JP Sears Net Worth

JP Sears Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

JP Sears Introduction 

JP Sears is a Youtuber and comedian known for his ‘brave’ political opinions and advocacies against Covid-19 norms.

A wise man once said that the most prominent key to success is following your passion. Not always is it essential that only an entrepreneur or a B-school graduate will taste success. JP Sears proved it accurate. 

Following his passion for Youtube and comedy, Sears is one of the best Youtubers out there, with millions of views on each of his videos. 

Sears proved the point that not every time, you need to be a motivational speaker to offer life advice. In his parodies of famous wellness gurus, Sears has comically offered life advice, something that not everyone is capable enough to do. 

Want to know more? Well, you won’t leave disappointed!

JP Sears Net Worth & Salary 

JP Sears’ net worth is a staggering $9 million. What’s his profession again? Model? No. Actor? No. He is a Youtuber. A passionate Youtuber who loves his work and followed his passion.

Sears’ primary source of income is his Youtube channel, which has over 2 million subscribers and around 400 million views of his videos. 

Recently, he has been a part of various speaking events on life coaching. Sears also travels around the world, delivering lectures worldwide and helping people recover from serious issues, however, in a comedy way.

JP Sears is also an author of books like How To Be Spiritual, Becoming The Hero Of Your Journey and Whatever Drifts Us. His books have had decent sales on Amazon, adding to his already-popping net worth.

Sears has also collaborated with brands like Black Rifle Coffee. He also has various other brand endorsements under his belt.

JP Sears Age, Early Life & Biography 

JP Sears is 41 years old.

Born in Toledo, Sears was brought up in Bowling Green, Ohio. The comedy ran in Sears’ veins. His tendency of looking at things in a fun way kept him miles away from negativity. 

However, comedy was not Sears’ first choice when it came to his career. He joined Bowling Green State University for his majors. Months later, Sears withdrew. 

After withdrawing from the university, Sears realized that holistic medicine and culture were his callings. Adding to it, JP Sears also turned into a life coach. 

Life for him was about to change completely.

JP Sears Net Worth
getty images
Name:JP Sears
Birth Date:April 12, 1981
Birth Place:Toledo, Ohio, United States
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Amber Sears
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Wilder Sears
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:YouTuber, Comedian
Yearly Income:0.8 million
Current Net Worth $9 million
Content Last Updated:October 2022

JP Sears Personal Life 

Despite having a career and life that the masses can just dream of, not much is known of JP Sears’ personal life. His humility is reflected in the fact that even though he is an icon, and an inspiration, he chose not to disclose much about his life to the media.

Sears is married to Amber Sears. She is a holistic business coach and entrepreneur and both share a mutual interest in the culture of a holistic lifestyle. She is a professional yoga instructor and conducts workshops all around the world.

We as fans must respect Sears’ choice of keeping his life private and muted more so after he’s a father now. JP Sears mentioned that fatherhood is his priority now, which justifies his want of privacy.

JP Sears Career 

Sears began his career as a professional life coach. However, YouTube wasn’t his first choice platform. 

Sears started his own website where he wrote blogs on a regular basis based on health and wellness.

Keeping in mind, the audience’s requirements, on his website Sears added links to various supplements and even alternative medicine products. 

Sears, along with providing his audience with the right products, wanted to educate them as well on the correct usage and maintenance of the products. Thus, Sears also linked his website to Joseph Mercola’s page on alternative medicine. 

Soon, in 2013, Sears realized that he needed to increase his reach. YouTube was of course the best bet.

With time passing, JP Sears understood that happiness was the key for people suffering in their lives. Thus, in 2014, after moving to South Carolina, Sears changed the tone of his videos.

Sears shifted his tone to satire. He would continue to offer life advice, however, in a more comic tone than a serious one. His approach to lessons was infused with sensibility and puns. And boy it worked wonders!

Soon enough, Sears’ channel saw an exponential increase in engagements. The number of views and subscribers of his channel soared. 

March 2017 marked another big moment in JP Sears’ life. He signed a contract with radio giant CBC. He was accompanied by host Samantha Garvey on his Vancouver tour for uncovering the most spiritually trendy places there. 

Sears also worked as a producer, producing satirical roasts of various locations. His most famous works include the roasts of Spokane, Pheonix, and Portland. 

During the Covid era, JP Sears also started speaking on various political aspects of the vaccine fiasco. While some lauded them to be bold and brave, some lashed out at him for his views.

He was one of the speakers at the 2021 Health Freedom Summit. It was an online event where some of the world’s most renowned speakers were present too. JP Sears, from a mere Youtuber, was one of them that day.

Sears also performed at Republican politician Dan Crenshaw’s Youth Summit in September 2021. Recently, he was the lead at the Defeat The Mandates rally in Washington.

JP Sears Awards & Achievements 

Sears’ fanbase and subscribers are his real asset. If silverware were the only measure of success, a lot of artists who are now legends would be lost in the crowd.

As a Youtuber, the immense contribution of JP Sears towards wellness and life coaching is humongous.

That is his biggest achievement.

JP Sears Major Investments and Assets 

A lot of celebrities like a lavish lifestyle, and rightly so. However, there is another set of them who like to live a very muted and guarded life. Their spendings are not huge, and neither do they flaunt their blood-red Ferraris or pitch-black Audi. JP Sears belongs to that group. 

Thus, apart from his mettle and pedigree, his assets remain hidden from the media and his fans.

JP Sears Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

All you JP Sears fans out there, this video is specially meant for you. This is Sears’ latest video on his Youtube channel.

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