Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Mike Tyson

Some call him “The Baddest man”, some know him by the name of “Kid dynamite”, for some he is “Iron Mike” and the lord of the rings for some. But he remains an emblem of perseverance for all.

Not only his success but also his failures elucidate lessons that are indelible and shall be treasured for eons.

Needless to mention, global phenomenon Mike Tyson is a former professional heavyweight boxer and also conquers hearts in the guises of an actor, a voice actor, and a producer.

Net Worth & Salary of Mike Tyson in 2022

Mike Tyson the indomitable warrior of the ring possesses a whacking amount of $3 million as his net worth. 

During his tenure in his boxing career, he accrued at least $430 million through purses and endorsements, roughly estimated at $700 million after adjusting for inflation.

Early Life & Biography of Mike Tyson

Mark Tyson’s life was disrupted since inception. Before establishing himself as the untamed beast of the rings he was an ordinary person who often found himself amidst extraordinary situations and ordeals.

 It was the 30th of June, in the year 1966 and that day a visionary, an inspiration for millions spawned in the lands of the states. 

Dwelling in New York the city of buzz Tyson was born to parents Lorna Tyson and Purcell Tyson. Purcell was his biological father but Jimmy Kirkpatrick was the one who fostered him as his own. 

He met Mike Tyson’s mother on his visit to Brooklyn and planned to settle with her. After getting caught up in the street world and its malice he got influenced into gambling and abandoned the family. 

After six years or so Mike Tyson was orphaned after the untimely demise of his mother at the tender age of sixteen, his father had died before.

 In his boyhood, he had a stutter and was often belittled and tormented by the unruly bullies because of that and his stature.

 Mike Tyson was a feisty young man and instead of grumbling about the fact, he thrashed his bullies black and blue. 

Mike Tyson was dwelling in a street with high crime rates and a conniving neighborhood, due to which he got embroiled in a few blunders.

 He was arrested 38 times with a registered crime record at the mere age of 13 and was a frequent visitor of the dungeons.

Little did he know that these backstreet brawls were going to make him “The Baddest man on the planet” someday.

Name:Mike Gerard Tyson
Age:55 years
Birth Date:June 31, 1966
Birth Place:New York
Height:1.78 meters
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Robin Givens (div.1989)Monica Turner (div.2003)Lakiha Spicer (m.2009)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Amir TysonMiguel TysonMorocco Tyson
D’Amato TysonRayna TysonExodus TysonMilan TysonMikey Lorna Tyson
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):
Profession:Actor, Voice actor, Boxer
Yearly Income:$520,000
Net Worth in 2022$3 million
Content Last Updated:March, 2022

Personal Life of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s Personal life was no less tumultuous than a tragic hero from antiquity. He hung around with several women and some of the relationships wreaked havoc in his life. 

After ending his deceitful marriage with Robin Givens, he dated Desiree Washington who alleged him against physical harassment. Tyson had shackled again on being found guilty.

After being vindicated he found stardom through the Hollywood industry and love in Lakiha Spicer. The lovebirds have eight children.    

Mike Tyson

Career of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson had everything it takes to become a fighter.

With Herculean power in his brawny arms, which was rare at a young age, tremendous spirit, scorching willpower, and wisdom the only thing he was deprived of was the know-how of harnessing these qualities into the suitable direction. So how did the big bird break out of the cage? 

During his days in imprisonment, he was caught off-guard by Bobby Stewart, a former boxer who immediately noticed his stark potential as a street-fighter and that he could move mountains with his talent. 

He mentored him briefly and then introduced him to Cus D’Amato, a US-based boxing trainer cum manager. 

Mike Tyson endured the tutelage of Cuss as his official guardian and as a legal parent and went on to prosper as an efficient player under his watchful eye. 

With ferocious strength and dexterity, he bewitched the spectators through his sport and brought home the gold medal at the Junior Olympics championship in the years 1981-82. 

After his valorous win in the match, he had been colloquially named as “Kid dynamite”. He achieved the unthinkable by winning the Knockout in mere 8 seconds.

In his first year as an amateur, he was established as a triumphant in all 15 bouts he fought and was endowed the title of the youngest heavyweight champion.

With the fire in his eyes, he could set ablaze any boxing ring and soon became a keeper of unaccountable riches. 

His then-wife Robin began prying into his professional career and spitefully took advantage of his affluence. 

After a foul-play suspicion, Mike Tyson and his wife were divorced. Later all his monetary gains and  assets kept getting siphoned and swindled by his manager. 

After lots of trials and tribulations, the “ultimate gladiator” came back with a bang but was soon hit by the storm of controversies due to which he was condoned and banned for a year.

In 2005 Mike forayed into the show-biz. With chartbuster films like “One night in Vegas”, “The Hangover”, and many more to his name he garnered public adoration and restored his tarnished image. 

Mike Tyson never knew he would go on from “The Baddest man on the planet” to becoming the most loved and vouched-for celebrity.

Awards & Achievements of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has been adulated with countless medals and awards during his stint as a boxer.

Most venerated out of which are BBC sports personality world sports star of the year and Kids choice award for favorite male athlete.

Major Investments and Assets of Mike Tyson

Mike has his eyes set on the legal cannabis business and his latest venture fight camp. 

With a hefty net worth and income, Tyson also owns a premium collection of lavish cars like Mercedes Benz, Limousine, Rolls Royce, etc.

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What happened when the glorious, the big bird Mike Tyson’s name started not only reverberating in the stadium but also in talkshows, tabloid newspapers, public gatherings, and everywhere else.

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