Rahul Gandhi Net Worth

Rahul Gandhi Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Rahul Gandhi

Born into one of the most eminent families of India since the 1900s, the unspoken truth of them being the modern-day royalty, this heir of the Gandhi family is quite known throughout the world due to his public presence and speeches. A fine politician in the making since the 1970s, Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul has been a prominent face of the Indian National Congress as well as the current world political scenario. Be it his rallies, his speeches, his moves, his strong defense, his unbiased attitude, everything that makes him the man that he is, also makes him the legislator that everyone adores, none other than Rahul Gandhi.

Net Worth & Salary of Rahul Gandhi in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Rahul Gandhi is estimated to be something around $2 million. He has earned this sum of money rightfully through his work rather than taking up the path of corruption as most do. 

He earns around $134,000 per year. He belongs to a family which passes down wisdom, knowledge, a sense of duty for the people, and the abundance in wealth that they possess as well, Rahul being the receiver of his part of wealth and legacy as well.

Early Life & Biography of Rahul Gandhi

The inheritor of the legacy which was being passed down for generations was none other than the charming Rahul Gandhi was born on the 19th of June in 1970, marking him 52 years of age now.

He’s the elder of the two offsprings of the revered Rajiv Gandhi and the venerated Sonia Gandhi. His younger sibling is Priyanka Gandhi. 

He went to the St. Columba’s School in Delhi for a period of years before he was transferred to another school. He was transferred to the famous boarding school of Dehradun, i.e. the Doon School, where he studied from the year 1981 to 1983. However, he had to stop attending the school and was pulled out because of certain security threats which were being aimed at the family.

He was then homeschooled till he turned 18 for a period of around 5 years. He then went to St. Stephen’s College situated in Delhi for obtaining his undergraduate degree. 

However, after being a student in the college for around a year, he transferred to the Ivy League, Harvard. He studied there for a period of 2 years. 

However as security threats resurfaced after the assassination of his father, he had to relocate to the Rollins College situated in Florida. 

He graduated with a degree in Arts and pursued higher education at the Trinity College in Cambridge in Philosophy. 

Name:Rahul Gandhi
Age:51 years old
Birth Date:14 August 1957
Birth Place:Andhra Pradesh
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Unmarried
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Yearly Income:$134,000
Net Worth in 2022$2 Million
Content Last Updated:April 2022

Personal Life of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul has witnessed the deaths of his close ones at very near proximity and has faced thousands if not hundreds of questions about them and has still stood as strong as ever. He has been acknowledged as someone with a steady and polite demeanor by his friends and family. 

His sister married Robert Vadra and Rahul and Robert are on amicable terms. Rahul and Sonia have a bond like no other, often being under the spotlight of the media.

Rahul has dated two people as of now, one being Veronique, an architect whom he dated from the 1990s to 2004. He later went on to date the Afghan Princess Noal Zaher, however, the relationship didn’t last long. 

Only two of his relationships have been revealed to the public eyes yet have been kept distinct in a way. Currently, Rahul’s not dating anybody. 

Rahul Gandhi

Career of Rahul Gandhi

Even after he had a whole political career waiting for his arrival in India, Rahul wanted to be as independent as possible, thus resulting in him taking up a job in a consultancy firm for 3 years till 2022, The firm was a London based firm named as Motor group.

He returned to India in 2002, where he then ventured out by opening his start-up, where he worked as the director. The start-up was founded in Mumbai and was named  Backops Services Private Ltd. 

After 2 years, he officially announced his arrival in the political arena in 2004. He contested for a seat in the Lok Sabha for Amethi. 

And surprising everyone with his skills, he did win the seat that was deemed unachievable for Congress by the citizens, He made pledges and stood his ground which impressed the people with the budding politician. 

In 2006, he handled the campaigning duties with his sister. Then he took up the job of the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress in 2007.

He was the head of the Youth Congress and the National Student Union of India. He brought out his visualized dream into reality with a full-fledged force and gained mixed reviews from all around the country.

He contested in the general elections in 2009 for Amethi again and won as well. This was followed by subsequent campaigning in 2012 in Uttar Pradesh as well.

He again contested for Amethi in the year 2014. He was also entrusted with the onus of carrying the elections forward for Congress.

The results didn’t quite go as planned and this led to him deciding to resign however this wasn’t allowed by the party members. Thus, in 2019, after participating in the general elections, he went ahead to resign as the party leader after which his mother took over.

His recent political activity was campaigning for the seats in Amethi and Wayanad in 2019. He went on to win in Wayanad but unfortunately lost Amethi.

Awards & Achievements of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul has been an excellent academic throughout his career and has received awards and accolades. In his youth after entering politics, he received the award of the Indian of the Year by CNN IBN in the year 2009.

Major Investments and Assets of Rahul Gandhi

In the reports provided to the election commission, under stationary assets he possesses agricultural lands, office spaces, etc. Under movable assets, it shows that he has invested in debentures, mutual funds, etc in Aditya Birla, HDFC Prudential shares, etc.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs

Rahul talks about his ideals, what he strives for and how he plans on playing the part of strong opposition. He puts his thoughts into straightforward words and talks about the ongoing problems and the probable solutions that he can offer. A MUST-WATCH. 

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