Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Michael Bloomberg 

A name that almost every American and Non-American has on the tip of their tongues; a name which is itself a symbolism of the power the man held and continues to hold, none other than the exceptional Michael Bloomberg. 

Michael has been not just a politician, but has embodied the phrase of “in whatever you do, be good”. 

Michael has been an everyday name in many, many households due to his field of work and the way his impact was received and accepted by the public. A man whose words hold the worth everyone desires to achieve, Michael Bloomberg. 

Net Worth & Salary of Michael Bloomberg in 2022

Michael has a net worth of $59 Billion. This marks him as one of the richest billionaires in the top 20 list published by Forbes. 

Most of his money is derived from his company, i.e. Bloomberg LP. His run as the mayor has also awarded him tremendously in the matter of money. 

Early Life & Biography of Michael Bloomberg

Born on the ‘day of celebration of love’ and loved and adored by millions, that certainly is clever wordplay and a coincidence in the stars. Michael was born on February 14th, 1942 in Boston. 

He was born to parents William Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Bloomberg. His mother’s occupation is unknown but his father was a bookkeeper for a particular dairy company in their area.

The Bloomberg family lived in Allston till Michael turned two and migrated to Brooklyn in Massachusetts. They later moved to Medford situated in Massachusetts where they stayed till Michael obtained his degree.

Michael attended Medford High School and went on to get his undergraduate degree from John Hopkins, a tier-one university. He graduated from the university with a degree in electrical engineering. 

He went on to pursue MBA for his postgraduate degree for his desired career options. He graduated from the much-revered college Harvard with a degree in business management. 

Name:Michael Bloomberg 
Age:80 years old
Birth Date:February 14, 1942,
Birth Place:Boston 
Height:1.7 m
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Divorced (Susan Elizabeth Barabara Brown) 
Children/Kids:Yes (2 daughters- Emma and Georgina) 
Dating/Girlfriend:Diana Taylor
Profession:Politician, Investor, Author
Yearly Income:$2.7 Million
Net Worth in 2022$59 Billion
Content Last Updated:March 2022

Personal Life of Michael Bloomberg

Michael wasn’t necessarily born into wealth. However, he was born into a family that idolized strong moral grounds and a good education.

Michael embarked on the same path as well. He received the best possible education and prioritizes his morals and ethics over anything else.

He married Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown in 1975 and has two daughters Georgina and Emma with her. Due to personal reasons, they legally parted ways in 1993, but they continue to be on friendly and gregarious terms. 

Right from 2000, for almost 2.5 decades, he has been in a live-in-relationship with his girlfriend Diana Taylor. Michael’s sister has also been a part of the political system since 2002.

Career of Michael Bloomberg

 Michael was quite the candidate, considering he had graduated from the top 2 most sought out universities of his time for his undergraduate as well as post-graduate degrees. 

He started working for the Salomon brothers in 1973 as their general partner. Salomon brothers inc was the biggest on wall street at that point in time, enjoying a royal reputation.

At first, he handled all the trading operations and then handled all the system operations. After another company acquired Salomon brothers inc, he was fired and paid around $10 million for the equity and stock he held in the old company.

Now being experienced with wall street and knowing it like the back of his hand, he decided to dabble and venture out with his own company by using the sum of $10 Million dollars. Thus IMS, i.e. Innovative Market System came into existence. 

In 1986, his company was renamed ‘Bloomberg LP’, i.e. the name it’s now known as. With the due course of time, Bloomberg LP has expanded into other horizons like Bloomberg Radio, Bloomsberg Message, etc.

Right from the very beginning of the company till it reached its 20th decade of formation, Michael headed the company. However, as ran for Mayor, he retired from the position.

He ran as a representative of the Republican Party and had spent a whopping amount of $73 Million of his own wealth for campaigning. The money did reap results and he became the mayor. 

After his stint for 4 years, he was then re-elected as the mayor in 2005 as well. Outdoing himself and breaking his own record of spending absurdly huge money on the campaign, he spent $78 million this time. 

After serving a successful term, he joined the election again in 2009, and he was re-elected for the 3rd time as well. He broke his previous record by spending over $109 million of his own money. 

For the 2020 presidential run, he spent the most amount of money that was ever spent by a candidate in history. He overdid himself and quoted it as “something the nation needs” by spending $676 million. 

He also enjoys his time as a writer, publishing the autobiography ‘Bloomberg by Bloomberg’ in 1987. The second edition was later relaunched around 2019. 

He has also been a contributing writer to the book ‘Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens can save the planet’ in 2017. He has also been a major contributor in the New York Times and has written about an array of issues. 

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth
Michael Bloomberg Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Awards and Achievements of Michael Bloomberg

Michael have been an exceptional academic throughout his life. Apart from his own degrees adorning his career, he has received around 12 honorary degrees from prestigious institutions like the University of Michigan, Harvard, Princeton, etc. 

He has also been named as the 39th most influential person in 2007 and has been a part of the ‘100 most influential’ list published by Time. 

He was also given the honor of being an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. 

Major Investments and Assets of Michael Bloomberg

Michael’s company is certainly his biggest asset. He has invested in his campaigns the most, breaking historical records and those of his own every single time.

He has also been known as someone with a keen interest in private flying. Thus he owns a couple of jets along with his real estate properties and cars etc. 

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