PFT Commenter Net Worth

PFT Commenter Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

PFT Commenter Introduction 

PFT Commenter, an enigma in the sports community, just prefers to live life his way. He lives up to his satirical comments about U.S politics and NFL in his show. 

His satire is what made him a fresh and unique source of entertainment in the dull and traditional journalism scenario of sports which sticks with the systematic way of bringing news to light instead of twisting the flavors once in a while.

Life was surely hectic for him, but this guy always looks for a way to keep his humor alive and enjoy his life without losing his originality.

PFT Commenter Net Worth & Salary 

The net worth of PFT Commenter is $2M.

He earns $100K from live shows, write-ups, and hosting gigs. He earns some extra bucks every month from podcasting works on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

He earns a small amount of royalty from his ebook, “Goodell VS Obama: The Battle for the Future of NFL”.

PFT Commenter Age, Early Life & Biography 

PFT Commenter is officially 38 years old.

From the beginning of his career, Eric Sollenberger has been a mystery to everyone in the Twitter Community.

He was born and raised in the suburbs of Virginia, outside of Washington D.C.He was a big fan of football who grew up watching the Wizards and Redskins playing football in the match.

In recent interviews, he mentioned him attending college in Virginia but later relocating to Austin to pursue a career in comedy writing. 

Eric Sollenberger/PFT Commenter
getty images
Name:Eric Sollenberger/PFT Commenter
Age:38 years 
Birth Date:January 31, 1984,
Birth Place:United States
Height:172 cm
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:
Wife/Spouse (Name):
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):
Profession:Sports Writer, Podcaster
Yearly Income:$100K
Current Net Worth$2M
Content Last Updated:October 2022

PFT Commenter Personal Life 

As the mystery is an important ingredient of his persona, he never revealed details about his family or relationships.

He is a person who appreciates a certain amount of privacy from his peers when asked about the details of his personal life. 

PFT Commenter Career 

While working in Austin at a desk job to pay bills, he used to perform with guitars at the open mic nights in Austin. He used to work as a used dog salesman which helped him to gain the marketing skills he needed for future endeavors.

Growing up, he was a football fanatic. He watched a lot of football matches and his experience in comedy writing had given him an edge with words in his early days as a sports journalist.

He took the hobby of commenting on under the alias of PFT Commenter way back in 2012 when the idea of blogging and journalism online was in bloom. He started using poor grammar and spelling to attract an audience to his posts. 

This started as an amusement to relieve boredom from his work. His desk job had become something that he loathed and wanted an escape from and this amusement served him as guidance to realize his love for satire.

His poor display of comments acted as his USP and made his name known in the forums of the sports community to the fans gathering thousands of followers in the process. 

He opened a Twitter account in 2012 to post his satirical take on the latest news articles on a daily basis, and he was inspired to do this by watching Skip Bayless throughout his childhood. Drew Magary and Mike Tunsion had come across his blog while scrolling through Twitter and approached him to publish his writings on their sites.

It was a dream come true for him. SB Nation came forward with a generous offer that pays him enough to quit his desk job and focus on a new career. He was offered to host Pardon My Take with Big Cat from Barstool Sports in 2016.

The podcasted broadcast thrice a week, covered various topics ranging from sports to politics and current affairs in the U.S and presented them in a comical yet interesting manner to make the audience aware of what’s happening in the current world without getting bored.

It attracted around 1M to 2M listeners every episode. The listener count surpassed when guest stars like Jake Marsh, Billy Football, and Jilly Football along with Jake Marsh contributed to the show with their presence.

Barstool offered him the freedom and space to bring his own creativity to light and covered topics mostly from Super Bowl to national conventions. Sometimes offering his occasional satires on political moves of the U.S alongside sports.

PFT Commenter Awards & Achievements 

Speaking of achievements and popularity, PFT Commenter has a few of them to his name. Being able to do what he wants to and live freely is his main achievement in life.

His hosted show “Pardon My Take” has won five awards of Blake of The Year consecutively in the last 5 years.

PFT Commenter Major Investments and Assets 

He has a tight lip regarding his investments. 

He receives a royalty for an ebook written on the title of “Goodell vs. Obama: The Battle for the Future of the NFL”, portraying an anti-utopian setting where President Barack Obama meddles between the NFL and the placements of the team and what events occurred due to his interruptions.  

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PFT Commenter reveals his beginning days of being a used dog salesman to his current success.

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