Paul Anka Net Worth

Discover Paul Anka Net Worth, Age, and Personal Life in 8 key insight

Introduction About Paul Anka

“Put Head On My Shoulders” sounds familiar? Are you subconsciously humming it in your mind? If you consistently scroll through Instagram reels, you will find this familiar. If you were wondering who sang this love-struck verse, well this article is all about him, Paul Anka.

A gifted singer, songwriter, and actor, Paul has won many hearts around the world with his phenomenal performances. He has his share of hits including, “Diana” and “Lonely Boy”. In addition to these, he has co-written various songs for famous personalities like Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra. Here’s a look at his life till now.

Paul Anka Net Worth

Paul Anka net worth is $80 million.

A significant portion of Paul Anka net worth can be attributed to his remarkable record sales. With hit songs like “Diana” and “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” he made a lasting mark in the music industry. These chart-toppers not only garnered him immense fame but also brought in substantial income over the years.

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Furthermore, Paul Anka’s songwriting skills have been a cornerstone of his financial success. He has penned numerous songs for himself and other celebrated artists. Hits like “My Way,” famously performed by Frank Sinatra, and “She’s a Lady,” sung by Tom Jones, have not only become classics but also continued to generate substantial royalties, contributing to Paul Anka’s net worth.

In addition to his music career, Paul Anka has dabbled in acting, further diversifying his income streams. His appearances in both film and television have been well-received, allowing him to extend his influence to the world of entertainment beyond music.

As we explore “Paul Anka’s net worth,” it becomes evident that his financial prosperity is a result of his talent, dedication, and versatility in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry

Paul Anka Age and Early Life

Paul Anka is 81 years old.

Paul was born to parents of Lebanese and Syrian descent. His father, Andrew Emily “Andy” Anka Sr, moved to Canada from Syria, and his mother, Camelia Ankain, is of Lebanese descent. They owned a restaurant in Ottawa that was popular with the locals including businessmen and journalists.  Paul grew up with two other siblings and lost his mother when he was merely 18.

His schooling was in Fisher Park High School where he was in a vocal trio called Bobby Soxers. They performed locally in Ottawa. As a teen, he self-taught himself to play the guitar and the piano. He has himself admitted to not being an easy child.

He left for Los Angeles at the early age of 15 to try his luck at singing. After scurrying down the streets of Manhattan, he met Don Costa, an executive producer at ABC/Paramount record, who agreed to listen to his music. Not long after his interaction, Paul was signed up by the label.

Paul Anka
Discover Paul Anka Net Worth, Age, and Personal Life in 8 key insight
Name:Paul Albert Anka
Age:81 years
Birth Date:30th July 1941
Birth Place:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Height:1.67 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name):Anna de Zogheb (1963-2001)Anna Åberg (2008-2010)Lisa Pemberton (2016-2020)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):5 daughters, 1 sonAlexandra, Amanda, Alicia, Anthea, Amelia, and Ethan Anka
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Actor, Singer, and Songwriter
Yearly Income:$5 million
Net Worth in 2022$80 million

Paul Anka Personal Life

Anka married Anna de Zogheb, daughter of a Lebanese diplomat in the year 1963. These two met in Puerto Rico when Anna was working as a fashion model on assignment. They shared five beautiful daughters- Alexandra, Amanda, Alicia, Anthea, and Amelia.  They divorced in 2001.

Paul married his trainer, Anna Åberg, in Italy in the year 2008. They divorced in 2010 with Paul earning full custody of their son, Ethan Anka.

In 2016, he remarried Lisa Pemberton in Beverly Hills, California. They ended up divorcing in 2020.

Paul became a naturalized citizen of the United States on September 6, 1990.

In the year 2013, Anka’s biography, My Way, was published. It was co-written by David Dalton.

Career of Paul Anka

Paul was 14 when “I Confess”, his first single was recorded. After being signed up by ABC Records, “Diana” was released. It went on to become a massive hit, starring at no. 1 on the US and Canadian charts, and selling almost 20 million copies worldwide. It was highly speculated that “Diana” was written about his former babysitter. He delivered four more songs that made their way into the Top 20s in 1958, including “It’s Time to Cry”, which hit number 4. His success was propelled upwards with the release of “Lonely Boy” (1959), “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” (1959), and “Puppy Love” (1960).

The theme for “The Tonight Show Starring Jonny Carson” was a result of Paul’s immense songwriting talent. Paul has showcased his songwriting skills by penning down the English lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s hit, “My Way” (1969) and Tom Jones’s “She’s a Lady” (1971). Paul has also co-written three songs with Michael Jackson, “This is It”, ”Love Never Felt So Good” and “Don’t Matter to Me”, which went on to become Jackson’s late hits.

In the mid-1960s, Paul started to fall out of popularity and after more than ten years of no chart-topping records, he switched labels. Signed with United Artists and paired with Odia Coates, he recorded their No. 1 hit, ”(You’re) Having My Baby”. This pair went on to record three more songs. In 1975, Paul recorded a jingle for Kodak. Its popularity made Paul turn ”Times of Your Life”, into a full song which made it number 7 on US pop charts. He followed this up by writing another hit song for Sinatra,” Anytime (I’ll be There)”.” Hold Me Til the Mornin’ Comes” was the final top 40 hit for Anka in the US.

“A Body of Work” (1998) consisted of newly made or remade songs, performed as solos or duets with fabulous artists like Dion and LaBelle.  “Rock Swings” and “Classic Songs: My Way”, saw Anka revisiting hits originally sung by other artists. His career graph demonstrated his highly articulate way of expression and his prolific talent as a songwriter and singer.

Paul Anka Awards & Achievements

In the year 1975, Paul Anka won the Juno award (an award for songwriting) for Composer of the year. He has received many Juno award nominations.

 He was enlisted in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1980. The Ottawa City Council named 26th August “Paul Anka Day” after Paul to commemorate his quarter-century in show business.

He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in October 2004.

He was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2005.

In 1972, a street in Ottawa was named Paul Anka Drive.

Major Investments and Assets of Paul Anka

In 2007, Paul owned a 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom Mediterranean mansion in Mulholland Estates, Beverly Hills, worth $5.995 million. He also owned a house in Westlake Village, California.

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This 9-minute-long video shows Paul talking about his music and inspirations and letting people in on some of his life’s adventures.

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