Emma Watson Net Worth

Emma Watson Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction about Emma Watson

Be it the little ‘know-it-all’ that we’ve grown to adore and cherish in the Harry Potter Series or the Belle of the ball, Emma Watson has always been a cherished star of the public eye. Shooting into stardom at a very young age, she has been loved by people, not just her age, but by people from every single age group to exist.

Watching Emma Watson soar as she currently does always comes with a wave of instant nostalgia, the scenes of the much loved Harry Potter flashing before our eyes. The 1/3rd of this trio that has been, being, and will be loved throughout ages, our beloved Hermione, or as we like to call her, superstar Emma Watson. 

Net Worth & Salary of Emma Watson in 2022

The net worth of Ms. Emma Watson is estimated to be something around $80 million. She has earned this sum of money due to her work in the movie industry, considering she has been working since a very young age. 

Emma accounts for one of the highest-paid actresses in the current movie scene. She earns around a whopping $14 million per annum, which does equate to her unmatched and immaculate talent and energy!

Early Life & Biography of Emma Watson

Emma Watson was born on the 15th of April in the year 1990. She was born in the city of love, Paris.

She was born to parents Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. Both her parents enjoyed the eminent occupation of being lawyers.

She has a sibling named Alex Watson. They were brought up in Paris till she was 5 years old.

Due to personal reasons, her parents split up when Emma was very young, thus being the reason behind this move. They moved to Oxfordshire where Emma lived with her brother and mother. 

She used to visit her father, who lived in London on weekends. She attended the Dragon School till the year 2003. 

She had always aspired to be an actress ever since she was young, which led her to take training in Stagecoach Theatre Arts. She performed in various plays and was recognized as a star performer.

She later went on to study in Headington school after graduating from Dragon School.

Name:Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson 
Age:32 years old
Birth Date:April 15, 1990
Birth Place:Paris
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter)N/A
Dating/Boyfriend:Leo Robinton
Profession:Actor, Activist, Board of Director, Ambassador 
Yearly Income:$14 Million
Net Worth in 2022$80 Million
Content Last Updated:March 2022

Personal Life of Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been a favorite on the sets that she has appeared on, due to her work ethic and her traits. She maintains a close link with her parents and her friends from inside and outside the industry. 

Emma Watson has been under the spotlight since a very young age. And paparazzi have done her more harm than the better, as we’ve seen over time.

She thus always likes to maintain a low-key lifestyle, away from all the chaos and shutter of cameras. That doesn’t stop the paparazzi from disrespecting her personal space and commitments from time to time.

She likes to remain as private as possible while being public as well, a trait that one can always dream to have. She’s currently dating Leo Robinton. 

Leo Robinton is a well-established American businessman. Their love affair started in the year 2019 and they have been as strong as ever! 

Emma Watson
Emma Watson Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Career of Emma Watson

Little Emma always dreamt to be an actor when she grew up, having an undying passion for it. And that passion took her to the position she currently enjoys. 

She had to go through 8 auditions and numerous screening tests to be cast as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. She was captivating through it all and was selected, thus debuting in the year 2001. 

She was nominated and won various awards right after she got the gig. She went on to be a part of the other movies of the Harry Potter series till the very end.

She then went ahead to play a role in the movie Ballet shoes in the year 2007. She also voiced in an animation movie as the character of Princess Pea. 

She also starred in the movie the Tale of Despereaux in 2008. She appeared in a music video titled Say You Don’t Want It. She also appeared in the movie My Week with Marilyn. 

She went on to do audience favorites like the Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring, This is the End, etc. She went on to star in movies like Beauty and The Beast, which got her critical acclaim from all around the world, being one of the highest-grossing movies of hers. 

Emma, while being an actor, has also been an important part of the Fashion Industry. She has been a part of various Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and People issues. 

She has been appointed as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She has been outspoken and has taken strong stances in establishing gender equality as well. 

She has also played an important role in the launch of a legal helpline for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. She is also an activist for environmental change and protection. 

Awards & Achievements of Emma Watson

Emma is much known around for her active activism, her fashionable self, and her efficient acting skills. She has been recognized and awarded for them throughout her life, starting at a quite young age. 

She has won 8 Teen Choice Awards so far, with 3 MTV Movie Awards, Best Performance in a Feature Film, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble and has a lot more awards under her belt. She has been in the Forbes list of “Most Valuable Young Star”, has bagged the #1 in the “100 most Sexiest movie actresses”, has been the 6th most admired woman in the whole world, etc to name a few titles! 

Major Investments and Assets of Emma Watson

Emma enjoys the position of being an ‘Angel Investor’. Emma has always been inclined to play a part in protecting the environment in whatever way that she can, be it by raising awareness, donating millions to causes as well as now investing in causes that support the environment. 

Emma has been an angel investor for the company FabricNano. It’s a bioplastics company and Emma has invested around $23,000,000 in the company. 

Her other assets and investments remain hidden to the public eye! 

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Emma Watson

In this adorable and must-watch video, Emma Watson answers the questions asked by her fans while showcasing her adorable personality. A lot can be known about Emma from this interview and it gives a glimpse into her adorable and much-appreciated personality as well! 

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