Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction About Cris Collinsworth

From Globalisation to Cybercrime, Gen-Z is a happening world. But none has the time to interact politely with the other members of the society which is why it is a sign of impending danger.

Hatred, jealousy, apathy, obsequiousness, selfishness, and impatience is all we teach our kids without a second thought because that is the kind of person we have made ourselves to be. Even if we act unknowingly, the consequential damage is alerting. An ugly morass!

Only a certain fraction of the population makes up for treating humans like one.

Cris Collinsworth, a former professional football player, is no less than a Messiah for us. Not only was he incredibly good at playing but also a Kingpin for his team, a moralizing agent. He makes us feel as if the world isn’t such a bad place to be in after all.

Knowing this much won’t do. We need more!

Net Worth & Salary of Cris Collinsworth in 2022

Cris Collinsworth has a net worth of $25 million in 2022. (‘worthy’ to have a net worth…haha!)

In 2021, he came to gain a net worth of $20 million which has slightly upgraded, at this point. Apparently, his position in NFL was impressive, treating him with $4 million per year. As far as his salary is concerned, he earns $12.5 million per year. 

His source of income isn’t limited to that. In recent days, he has been serving as a sports commentator.

What a spinoff!

Age, Early Life & Biography of Cris Collinsworth

As of 2022, the age of Cris Collinsworth is 63 years.

Cris was born in the city called Dayton (United States) which is home to many famous inventions such as cash register, aviation, and pop top. He is the first son of Abrahim Lincoln Abe Collinsworth and Donetta Browning Collinsworth. Belonging to a well-to-do family, his mother was also an educator at school. 

Luckily, Cris is a chip off the old block. His father, Abrahim, was a star performer basketball player in the 1950s. He was one of the core associates of Adolph Rupp’s Kentucky Wildcats. Eventually, with these overwhelming number of qualities, he became a high school teacher and a coach followed by a principal.

Cris had a younger brother by the name of Greg Collinsworth who succumbed to death because of cancer. It was awfully tragic for the Collinsworths since he was another fine player of his bloodline.

The family moved to Florida when Cris was only four years old. He and Greg attended Astronaut High School where Abrahim was the principal. There itself, Cris learned about his skills in sportsmanship and pursued football as a career.

Ah-hah! Caught your attention! Just kidding!

Cris Collinsworth
Cris Collinsworth Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life
Name:Anthony Cris Collinsworth
Birth Date:27 January 1959
Birth Place:Dayton, Ohio, United States
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Holly Bankemper
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Jac Collinsworth, Austin Collinsworth, Ashley Collinsworth, Katie Collinsworth
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):
Profession:Football Player
Yearly Income:$12.5 million
Net Worth in 2022$25 million
Content Last Updated:August 2022

Personal Life of Cris Collinsworth

Did you know close relationships are influential health beneficiaries? You don’t actually get to experience it nowadays because of the indulgence in toxic practices. Half of the population is prey to isolation and depression creating a surge of high mortality rate.

We are blessed by God to have a boon like Cris Collinsworth who is free from any malpractices. He always had one girlfriend since the very beginning of his love life. Here’s the thing: before he could propose to Holly Bankemper, a little-known incident took place.

Al Michaels, an American television sports commentator, is a bosom friend of Cris. They have been hosting the show, Sunday Night Football together for 11 seasons now. Before the festival of 1988 NBA All-Star could be held, Cris approached Michaels in order to declare his love for Holly. 

It was a gobsmacking answer; he simply refused to help him. The reason is yet to be unveiled but today, Cris is thankful for that. He could finally express his feelings on a bridge across the Ohio river. 

As per Cris, Holly would have either turned him down or accepted his proposal and hated it for the rest of her life, had it been on the day of the festival.

And that’s how Cris met Holly!

Career of Cris Collinsworth

You know, there are two essential prerequisites for an athlete: height and agility. Without these qualities, a player is no real deal. 

Cris Collinsworth had his professional life begin during his college years. He was chosen by his coach to undergo staunch training at the University of Florida. From then on, he was eyed by the Cincinnati Bengals and selected in the 1981 NFL Draft. For no less than eight years, he served the team at his best. 

In 1991, he procured a Juris Degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. (He’s so cool!)

After retirement, he went for sports radio talk shows that is an ongoing part of his life. 

Awards & Achievements of Cris Collinsworth

The all-time-favorite football player (retired), Cris Collinsworth has bagged a long list of deferential awards and achievements. 

He was awarded the ‘University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame inductee’; ‘Academic All-America Hall of Fame inductee’; ‘1980 First Team All-American’ and many more.

Besides that, he has been nominated 17 times and has won 2 times as ‘Outstanding Studio Analyst’ for the Sports Emmy Award. During the Summer Olympics of 2008, he got invited to work as a commentator on various games.

Major Investments and Assets of Cris Collinsworth

Cris Collinsworth is the CEO and investor of Pro Football Focus (PFF), a UK-based sports analytics website that is concerned with grading players on their performance. 

Better than any other commonplace website, PFF stands out for its thorough analysis of the NCAA Division-I, thirty-two NFL teams, and seven CFL teams. 

The company began providing its services in 2011 to three NFL teams. Himself being an outstanding player, Cris knew what it had to offer to the world. He invested quite some amount in the company and took over it by 2014.

As a result, the headquarters of PFF was relocated near the former professional football player’s house i.e., Cincinnati.

Last year, Silver Lake, an American global equity-based firm, invested a huge chunk of its assets in PFF.

And there you have it! Cris has now made it to the first-class celebrity catalog.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Cris Collinsworth

There was a time when sports had a nominal say in its selection as a career option. Parents were apprehensive about their children’s choices. They would grossly label the arena as something unproductive for a competent personality.

It is equally important to know that the only satisfactory job Gen Z has done till now is revolutionizing the existing backwardness of the millennials. People are changing for the better, isn’t it?

Watch this latest video on Cris Collinsworth and know the conduct of a leader.

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