutta, enjoying a different kind of elite treatment and social status. However, his parents made sure he remained grounded in any situation.

His elder brother Snehasish was certainly the one who made sure Sourav pursued the life he envisioned. He was and continues to be his biggest confidant and strongest support

Sourav maintains a guarded yet very endearing personal life with his family. He eloped with the famous Odissi dancer his childhood love Dona Ray in the year 1997. Even though they both were high on love, their marriage was deemed to be unconventional due to issues of ancient family enmity.

Their families eventually came around and accepted their marriage. Together they have a daughter named Sana Ganguly, who was born in the year 2001. 

Career of Sourav Ganguly

He started his career with the Under-15 cricket tournament ever since he was a kid. He played in the revered Ranji in 1990 and made his name known throughout the match. 

He made his debut in the ODI in 1991 yet didn’t continue with it and focused on the Ranji instead. He rejoined the Indian team in 1996. 

He scored centuries after centuries, records after records in the matches he played in. He went on to participate and get crowned as the man of the match in tournaments like Sahara Cup, Independence Cup, etc. 

He took up captaincy in 2000, he played the role of Vice-Captain earlier. After certain rifts, amazing performances, battling allegations, and emerging victorious, he left a legacy behind him.

He went on to participate in the IPL, where he played for the team Kolkata Knight Riders as the captain in 2008. He played his last test match in 2009 and gave an amazing performance! 

He then went on to become the host of the show Dadagiri Unlimited. In the year 2012, he gave up IPLs as well and retired officially.

His love for cricket went on and he even published an autobiography titled A Century is Not Enough. He was also given the position of advisor of Delhi Capitals. 

He became the President of the Cricket Association of Bengal in 2015 and stayed till 2019. Currently, he enjoys the position of the President of the BCCI. 

Awards & Achievements of Sourav Ganguly

Titled as the Bengal Tiger, he obtained the title of Maharaja ever since he was born, Sourav Ganguly has been and continues to be recognized through various titles throughout his life. 

Some of the awards he received include ones like Indian Captain of the Year, Sportstar person of the year, Rammohan Roy Award, and some prestigious honors like the Padma Shri and the Arjuna Award. 

Major Investments and Assets of Sourav Ganguly

Sourav has earned his huge share of money with cricket, brand deals, endorsements, other positions, etc. 

He owns a lavish bungalow in Kolkata and has various real estate properties scattered across the globe. He also has an awe-inspiring car collection which includes various luxurious brands like Mercedes, Audi, etc to name a few. 

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs

The viewers get to get a glimpse into the humble person that Sourav Ganguly is as he starts candidly chatting about what he describes as the “best years of his life”. He can be seen explaining certain aspects of his career, his current position as the President of BCCI and this gives an insight into how he brilliantly handles the questions thrown at him just like the balls he hit out of the stadium! 

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