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John Rich Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Introduction About John Rich

Folk. Church Music. Gospels. Blues. All of these sum up to that one genre not many dare to explore but a genre we love going back to. Country Music. That feel of country music, with its calm, soothing music and those straight-out-of-the-heart lyrics, has always been mesmerizing for a music enthusiast. 

However, when we talk of country music in the 90s, the name that I am sure hits every melophile out there has to be Lonestar. And the moment Lonestar hits you, John Rich’s tune from his bass guitar has to make your soul go grandiloquent!

Legendary bass guitarist and vocalist of Lonestar, back in the 90s, John Rich was an inspiration for every kid wanting to play the guitar. Despite having a successful career with the band, Rich gave it up to make it big all on his own. 

Was he successful? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Net Worth & Salary of John Rich in 2022

As of 2022, John Rich’s net worth is roughly $9 million.

A songwriter, producer, and singer, John Rich is an immensely popular name in country music. He might have started with Lonestar, but his career skyrocketed after he joined BNA records in 1998.

Rich and Big Kenny took the world by storm after they announced their duo Big & Rich. Indeed, they became big and rich!

Age, Early Life & Biography of John Rich

As of 2022, John Rich is 48 years old.

Rich was born in the city of Amarillo, Texas. Post his graduation, John Rich in the hope of making it big, made a move to Nashville. However, not everything is served on a plate. To make ends meet in Nashville, John began to work as a singer in USA’s theme park Opryland. 

One day, while performing, John met a member of the group Texasee (later Lonestar). The trajectory of his career was about to change forever. For the best!

John Rich
John Rich Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life
Name:John Rich
Birth Date:January 7, 1974
Birth Place:Amarillo, Texas
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Joan Bush
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Cash Rich and Colt Daniel Rich
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Singer, Songwriter
Yearly Income:$0.5 million
Net Worth in 2022$9 million
Content Last Updated:September 2022

Personal Life of John Rich

Despite having a career and life that the masses can just dream of, not much is known of John Rich’s personal life. His humility is reflected in the fact that even though he is an icon, and an inspiration, he chose not to disclose much about his life to the media. 

However, something that hasn’t been hidden is that Rich married Joan Bush in 2008. Apart from that, there’s nothing that John Rich has ever mentioned about his personal life.

Oftentimes we the fans have an innate curiosity about the lives of these celebrities, whom we idolize – and the lesser we get to know about them, the more magical they actually seem.

Career of John Rich

John Rich joined the country music band Lonestar as their bass guitarist. His well-honed singing skills saw him being the lead singer at times. Apart from being a stunning vocalist and guitarist, John Rich has been an amazing songwriter. Courtesy of his catchy lyrics, Rich co-wrote one of the band’s chartbusters, Come Cryin’ To Me.

However, Rich wanted to make it big on his own. Thus, in 1998 John Rich, amongst the absolute dismay of Lonestar’s fans, left the band. His Lonestar reputation earned him the label of BNA Records. 

During his time as a singer for BNA Records, John Rich recorded two singles and an album that was quite successful. However, it was not what he wanted. John Rich wanted more. And it was his hunger for success that took him to Big Kenny. Life was never going to be the same for John Rich.

In 2002, John Rich and Big Kenny formed their duo of Big & Rich. Immediately after they signed their first-ever contract with Warner Bros. The duo recorded three albums for Warner Bros. All of them were tremendously popular among the fans.

One of Big & Rich’s album singles, Lost In This Moment, topped the country charts. The summer of 2012 witnessed Big & Rich releasing another hit number That’s Why I Pray. 

Apart from performing for their duo, John Rich has also worked with several other artists on their music. From co-writing their music to producing them, there is nothing that John Rich hasn’t done. He is the co-writer of chart-toppers like Redneck Woman, Mississippi Girl, and Why. On an individual front, one of Rich’s greatest moments has to be co-writing Taylor Swift’s single The Way I Loved You.

In 2009, John Rich wrapped up a third solo album for Warner Bros. By then, John Rich’s singing capabilities had touched heights. He was so confident regarding his vocals that he recorded the track Shuttin’ Detroit Down just a week before its release. 

It raced its way to the 34th spot in Billboard’s Hot Country Charts. The song went to trend at the 12th spot in April.

John Rich has also been a host of the reality show Gone Country, featuring numerous celebrities. He has also served as the judge for the 2008 version of NBC’s Nashville Star. He served as the mentor in 2012’s reality competition show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep.

Rich had and in fact is still having quite a ‘rich’ career, don’t you feel?

Awards & Achievements of John Rich

Awards can never be the measure of talent. The fanbase and records speak for themselves. 

John Rich has received more than three Grammy nominations. All of them were for tracks from his album Comin’ To Your City. He might not have won an award in his long career, but if you start counting the number of stages he set on fire with his music, John Rich will probably have a billion awards! 

His contribution to Country and Folk music is immense. He is an inspiration for many individuals who are afraid to travel the path not many have traveled on.

Major Investments and Assets of John Rich

John Rich’s assets surely justify his surname to the best of their abilities.

Rich’s residence in Nashville’s Mt. Richmore spans an area of about 17,081 square feet.

It also has its own entertainment area with a stage, a bar, and rare pieces from country music. The apartment has a custom-built swimming pool that is 73 feet long and is shaped like that of a guitar.

That’s not all. Rich has an exquisite collection of cars, all of which are vintage. These include a 1968 Cadillac DeVille, a 1970 Datsun pickup, and a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger.

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All you John Rich fans out there, this video is specially meant for you. Rich in an exclusive interview talks about how wokeness killed country music. Make sure to watch it!

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