Smokey Robinson Net Worth

Smokey Robinson Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Smokey Robinson Introduction 

Smokey Robinson is an American performer, songwriter, and producer. 

He is also known by his real name William Robinson Jr. 

He is a multi-talented performer and entertainer. He started his career in singing by creating a band with his college mates, named “Miracles”, which got famous all over the world in a short period of time. 

Smokey Robinson is a talented songwriter who wrote and produced hit songs of all time. Tolerating and breaking racism and discrimination, African-American Robinson stood out from all and claimed his position as a successful and well-known celebrity. 

Smokey Robinson has truly set an example of being an extraordinary and determined performer in the Entertainment industry. 

Smokey Robinson Net Worth & Salary

Smokey Robinson’s Net worth is 155 Million USD.

His primary source of income is music. He has earned himself handsomely in the music industry. Not only this, but he also kept his wealth flowing by investing in real estate, and stock markets and endorsing many offers. 

Since his childhood, he has been engrossed in music and created a band named “Miracles”.Their popularity increased which made their worth successful. His comeback on the stage as a solo artist increased his popularity and income. 

He had performed, toured all around the world to spread his music, and came back with the love from his fans. He has also been paid handsomely for the sold-out and audience-engaging performances. 

Not only singing, but Smokey also earned money from producing a number of songs, writing hit songs and acting. Being actively talented, he has his hands on every profession a person would pursue. 

His active talent and passion made him the industry’s highest-paid producer and entertainer. 

Smokey Robinson Age, Early Life & Biography

Smokey Robinson’s Age is 82 years old. 

He was born on 19 February 1940, to Flossie Robinson and William Robinson. 

He was from a poor background. Even being born and raised in a poor household, Smokey never ceased to suppress his passion. He was extremely passionate about music as a child and would listen to every fine artist on the radio. 

Smokey Robinson got this nickname from his uncle, who took him to watch Cowboys movies. There he got his name from that Smokey Joe, eventually removing Joe and putting it in his career name and becoming famous. 

Smokey Robinson
getty images
Name:Smokey Robinson
Age:82 years old
Birth Date:19 February 1940
Birth Place:Detroit, Michigan, US
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Frances Gladney
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):2 sons and a daughter
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Yearly Income:13 Million USD
Net Worth 155 Million USD
Content Last Updated:November 2022

Smokey Robinson Personal Life 

Smokey Robinson’s personal life includes falling in and out of his marriage. 

He was first married to Claudette Rogers, who was his bandmate in “Miracles”. The couple shared two children. However, they fall out of their marriage. 

The couple divorced because Smokey had a third child with another woman. Where Claudette Rogers accused him of having an extramarital affair and filed for divorce. 

After his divorce, he married Frances Gladney with whom he shared a third child. And they’re pretty happy. 

Smokey Robinson Career 

Smokey Robinson is extremely passionate about music. He created a band called “Fine Chimes” when he was in high school with his schoolmates. 

Smokey was the lead vocalist in the band. They pretty much got popular which led them to change their name to ” Miracles “.

Being recognized widely they produced their single called ” Got a job”, which eventually became a success. They produced a number of hit songs including ” You’ve really got hold on me”, “Mickey’s monkey”, ” Baby baby don’t cry” and many more. 

By this time, Robinson grew up to become a singer, songwriter, and even producer. To promote their popularity the band changed their name to ” Smokey Robinson and the Miracles”.

With a high rise in popularity, Smokey Robinson worked with other artists like Temptation, the Marvelletes, and Harvin Gaye. 

From working so hard, he wished to retire from the band but it gave a hit which eventually became a success. It was impossible for Smokey to leave the band. 

However, he went on hiatus for a year and debuted as a solo artist “Smokey”. He was falling out due to the competitive market of solo artists but he never gave up. 

He gave hit songs again which included ” A quiet storm”, ” Cruisin “, and ” Being with you”, which eventually became a big success. He has done a total of 23 solo songs. 

Smokey Robinson Awards & Achievements

Being a great artist, it is impossible to not get any achievements. 

Smokey Robinson received his Grammy for the song “Just to see her”. He was also included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist. 

He received the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement. 

He has been the talk of the town ever since he has been introduced to the music industry. He deserves every praise, honor, and respect from all around the world 

Smokey Robinson Major Investments and Assets

Smokey Robinson has been investing his wealth in real estate giving him a promising and handsome fortune from it. 

He also owned properties and kept on expanding his business in real estate and gaining gains if selling the properties he owned. 

Smokey Robinson Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs 

Being an 82 years old man, his energetic spirit has kept him active. He had his health issues some years back but he is back on track. 

Smokey Robinson is available on social media and posting his views and informing his fans about his well-being. 

He is going to be honored as person of the year 2023. To follow up on the news here’s the link:

Smokey Robinson Instagram Handle

Smokey Robinson Twitter Handle

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