Andy Milonakis Net Worth

Andy Milonakis Net Worth, Age, Biography

Introduction About Andy Milonakis

The Internet is a vast array of possibilities. From being connected to a person halfway across the world to being a source of endless entertainment, the internet is an important part of our everyday life.

As the internet evolved, its potential field enlarged too. It provided new forms of entertainment to people and in the long run, provided a career too. One of the common internet careers is based on video streaming. 

Many of the internet personalities or ‘influencers’ have found their livelihood through streaming and posting videos on the internet. Andy Milonakis is one of the few personalities, who found his fame through the internet. He went on a long way through pop culture and is now an established actor, rapper, writer, comedian, and YouTuber.

Andy Milonakis Net Worth

The Net Worth of Andy Milonakis is estimated at $3 million

He receives an estimated annual salary of about $0.2 million.

Andy has managed to gain this huge amount with his successful career as a streamer and a comedian. He has also gained a sumptuous fortune through the on and off-screen projects he took up.

His YouTube channel has also contributed a lot to this. Currently, he has 0.54 million subscribers to his channel.

Andy Milonakis Age, Early Life & Biography

Andrew Michael Milonakis was born on 30 January 1976 in Katonah, a hamlet in New York. His family was of Greek-American descent as his father was born in Greece and his mother was American.

Andy was born with a hormonal disease. He suffered from a lack of growth hormone or thyroid hormone. This disease became prominent in his adolescence and he stopped growing at that age.

He began his schooling at John Jay High School. His school life was a mess as he was constantly called out and made fun of because of his voice and looks. He mentioned that at this time he worked on his humor and developed his sense of comedy to cope with his daily depression.

Andy went to college for higher studies after he finished high school. After passing out of college, he started working as an IT technician in an accounting firm. It was at this time that he posted his first video on the internet, which went viral.

Andy Milonakis
Andy Milonakis Net Worth, Age, Biography
Name:Andrew Michael Milonakis
Age:46 years
Birth Date:30 January 1976
Birth Place:Katonah, New York
Height:1.67 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name):-NA-
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):-NA-
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):-NA-
Profession:Comedian, Rapper, Streamer, Host
Yearly Income:$0.2 million
Net Worth $3 million
Content Last Updated:August 2023

Personal Life of Andy Milonakis

Very little is known about the personal life of Andy Milonakis. There has been no confirmed news of Andy dating someone.

In 2014 Andy introduced a young Japanese woman named Yuka Chan through his social media posts. It was rumored that they were dating. They spent their Christmas together but were not seen together thereafter.

He was also rumored to be in relationships with Micheal McLean, Jordan Hernandez, and Amber Rose. These were all fan theories and none were confirmed by Andy himself.

Career of Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis’s career as an Internet personality began with a surprise. He was just a technician in a corporate office when the opportunity opened up to him.

In January 2003, Andy’s friends invited him to go to their house party, thrown to celebrate  Super Bowl XXVII, an American football game. But Andy rejected this invitation and made a video on it.

He titled this video ‘The Super Bowl Is Gay’ and posted it on a gen-z website named Angry Naked Pat. To his surprise, the video went viral within a few days.

 The real breakthrough came for Andy when one of the screenwriters of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ found the video on the internet and decided to invite him to the late-night talk show. Andy’s popularity grew steeply after this.

 He went on to do comedy shows and sketch videos. His humorous jokes and hilarious acting skills attracted many filmmakers.

In 2005, he starred in ‘Waiting…’ alongside Ryan Reynolds. He also played the role of Wilson Cummings in the 2007 American comedy movie ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’.

In June 2005 Andy released his show on MTV. The show was titled ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’ and ran for three seasons before being canceled in 2007. The show was based on absurd art and silly humor which provided a great deal of laughing content to the viewers.

Andy started rapping after he joined YouTube. His channel became famous with his first release ‘The Andy Milonakis Rap’. He was also in a rap trio with Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty who went by the name ‘Three Loco’.

Andy Milonakis also hosted a cooking show named ‘Fat Prince’ on YouTube. This show was mainly based on creating gourmet and unique dishes through the fusion of cheap and expensive items.

After having a successful career in YouTube, Andy joined Twitch. In 2017, he became the ‘Fastest Growing Streamer’ on Twitch, in the ‘IRL’ category of streaming.

Andy’s latest role in a project was his character in the Netflix original ‘The Guardians Of Justice’. He reprised his role as Phil Hart in this satirical superhero series.

Awards & Achievements of Andy Milonakis

Andy has marked his place in the sector of Internet-based entertainment with his humor and talent. He has also made it to the television.

In 2005, he was nominated by the Teen Choice Awards in the field of Choice Summer Series. He received this nomination for his comedy TV series ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’.

He has also completed many achievements as a YouTuber. Andy has about 540 thousand subscribers to his channel and has received a Silver Play Button as a Creator Award from YouTube. His videos have also completed 102 million views.

Major Investments and Assets of Andy Milonakis

The assets of Andy Milonakis are perfectly in sync with his monetary value. He lives a lavish life, thanks to the hard work he put in to build his career.

Andy owns a bunch of properties in the US. He owns a state-of-the-art residence in the Hollywood hills. He also owns a property in his hometown in New York. Not much is known about the valuation of these properties. He has also made a few investments in real estate projects, all over America.

Andy is a huge fan of cars too. His collection includes awesome supercars and lavish vehicles. His garage is filled with luxurious cars which he often takes on drives. His bunch of automobiles includes his favorite customized Range Rover alongside Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Andy Milonakis

This is a funny video of Andy rapping for the opening titles of season 2 of ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’.

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