Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Bags

The 10 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Bags

A 16-year-old Louis started creating bags and boxes in Paris, which is how Louis Vuitton made its debut. The young businessman established himself as a skillful trunk-maker in the year 1837. Observers note Louis’ skill at creating trunks and his ability to put them safely into carriages.

Louis Vuitton currently employs more than 100 people in 1900 to produce the travel trunks that Louis had personally developed. The business kept developing further in the 20th century, producing apparel in addition to travel trunks. 

Currently, Louis Vuitton (LV) bags are also some of the most expensive bags available. The brand’s long history and dedication to excellence, both of which drive up prices, are evident in the costly designs.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Bags Ever!

10. Tschabalala Self Art Capucines Bag – $7,990

Tschabalala Self ArtyCapucines Bag
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The tenth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is Tschabalala Self Art Capucines. One of Louis Vuitton’s most artistic bags is the first item on our list. The beautiful leather patchwork was the outcome of cooperation between six artisans and the firm. 

Nearly 20 different kinds of leather, including pricey lizard leather, are used in the restricted design. It’s not so many figures [of a work] that are interesting, American designer Tschabalala Self claimed as she designed her design. It’s more like taking a form apart and putting it back together again.

9. Limited-Edition Louis Vuitton X NIGO Virgil Abloh Monogram Duck Bag – $17,360

Limited-Edition Louis Vuitton X NIGO Virgil Abloh Monogram Duck Bag
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The ninth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is LV X Nigo Virgil Abloh Monogram Duck. The distinctive “Duck Bag” from NIGO with Louis Vuitton is the next item. In the worlds of fashion, DJing, and other things, NIGO is well-known. A mirror with a duck theme as well as a duckpin was among the other products created by NIGO and Louis Vuitton. 

There isn’t much information available about this limited-edition bag, although reports place its price above $17,000. Regarding NIGO and LV’s other items with duck themes, the mirrors cost over $2,000 each, although the pin is a whopping $785.

8. Monogram Jacquard Optic Fiber Woven Light Bag – $28,870

Monogram Jacquard Optic Fiber Woven Light Bag
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The eighth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is Monogram Jacquard Optic Fibre Woven Light. The big Monogram Jacquard Optic Fiber Woven Light Bag from LV comes in 8th place. Despite the name’s length, the bag is cool. 

The design, which is a little over 20 inches long, has lighting LV emblems that can be turned on and off using a mobile application. The interior of the bag is striped, and there are leather straps as well. This bag is worth more than $28,000 in total. The pricey creation, which was created in 2020, was among LV’s more highly advanced works.

7. The Airplane Bag – $39,000

The Airplane Bag
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The seventh most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is the Airplane Bag. LV has a fetish for bags that resemble flying objects. This time, it’s a full-fledged airplane, replete with wings that are kept in place by “secret metal banding.” The utilization of the metal “skeleton” to hold the wings in place is the most intriguing aspect of this bag. 

The $39,000 design first surfaced in 2021 following a Louis Vuitton-style presentation. Some online commenters noted that for that price, you could already have a plane, but hey, among each their own (and unless you can get this bag, there’s a high chance you own these a private plane).

6. The Patchwork Tribute Bag – $42,000

The Patchwork Tribute Bag
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The sixth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is the Patchwork Tribute Bag. Louis Vuitton honored several other designs with this bag. The outcome was a bag fashioned entirely of other bags, which have a unique appearance. However, several fashion bloggers weren’t fans of it. What am I staring at? one person asked. Surely this is a joke! 

The writer continued by describing the pattern as a “collage of every disgusting bag Louis Vuitton ever has made. So, no, not a fantastic response. This bag ultimately cost more than $40,000 to purchase. According to reports, Beyoncé bought a few of these limited-edition purses. 

5. Crocodile Lady Bag PM – $54,500

Crocodile Lady Bag PM
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The fifth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is Crocodile Lady Bag. information about the Crocodile Lady Bag by Louis Vuitton PM is restricted, but we are aware that the expensive design is $54,500 in total. 

The cost is outrageous since the bag is made primarily of crocodile leather. Because of its intricate manufacturing process and several laws governing the material, crocodile leather is expensive. It happens rather frequently, realize it or not, for items made of crocodile leather to auction for hundreds of dollars. 

Comparing this bag to the majority of the brand’s bags, it’s interesting to see how few LV trademarks are present. The main emphasis of this creation is all that expensive leather, unlike other bags that have LV emblazoned all over them.

4. The Croc Leather City Streamer Bag – $55,500

The Croc Leather City Streamer Bag
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The fourth most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is the Croc Leather City Streamer. The Crocodile Skin City Streamer MM, which is a part of European fashionista Nicolas Ghesqièrés’s debut design for Louis Vuitton, has a huge price tag of $55,500. 

The suitcase that Louis Vuitton created in 1901 for guests on cruise ships served as the model for this bag. It is fashioned from opulent dazzling crocodile skin leather that has been hot-stamped with the LV circle. 

Despite not being the most expensive Louis Vuitton bag ever, reports suggest that this one might be the most costly leather LV bag ever. According to rumors, this bag pays homage to Louis’s heritage.

3. Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière – $101,000

Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière
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The third most expensive Louis Vuitton bag is Coquille d’Oeuf Minuadière. Entering the top three is this compact design with a glossy finish. The original design has an understated appearance, but the material choices make the design distinctive. Louis Vuitton claims that 12,500 pieces of shell were used in the creation of the sculpture. 

According to estimates, Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudière is the third most costly Louis Vuitton bag ever made, costing slightly over $100,000. This Louis Vuitton SS12 fully prepared show included this item. 

The unique process of transforming eggshells into something like a clutch was defined by Vogue as “an eggshell lacquer bag manufactured only with assistance over the last artist in Paris already in command of the 1920s technology.”

2. The Kusama Pumpkin Minaudière Bag – $133,430

The Kusama Pumpkin Minaudière Bag
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Valued at more than $130,000, Kusama’s bag is the second most expensive LV bag ever made. The second-place item is a Yayoi Kusama LV bag. Graphic designer Kusama is renowned for her disorienting, trippy work that frequently employs a lot more dots. Yayoi “had a vision that scared her out [as a child],” according to Tate, the institution for the arts. 

They all began conversing with her and she was in a beautiful garden. As far as she could see, flower heads appeared as endless dots. And most of her later work was impacted by this strange event. “Our world is merely one polka dot across a gazillion stars in the cosmos,” Yayoi Kusama said about her usage of dots in the entirety of the cosmos.

1. The Urban Satchel – $150,000

The Urban Satchel
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The Urban Satchel is the most expensive Louis Vuitton Bag ever made. The odd Urban Satchel from LV, which retails for a whopping $150,000, is unquestionably the priciest bag the company has ever produced. Although it’s not known if LV obtained materials from dumpsters, the bag is said to be created from actual trash. 

Around the year 2008, Ashely Olsen worked on a mega-dollar advertising campaign that included The Urban Satchel. Ashely with her twin was reportedly battling over ownership of the bag after picture shoots, while fashion heavyweights Anna Wintour & Victoria Beckham “launched an ugly bidding war” for the license to the original design.


Why are consumers even buying these bags if they are so expensive? Essentially, there are two causes: These purses represent social prestige. The wealthy elite of the society is automatically thought to be represented by those who have those bags. Second, although you might think of these bags as a liability, they are an excellent investment.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Bags

Q. What makes LV bags unique?

Ans. LV bags are both water- and fire-resistant. The bags are waterproofed with canvas and made fireproof with PVC.

Q. Which pattern by Louis Vuitton is the best?

Ans. Among the most recognizable prints in the luxury fashion world is monogram painting. Even those with next to no fashion expertise can recognize it. People all over the world.

Q. Does Louis Vuitton bags hold value when sold again?

Ans. The brand’s 92 percent average sales retain value.

Q. What makes LV so expensive?

Ans. The Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive because of the company’s exacting standards for workmanship, the amount of labor that goes into making each bag, and the fact that each bag is water-resistant and fireproof.

Fun Facts on Louis Vuitton Bags 

1. Louis Vuitton Started as a Luggage Company

2. The child of Louis Vuitton created the recognizable “LV” mark.

3. Napoleon III’s wife Imperial Eugénie de Montijo hired Louis Vuitton as a trunk manufacturer.

4. Louis Vuitton is a high-end fashion brand that never offers sales on its goods.

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