Robert Reich Net Worth

Robert Reich Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction About Robert Reich

Robert Bernard Reich has been known to the world as the former Secretary of Labor in the United States of America for four years i.e. from 1993-97. Apart from being in politics, he has been a very exceptional professor, author, lawyer, and even a political commentator.

He was the secretary during the reign of Bill Clinton and after that during the tenure of President Barack Obama, he was also among the members of the President’s Economic Transition Advisory Board. He comes from the Democratic Political Party.

He is also known as an able professor by being at Harvard University and plays the role of a political commentator for CNN Tonight and many other known programs. As an outstanding author, he has published eighteen books.

Net Worth & Salary of Robert Reich in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Robert Reich is estimated to be something around $4 million. He has successfully become a millionaire by being an able politician, economist, professor, writer, author, and even commentator.

Apart from earning from politics, he has also earned a lot by teaching in the most renowned universities. Also, he has earned from Netflix as many of his books are being used by Netflix for movies such as Inequality for All.

Age, Early life & Biography of Robert Reich

 As of 2022, the age of Robert Bernard Reich is 76 years. He is a born Jewish and hails from the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

He was born as a child to Mildred and Edwin S. Reich on the 24th of June in the year 1946. His dad was the owner of a clothing store.

As a child, he faced hardships as he suffered from multiple epiphyseal dysplasias, due to which he even faced bullies which must have been a terrible experience for him. For his high school education, he was a student of John Jay High School.

He later enrolled himself at Dartmouth College where his good scores gave him a National Merit Scholarship and this helped him to get into University College situated in Oxford. He had the interest to pursue subjects like philosophy, politics, and especially economics.

He later went to Yale Law School where he finished a J.D. and it was in this school, that he was friends with the future President Bill and his wife Hilary Clinton.

Robert Reich
Robert Reich Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life
Name:Robert Bernard Reich
Age:76 years old
Birth Date:24 June 1946
Birth Place:Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Height:1.49 m
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife/Spouse:Ex- Clare Dalton
Children/Kids2-Sam and Adam Reich
Profession:Politician, economist, professor, writer, author, and commentator. 
Yearly Income:$243 thousand
Net Worth$4 Million
Content Last Updated:August 2022

Personal life of Robert Reich

It was in the year 1973 when Robert got married to Clare Dalton who is a very renowned lawyer and they married in Cambridge. The couple was blessed with two kids, Sam and Adam.

Both of their sons are successful in their respective careers. Sam is a very renowned producer and director while Adam is a professor at Columbia University.

However, the couple was separated after some differences in the year 2012.

Career of Robert Reich

Robert started his career in 1973 when he first worked as a law clerk and he was working for Frank M. Colin. After working there for a year, he started serving for Robert Bork who was the Solicitor General and he was with him for two years until he became the director of the Policy Planning Staff in 1977 as appointed by Jimmy Carter.

After this, he took up his teaching career and began teaching at the John F. Kennedy School of Government for almost twelve years simultaneously he also focused on his writing skills and published many books and articles like The Work of Nations which was the most popular of them.

After Bill was the president, he appointed Robert to lead the economic area and he became the Secretary of Labor. Without a doubt, Robert was seen as one of the most influential members of the cabinet and he is known to have taken many positive steps as an advisor he has also put forward suggestions for health reforms, welfare reform, etc.

He is also known as the one who has successfully implemented FMLA to aviate minimum wages. He was also a major part of NAFTA which was put forward by George H.W. Bush and he also played the role of both public and private spokesman.

Reich also hit the headlines when he delivered an influential speech on the anxious class. He also gave the idea of corporate welfare. He has always emphasized having an information-based economy.

In 1995 he was in the news for giving a moving speech at the University of Maryland. In the year 1996, he decided to leave the cabinet to be a good father to his sons. After this, he again came back to teaching and was a professor at Brandeis University and also in the Heller School for School Policy and Management where he was also nominated as the Professor of the Year in 2003.

In 2006 he then became a part of the Goldman School of Public Policy and was also an important part of the University of California. In 2002 he was also known to have contested for the governor of Massachusetts.

Robert was also seen on the American Public Media public radio where he gave many weekly appearances. He was also known as one of the founders of The American Prospect where he also played the role of a columnist.

He has also been a part of Kudlow & Company and On the Money. In 2013 he joined hands with Jacob Kornbluth to make the documentary Inequality for All.

Awards and Achievements of Robert Reich

Robert were honored with the Bruno-Kreisky Award for his outstanding book, Supercapitalism in the year 2009. For his great writings, he was also awarded the Vaclav Havel Foundation Award.

In the year 1984, he was awarded the Louis Brownlow Award. He was the one who has been honored with the very first Heller School Dean’s Medal.

He has also bagged a Special Jury Award in 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Major investments and Assets of Robert Reich

Robert is also the owner of Inequality Media which is a non-profit organization and this also led Robert to gain recognition on the YouTube platform as well.  He is also an owner of a house worth millions situated in Berkley.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Robert Reich

In this video, we get a glimpse of how opinionated and bold views are possessed by Robert Reich. He has said that a true leader has the power to step away from the existing entire system and would work toward having a more innovative system that will provide us with long-term benefits.

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