Paul Stanley Net Worth

Paul Stanley Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life in 2022

Introduction About Paul Stanley

The ultimate star and face of the rock band, Kiss who has successfully garnered millions of fans and has given many hits to the music industry of Hollywood, Paul Stanley has created a huge name for him and his band by being one of the finest musicians. He was also the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band.

He is also popular among the fans by the name of The Starchild which gave off his charming aura for Kiss. He has been in the music industry since 1970 and has been immensely popular with songs like Tonight You Belong to Me, Rock and Roll All Nite, I Was Made for Lovin’ You, and many more.

Net Worth & Salary of Paul Stanley in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Paul Stanley is estimated to be something around $200 Million. Paul has earned this gigantic amount of income and has emerged as a multi-millionaire by being one of the most successful musicians of all time.

His major part of his income comes from the rock band Kiss as he was its lead guitarist and vocalist. Paul is without a doubt the wealthiest guitarist in the whole world.

Reportedly he earns around $30 Million each year.

Age, Early life & Biography of Paul Stanley

As of 2022, the age of Paul Stanley is 70 years. 

The Starchild was a born Jewish American boy who hails from Manhattan, New York.

Stanley Bert Eisen was born as the second child to William and Eva Eisen on the 20th of January in the year 1952. It was because of his parents that he had an interest in music through classical music and light operas and Paul was a great fan of Beethoven.

Stanley was diagnosed with Microtia and he faced bullies as he had trouble listening.  He loved grooving to the tune of Eddie Cochran and Jerry Lewis.

Later when he came to Queens he became a great fan of the Beatles and had his first electric guitar when he was 13.  He was also very keen on graphics and he completed his high school graduation in 1970 from New York High School of Music & Art.

Name:Stanley Bert Eisen
Age:70 years old
Birth Date:20 January 1952
Birth Place:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Height:1.82 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Erin Sutton
Children/Kids4-Evan Shane, Emily Grace, Sarah Brianna, and Colin Michael Stanley
Profession:Musician and singer
Yearly Income:$30 Million
Net Worth$200 Million
Content Last Updated:June 2022

Personal life of Paul Stanley

Paul has always been very open about his personal life. He was first in a relationship with Mary Tyler Moore in the early 1990s.

However, in 1992, he started dating Pamela Bowen and the couple was always seen together at public gatherings and his concerts. The couple tied the knot in 1992 and later was blessed with one child, Evan.

However, due to some differences, the couple got divorced in 2001. Later in 2005 rumors started to begin of him dating Eric Sutton whom he later married in November.

The couple had three children together, Emily, Sarah, and Colin. The family resides in a big house in Los Angeles.

Stanley has had many surgeries throughout his life. He is also a social worker who works as the brand ambassador of AboutFace which is a known organization for raising people’s awareness about loving and supporting people with face defects.

Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life in 2022

Career of Paul Stanley

Stanley was a part of many small bands before having his gig with Kiss. He was in Wicked Lester along with Gene Simmons and the duo joined other members to form the sensational band, Kiss.

They made the release of their debut album in 1974 and success followed as Kiss became one of the greatest bands of the early 1980s. The band’s success touched many great heights all thanks to the creative and jaw-dropping powerful aura of Paul.

He released his self-titled album in 1978 and later in 1989 he had his solo track which was later included in the movie, Shocker. He came into partnership with Click Five in 2005 and a year later, he made the release of Live to Win.

He even collaborated with Sarah Brightman who is a renowned classical singer. He was truly honored when he was able to be in the 18th position in the list of top 100 metal vocalists of all time.

In 1988, he was featured in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II which was a Penelope Spheris’s documentary. He soared the temperature when he was seen on a bed surrounded by women.

He was even seen playing the Phantom in the Phantom of the Year which was produced by Andrew Lloyd in 1999. He has also stepped in as a painter which he started doing in 1996 and within a decade he was turned into a professional painter trading his original paintings.

Face the Music: A Life Exposed was his memoir which was released in 2014, he also worked as a music producer when he helped the New England band make their debut album.

He was also invited for the same by the Poison band.

Awards and Achievements of Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley has been honored with many awards and accolades throughout his entire career. He has his own Guinness world record in his name for being the highest flame projection in a music concert in the year 2020.

In the same year 2020, he also made another Guinness world record. In 2014, he won the Rock and Roll Hall of the frame trophy.

Stanley was also nominated for the OFTA film award in the year 2002. He was also the winner of the Classic Rock Awards for 2008.

He was also honored with Classic Gold Telly Awards in the year 2009.

Major investments and Assets of Paul Stanley

When it comes to real estate Paul Stanley never steps back from investing in it. He owns a lavish house in Los Angeles which is equipped with many luxurious facilities like swimming pools and also large acres of land and it is reportedly worth $10 million.

Paul is also an avid lover of cars and he owns a Corvette Stingray car. He started his car collection in 1961 when he purchased a Rambler American.

He also has a SEEMA Corvette, Cadillac Escalade, a Tesla car, etc.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley attends the interview not just as the megastar that he is, but also as the author of his brilliantly written book. He shares certain instances of his life and sheds life on how the stardom and fandom have affected his life. He also gives out advice on how to handle the curve balls thrown by life. Not just motivational, but an intimate and personal experience for every viewer ever. Certainly a highly recommended must-watch.

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