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Joseline Hernández Introduction 

Joseline Hernández is a Puerto Rican actress, Television Personality, and Rapper.

Joseline Hernández has been nicknamed as “The Puerto Rican Princess” by her fans.

The Puerto Rican Princess rose to fame when she was a part of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” airing on VH1. 

Later, Joseline Hernández appeared in “Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood” alongside her beau and rapper Stevie J.

Joseline Hernández Net Worth & Salary


Joseline Hernández’s net worth is $500,000.

Joseline Hernández’s net worth has been the substantial payments she received for her appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” This reality show not only brought her fame but also a significant financial boost. In fact, according to some well-informed sources, Joseline commanded a remarkable $400,000 for each season of “Love & Hip Hop.” It was widely reported that she held the title of the highest-paid female celebrity on the show, a testament to her popularity and influence.

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In addition to her reality TV stardom, Joseline Hernández occasionally graces the big and small screens, making appearances in movies and television shows. Her versatility and ability to transition between different facets of the entertainment industry have contributed to her growing net worth.

As we delve into the topic of “Joseline Hernández’s net worth,” it becomes clear that her journey in the world of entertainment, particularly her role in “Love & Hip Hop,” has significantly shaped her financial success. Her notable earnings and diverse ventures underline her status as a prominent figure in the realm of reality television and beyond.

Joseline Hernández  Age and Early Life

Joseline Hernández age is 37 years. 

She was born on 3rd November 1986. Joseline was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Her childhood was pretty sad, her biological father died when she was just a little kid due to a drug overdose. The family soon fell into the Poverty cycle.

Her mother, Carmen remarried Luis. Joseline along with her 5 siblings moved to Florida from Ponce.

Not much information is available regarding Joseline Hernández’s education and schooling.

When Joseline was 16, she took up jobs at Stripper Club of Stripping in order to make ends meet.

Joseline Hernández Net Worth
getty images
Name:Joseline Hernández
Age:37 years
Birth Date:3rd November 1986
Birth Place:Ponce, Puerto Rico
Nationality:Puerto Rico
Height:1.73 m
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Marital Status:Unmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):1
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Ballistic Beatz
Profession:Actress, Television Personality, and Rapper
Yearly Income:$50,000
Net Worth $500,000

Joseline Hernández Personal Life 

Joseline Hernández’s love life has been documented in the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

In 2011, she started dating record producer Stevie J. Both of them were part of the show.

The duo claimed to have married secretly in 2013 but later stated that the marriage was a means of Publicity and they are in a happy and long-term relationship. 

In 2016, Joseline gave birth to Stevie J’s child. But soon the duo parted ways for good.

3 years later, Joseline Hernández was engaged to yet another record Producer Ballistic Beatz (Robin Ingouma).

Joseline Hernández is Bisexual and hails from a half-Puerto Rican and half-African descent.

Joseline Hernández Career 

After moving to Florida, Joseline Hernández had somewhat of a difficult life.

When she was only 16, she started working as a Stripper. Even though she hated her job, she went through with it in order to provide for her family and one of her autistic brothers.

Her life took a drastic turn when she was working as a Stripper in Onyx Club. Record Producer Stevie J was a member of the club. 

He spotted Joseline Hernández. Later, the duo was romantically linked for 4 years.

In the 2012 season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, Joseline Hernández joined the cast as the new aspiring actress, singer, and rapper. She was a member of Stevie J’s crew.

At the time, Stevie J was dating Mimi Faust. The anger, envy, the jealousy amongst the three became the Main storyline of that year’s “Love & Hip Hop”.

Joseline rose to fame and prominence with her beef with Mimi Faust. The same year she appeared in many award shows, talk shows, and Music Videos.

For her musical career, Joseline Hernández released a series of Singles like “Bailar”, “Church”, “Baby Daddy”, “Run me my Money”, etc. Some of her songs are in her native language.

After the success of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”,  Joseline and Stevie J together appeared in VH1’s “Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood”. This show premiered in 2016. It was loved by people all over the world.

In 2017, “Joseline’s special delivery” aired on VH1. This show was a documentary that followed Joseline’s life throughout her pregnancy journey and the birth of her daughter.

Joseline Hernández was cast as “Michelle, a stripper” in Fox Network’s “Star”. Initially, the role was supposed to be a Guest appearance but with fans’ love and pursuance, Joseline became a regular on the show.

The character Michelle had a recurring appearance and Joseline became an ensemble cast of the show for the next 3 episodes.

Joseline Hernández co-hosted “The Real” for two episodes in 2017.

It was reported that Joseline left “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” due to creative differences with the Creator. The same year she released “Run me my Money” which is said to be a diss track for the Creator of “Love & Hip Hop”.

Joseline Hernández is known for her beef with fellow American Rappers and Love & Hip Hop alum, Cardi B. She allegedly released “Hate Me Now” as a Diss Track directed at Cardi B in 2018.

In 2019, Joseline was featured in a new VH1 show titled “Joseline Takes Miami” but due to creative differences and problems arising between Joseline and the creative team, the show never made it to the final cut. The project was stalled Indefinitely.

In 2018, Joseline Hernández guest starred in “Married to Medicine”.

In 2020, Joseline returned to the production of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” ‘s third season.

 Before the Pandemic, Joseline and her fiancee Ballistic Beatz were one of the celebrity couples to be part of “Marriage Boot camp: Hip Hop Edition” airing on WE tv.

Currently, Joseline Hernández will be part of the latest season of “Love & Hip Hop”.

Joseline Hernández Awards & Achievements

As of now, Joseline Hernández has not received any Awards or Honors.

Joseline Hernández Major Investments and Assets

There is no information available regarding the Assets and Investments of Joseline Hernández.

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