Richie Sambora Net Worth

Richie Sambora Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Introduction About Richie Sambora

With growing modernism and popularity, artists often stray away from their purpose and principles.

A man like Richie Sambora is a rare find, who stayed true to his desires and remained humble even if he became popular.

Net Worth & Salary of Richie Sambora in 2022

The net worth of Richie Sambora is around $140M in 2022. His major source of income comes from the royalties of his albums. 

Age, Early Life & Biography of Richie Sambora

 As of 2022, Richie Sambora is 63 years old.

Richie was born to Joan and Adam Sambora, a blue-collar couple who resided in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. Joan Sambora worked as a secretary and Adam Sambora worked as a factory foreman. He belonged to pure Polish descent but was raised Catholic.

From schooling to playing games and music, he had got it all done in Woodbridge Town. He was very much interested in sports since childhood and started playing basketball when he was six. He later joined as an active member of the basketball squad at Woodbridge High School. They had won the New Jersey State Championship during his sophomore year in 1975 and brought pride to his school.

Besides sports, he was influenced by the pop and rock music played in his house. His major influence was from the rock and roll of the 1960s and the blues genre. Singers like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Perry, and George Harrison inspired him to pen down his songs at the very tender age of 14.

At the age of 12, he started learning guitar post-Jimi Hendrix, his idol’s death. With time, he learned to work with other instruments like the drums, bass, saxophone, and piano. While he was learning music, Spanish music was a powerful source of impact on him which lasted over a lifetime and he still plays the Spanish guitar even at the age of 63.

Richie Sambora net worth
Richie Sambora Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life
Name:Richard Stephen Sambora
Age:63 years
Birth Date:July 11, 1959
Birth Place:Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife/Spouse (Name):Heather Locklear(m. 1994- d.2007)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Ava Elizabeth Sambora
Dating/Girlfriend (Richie Sambora):Orianthi (2014-2018)
Profession:Singer and Songwriter
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$140M
Content Last Updated:September 2022

Personal Life of Richie Sambora

Sambora had married Heather Locklear, a popular actress of yesteryear in 1994. They had a beautiful daughter named Ava Elizabeth Sambora in 1997. The couple ended their marriage of 13 years in 2007.

His daughter had shared in one interview about how Sambora had attended all the important events of her life despite the gruesome routine of world tours and busy schedules. Sambora loves his daughter very much and is a loving and responsible man.

Sambora was engaged to Orianthi, a famous guitarist from 2014 to 2018. Sambora is currently single.

Career of Richie Sambora

While Sambora was still in college, he played all sorts of music when given a chance to perform. With his growing interest in music, he was sure about what he wanted and decided to drop college for a musical career. His parents were not happy with the decision which was taken by their only son who had a bright career ahead of him. 

His musical career started way back in the early 1980s. He co-founded Message, a band along with the late Dean Fasano. They recorded two songs, Message and Lessons. Their band hit low around this time and for the first time, Sambora tasted what failure is and taught me the difference between what he needed to do and what he should avoid pursuing. 

After returning home from Los Angeles, he joined the bandwagon of trying his luck in auditioning to get a guitarist’s post or other instruments. As expected, he faced a consecutive series of rejections and was clueless about his choices. 

During a visit home, he had met up with an old friend who connected him with Jon Bon Jovi, another rising star in the music industry with music taste and style aligned with Sambora. Sambora replaced Dave Sabao as the band’s guitarist. 

He went to audition for Kiss in 1983 which turned out to be an unsuccessful venture. After returning, he officially returned to join Bon Jovi’s performance live and observe what he can do to overcome his shortcomings.

Bon Jovi’s performance just left him enchanted and speechless for a long time. When Jovi caught up with him backstage and inquired about their performance, he took a long time to recover from the enchantment and express his eagerness to work with them. 

Sambora wasn’t aware of the fact that he had entered into the good books of Bon Jovi. He wanted to collaborate with Sambora for a long time and immediately hired him on the spot when Sambora was called for rehearsal. After retiring for the day, the duo penned down Come Back and Burning for Love that night. These songs were featured in their debut album Bon Jovi.

With Sambora’s hand on the guitar and Bovi’s hand on the mic, the duo went on to create legendary albums like Slippery When Wet, 7800° Fahrenheit, Crush, Keep the Faith, Circle, These Days, Bounce, etc. The duo had kept the audience entertained for more than three decades and decided to part ways in 2013.

With successful albums comes a lot of work and responsibilities like non-stop world tours, promotions, and marketing. These recurring cycles of working hours left him with the desire to fulfill his desire to perform solo albums. During the world tours, whenever he had spare time, he wrote some songs and excerpts. 

Finally, in 1991 Sambora released his first solo album Stranger in Town, which marked the 36th position on the Billboard 200. Undiscovered Souls and Aftermath of Lowdown were some other solo albums that had left their marks on billboards.

Sambora had collaborated with other artists like Desmond Child, Cher, and RSO.

Awards & Achievements of Richie Sambora

He was a Grammy winner of Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2007 along with Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles for the song Who Says You Can’t Go Home. 

Besides winning the Grammy once, he was selected as a nominee multiple times for Grammy Awards in various categories like Best Rock Album, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Vocal Album of the year.

His songs and guitar tunes had entertained audiences for about four decades now and garnered a lot of love and respect from them.

Major Investments and Assets of Richie Sambora

He owns a house in Laguna Beach which is worth around $1.8M and a house in Point Pleasure, New Jersey. He owns a Black Hummer and Ashton Martin DB7.

Despite this much luxury, Sambora is a humble man and often helps to give back to society.

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Richie Sambora shared about his journey of how he became a singer.

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