Mike Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Mike Epps Introduction 

Mike Epps’ is a successful stand-up comedian and a prominent actor.

Standup comedy is a comparatively popular genre of live performance that has been in trend since Saturday Night Live became famous. Exceptionally good comedians have taken over the dais, all over the world. Among these standup comedians, Mike Epps deserves a special mention.

Epps is well-known for his interactive comedy presentations with an inclination for dark humor. Apart from comic impressions, Mike also has an astounding acting career. He is better known for his work with the “Resident Evil” franchise.

Mike Epps Net Worth & Salary

Mike Epps’ Net Worth is $6 million.

As his popularity as an actor increased, Epps was cast in several movies that were not only critically well-received but were also box-office hits. This has enriched his wealth by multipliers. He also receives massive returns from his live shows, most of which her houseful.

Mike receives an annual salary of $500 thousand.

Mike Epps Age, Early Life & Biography

Mike Epps’ age is 52 years.

The only child of Tommy Epps and Mary Reed, Michael Elliot Epps was born on 18 November 1970.

The neighborhood in Indianapolis, where the Epps family resided was a rough one. Thus Mike was pushed into a rough childhood. His parents could not keep a watch on their little boy as they were busy with their jobs. As a result, Michael could not continue his studies and dropped out of his school.

He joined local gangs and took up all forms of addiction in time. He was also convicted of juvenile drug charges and spent eighteen months in a correction center.

However, Mike changed a lot after serving in the juvenile jurisdiction center. He had a natural sense of humor as a teenager and thus tried his luck in standup comedy.

Surprisingly, Mike was successful as a teenage comedian. He used to do multiple in different bars, pubs, and cafeterias in the town. These shows built a platform for his professional career.  

Mike Epps Net Worth
getty images
Name:Michael Elliot Epps
Age:52 years
Birth Date:18 November 1970
Birth Place:Indianapolis, Indiana
Height:1.87 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Kyra Robinson
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Maddie Epps, Bria Epps, Mariah Epps, Makayla Epps, Indiana Rose Epps
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):-NA-
Profession:Actor, Comedian
Yearly Income:$500 thousand
Net Worth $6 million
Content Last Updated:December 2022

Mike Epps Personal Life 

Mike Epps is a peace-loving man who tends to have a tranquil personal life. Though his previous relationship did not last for long, he has found solace in his new family.

Epps was married to actress Mechelle McCain in 2006. They seemed to be happy in their relationship and were publicly seen in multiple events. They had four beautiful children too.

Unfortunately, Epps and McCain decided to put an end to their relationship in 2017. They filed a mutual divorce and divided the responsibilities of the kids.

A year after his divorce, Mike started seeing media house executive and producer Kyra Robinson. They dated for some time and eventually got married. Kyra gave birth to their first child Indiana Rose, in 2020. 

Living a happy and prosperous life with a beautiful wife and daughter, Mike Epps has it all!

Mike Epps Career 

Mike Epps has had a brilliant career with a few controversial events. But none of those has managed to put a speck on his image and career.

After spending his teenage life as a bar comedian, Mike Epps kickstarted his professional life as a standup artist through HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”. He was also a part of the “Def Comedy Jam” tour of 1995.

Soon after, Epps tried his luck in the acting industry. He was picked by director Vin Diesel for “Strays” (1997). With a minor supporting role, Epps made his debut as an actor.

Epps tried his best in auditions for major films and was selected for a handful of them. With “Next Friday” (2000), “Bait” (2000), and “3 strikes”, he leveled up his skills.

Mike was becoming a familiar face for comic characters that could be perfect reliefs for action movies. Apart from multiple live-action films, Epps also voiced in several animated movies. His voice performance as ‘Boog’ in “Open Season 2” (2008) deserves special mention.

Also known to possess a good music sense, Mike Epps has hosted and sampled several mixtapes, albums, and singles.

Currently, Epps is associated with Netflix’s sitcom “The Upshaws”, in which he plays one of the main characters.

Mike Epps Awards & Achievements

Being an amazing entertainer, Mike Epps has been equally successful as a comedian and an actor. Thus, he has received a cabinet full of awards for different projects.

At the 2007 Gotham Awards, Epps was a part of the award-winning ensemble “Talk to Me” (2007). 

“Jumping the Broom” marked a great performance by Epps. He won an Image Award in 2012 as an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. He also won this award in 2016 as an Outstanding Comic Actor in “Survivor’s Remorse”.

As an excellent guest actor, he was also felicitated with a Black Reel award nomination in 2017.

Mike Epps Major Investments and Assets

Epps has enriched himself with experience and wealth over the years. 

He has a massive mansion in Encino, California which stretches over a 6800-square-foot area. The renovated ‘90s house has five bedrooms and two spectacular libraries.

Mike is in love with cars and his collection speaks for itself. The 1964 Buck Riviera is classic in his garage. He also has a Ford Hot Rod and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

Mike Epps Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

This is a video of one of the best performances of Mike Epps’ standup performance on “Netflix is a joke”.

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