A-Rod Net Worth

A-Rod Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

A-Rod Introduction 

A-Rod is the nickname for the legendary American baseball shortstop Alexander Rodriguez. After he retired from the game, he switched his attention to managing his businesses.

Being one of the most celebrated baseball players in America, Alexander is also considered one of the greatest of all time. He has been an excellent batter, scoring around 700 home runs in his career of 22 seasons in Major League Baseball.

Even after retirement, his success soared high. He founded the ‘A-Rod Corps’ and acts as the chairman and the CEO of the company. Simultaneously, he has invested in several other business ventures.

A-Rod Net Worth & Salary

A-Rod’s Net Worth is $350 million.

The fortune that A-Rod accumulated over the years as one of the most successful American baseball players, is huge. Playing for three of the top franchises in the MLB, he acquired big bucks.

The money inflow has not stopped even after quitting the game. Holding leadership positions and shares in several businesses, Alexander Rodriguez has augmented his wealth.

A-Rod Age, Early Life & Biography

A-Rod’s age is 47 years.

Born in the neighborhood of Washington Heights on 27 July 1985, Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was the only child of Victor Rodriguez and Lourdes Rodriguez. 

Being a professional baseball player in his home nation Dominican Republic, Alexander’s father was successful in inducing interest, among his children. Alas, he left his family when Victor was still a kid. However, the father and the son patched things up later.

Young Alex was a baseball icon in his school. He even became the USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year, when at Westminster Christian School.

After passing school, Alex Rodriguez joined the University of Miami with a scholarship for being a prodigal baseball player. However, he denounced this offer and directly joined Major League Baseball, signing as a Seattle Mariner.   

A-Rod Net Worth
Getty Images
Name:Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez
Age:47 years
Birth Date:27 July 1975
Birth Place:Washington Heights, New York
Height:1.9 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife/Spouse (Name):Cynthia Scurtis (div. 2008)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Natasha Alexander Rodriguez, Ella Alexander Rodriguez
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):-NA-
Profession:Former Baseball Player, Businessman
Yearly Income:$29 million
Net Worth $350 million
Content Last Updated:January 2023

A-Rod Personal Life 

Though there are no dating records of Alexander and Cynthia Scurtis, we know that they got married in 2002. Shortly after, Cynthia gave birth to their first child. However, things were starting to get strained after this.

Though the couple tried their best to reconcile, their relationship fell out like a card house after their second kid was born in 2008. Cynthia filed a divorce against Alex, indicting him of having extramarital affairs.

In 2017, Rodriguez was confirmed to be in a relationship with eminent pop artist and actress Jennifer Lopez. They announced their engagement in 2019 and were soon planning to get married. However, the relationship never got closure.

A-Rod Career 

It is not an exaggeration when one says that a full-size book can be written on A-Rod’s career. The fantastic baseball career that Alexander Rodriguez had will always be written in history with golden letters.

Though he was signed by the Seattle Mariners in 1993, he could not join the senior league before he turned 18 in 1994. Rodriguez became a constant and the prime shortstop of the team. He was also dangerous with his bat and became the batter with the third-highest batting average in the league. 

Just four years after joining the senior league, he became the third player to score more than 40 home runs and steal more than 40 home bases in a single American League season. 

Rodriguez left the Mariners to join Texas Rangers in 2000, signing a massive deal. Rodriguez uplifted the position of the Rangers in the league and gifted some of the best performances as the captain.

However, his relationship with the team officials worsened and A-Rod again switched teams, setting out for New York Yankees in 2004. For the rest of his career, A-Rod was a regular in the Yorker team, winning several trophies and registering multiple records to his name.

Even after a short suspension due to a drug scandal, Alexander reverted to being one of the key Yankees; the 2015 season being a massive success. However, his performance dropped after that and he finally retired in 2016.

Rodriguez founded the A-Rod Corp in 1996. After his retirement, he dedicated a significant amount of time to deal with the company. He also founded a capital management company in 2012. 

A-Rod Awards & Achievements

The list of A-Rod’s achievements is never-ending. He is the holder of multiple spectacular records in the American League and the MLB.

Alex’s prowess in the AL can be explained by the 14 All-Star nominations. As the most home-run hitter, he was present with the Babe Ruth Home Run Award three times.

The Silver Slugger Award became a yearly happening in A-Rod’s career. As one of the best offensive players in the history of American baseball, he received ten Silver Sluggers.

A-Rod Major Investments and Assets

Being a stern business-minded person, Alex Rodriguez has made investments in several real-estate properties and growing companies. 

Despite owning multiple luxurious mansions all over America, A-Rod loves to maintain his solace in a three-bedroom residence, located in New York. Despite being just 500-square-foot in size, the apartment appears to be spacious and classy.

The former baseball superstar has a thing for automobiles and the dashing Rolls-Royce Ghost is the charm of his collection. Apart from it, he also owns a BMW and a Mercedes.

A-Rod Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

A-Rod was a menace to the opponent team, when on third base. Prime Alexander Rodriguez with high agility and skills was a treat to watch.

This Video has the best moments of A-Rod as a third base.

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