Brad Bird Net Worth

Brad Bird Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Brad Bird Introduction 

If Animation is the world then Brad Bird is undisputedly the creator. Who would forget all-time masterpieces The Incredibles and The Iron Giant? Why would they when these animations have broken every record in the animation world. 

Brad Bird is well-known for his action sequels in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Who was also the creative adviser for The Simpsons for about eight seasons. Working with Disney and Pixar who gave masterpiece films is a great honor for directors. Brad Bird achieved it long ago.

Brad Bird Net Worth & Salary

This Disney director has a net worth of $40 million. It won’t be any surprise if he is the director of The Incredibles. Then having a net worth of $40 million is worth it. 

He reportedly earns a $500 thousand salary per month for a net worth of $40 million. Though films like Tomorrowland are not critically acclaimed he is known for his imagination, passion, and dedication to his films.

Brad Bird Age, Early Life & Biography

Everyone would don’t mind if Brad Bird is 65 years old. Because he embedded trust in his films and gave what we expected. No matter what, he is the greatest animated director of all time. It would take decades to remove the indelible marks of The Incredibles and The Iron Giant.

This American animator was born on 24th September 1957.  Brad Bird was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana. Brad Bird was fond of cartoons and animation from a young age. The Jungle Book was the most influential animation for him. Brad’s parents Marjorie A. and Philip Cullen have always backed their son with his passion.

Brad’s father bought a second hand camera for him. Which eventually helped him in making short films. Brad’s family introduced George Bruns who worked as a composer at Walt Disney Studios. George helped Bird in showing the studio tour for him. At the studio, he even said to join them one day. That shows what a vivid dream seems.

Brad Bird’s parents had a great impact on him. They were supportive in every aspect of his life. One day his mother drove 2 hours to drive on a rainy day. Just because she wanted to show theater playing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. With this supportive environment, Brad Bird launched his first short film inspired by The Tortoise and the Hare. 

This short film opened the gates of Walt Disney. Brad started to learn from Milt Kahl. Milt Kahl was the inspiration for Brad. As time passed, Brad’s family shifted to Corvallis, Oregon. Eventually, he got graduated from Corvallis High School.

In essence, Walt Disney offered a scholarship to the California Institute of the Arts. Surprisingly, he didn’t accept as he wanted to graduate from Ashland University. As this university was offering a good command of his skills. Eventually, he took Walt Disney’s offer after three years.

Brad Bird
getty images
Name:Brad Bird
Age:65 years 
Birth Date:24th September 1957
Birth Place:Kalispell Montana
Height:5 feet
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Elizabeth 
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Nicholas, Michael and Rusty McAllister 
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Director, Animator, Writer, Producer and Voice Actor
Yearly Income:N/A
Current Net Worth in 2022$40 million 
Content Last Updated:November 2022

Brad Bird Personal Life 

Brad Bird’s personal life is simple and unique. He married the love of his life Elizabeth and had three sons. Surprisingly, his sons are very much fond of voice artists. One of his sons, Nicholas gave voice to Pixar film  Finding Nemo. Rusty McAllister and Michael gave their respective voices in The Incredibles and its sequel.

Everyone taunts Brad Bird as they presumed that Brad Bird promoting his sons. Brad gave an epic reply on Nepotism by saying that he is a centrist, and he feels both parties are talking absurd.

Brad Bird Career 

We all know that Brad joined Walt Disney. During the end of the 20th century, Walt Disney handed over their work to Newcomers as staff out there were retiring. The Newcomers used to work in the studio called Rat’s Nest. 

To Brad’s misfortune, he got a strict and self-obsessed head. Brad wanted to create new animations that Disney didn’t try at that time. But they don’t want to take a risk. Eventually, Brad didn’t like it so he openly said and criticized it. Consequently, he got banned from entering the studio. 

Though Brad Bird didn’t get much appreciation he worked for his passion. In essence, he was critically acclaimed for his animations like The Fox and the Hound and The Small One. Brad wanted financial backing from Hollywood but ended up failing to get it. 

With frustration, Brad moved to Bay Area. Walt Disney felt Brad’s words as an insult. They tried every attempt to not getting Brad any project. Poor Brad again moved to Los Angeles.

By God’s grace, Brad met Steven Spielberg who was fond of Brad’s idea of Family Dog. Eventually, both decided to add to Amazing Stories. Brad’s Family Dog was the first animation that was critically acclaimed and got a huge success. Then Brad’s Bird density opened as he got the projects viz; *batteries not included and many more.

Brad Bird Awards & Achievements

Brad Bird needs room to keep his awards. As he has multitudinous awards and numerous appreciations for his work. Winning awards is like a cup of tea for him. In front of his imagination, it’s just nothing but respect for that. 

Brad Bird alone won eight awards from Annie Awards for being the best director and best writer. There was no award shows where his name was not taken. He won Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, and Saturn Awards for his masterpieces like The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, and Ratatouille.

Brad Bird Major Investments and Asset

Brad Bird and Elizabeth bought a house in Los Feliz for $4 million. 

Apart from this, he holds real estate in Tiburon and  California.

Brad Bird Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

Four years back, Brad Bird gave an interview to TIFF Talks where he was sharing about his life experience and career struggles and many more.

Brad Bird Instagram Handle

Doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Brad Bird Twitter Handle

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