Orlando Brown Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Orlando Brown Introduction 

Orlando Brown is an American actor and rapper, Orlando was one of the most highly demanded and known child artists in the Hollywood Industry. This actor’s story is the opposite of a success story, he went from famous to controversial and riches to rags.

He is best known for his roles as Tiger in ‘Major Payne’ and Eddie in Disney’s ‘That’s so Raven’.

Orlando Brown Net Worth & Salary 

Orlando Brown’s Net Worth is $20,000.

This actor started acting as a child with a lot of success and fame but lost all of it because of his drug and alcohol addiction.

Orlando Brown  Age, Early Life & Biography

Orlando is 35 years old.

Orlando was born on December 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, Orlando’s parents came to the city to try their luck and soon got him into acting in television series.

In his teen years Orlando used to work more than eight hours with many shows at hand and didn’t even know where the money came and went, he says his childhood was not fun as he used to spend most of his days working and did not get anything in return as his parents used to take the money.

Only a little about Orlando’s childhood is known. 

Orlando’s adult years have been more than most actors in the industry.

Right after leaving Disney and starting his career in music and barely getting noticed Orlando was pulled over and found drunk and became a wanted person in the North Hollywood Police Station after failing to get enrolled in an alcohol education class. 

Subjected and charged with obstruction of justice, possession of methamphetamine, and a stimulant drug, he was arrested in 2016, later his girlfriend at that time complained for him on domestic violence and abuse, and he was also caught by the police while hitting her.

Brown failed to appear in front of the police and court and after two months was caught again doing domestic violence on his girlfriend and her mother, with this he faced some additional charges.

He again failed to appear for his trial and fled to Nevada but was soon found by bounty hunters in a house’s closet.

if this wasn’t enough, again after two months he was arrested in Las Vegas outside a prostitute hotel and was charged with the possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia drug and resisting arrest.

after several months he was released from the medical facility, and got a tattoo of co-star Raven, later that year he was sent to rehab but after one week he was seen on road barefoot drinking wine.

Name:Orlando Brown
Birth Date:December 4
Birth Place:Los Angeles, California
Height:1.70 meters
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Danielle Brown
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Frankie Brown
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Profession:American actor and rapper
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2023$20,000
Content Last Updated:February 2023

Orlando Brown  Personal Life 

Orlando Brown was in a relation with Omenia Alexandria but was caught hitting her and the couple broke up in 2016 followed by a meth and cocaine addiction of Orlando.

Orlando is known to have a son called Frankie and is currently married to Danielle Brown.

Orlando Brown  Career 

Orlando started his acting career in 1995 when he was just only eight years old when his godfather suggested him to a film manager.

He debuted first as Cadet Tiger Kevin in the 90s family classic ‘Major Payne’, soon after this, he was a well-known and high-demand child actor in Hollywood, from the year 1995-2000, Orlando worked in more than 17 television series and was widely known for his work with Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen in ‘Two Of a kind’, ‘Family matters and as Damon Wayans childhood version in ‘Waynehead’.

Until 2000 he worked hard and he would in his entire life, at the age of thirteen he joined Disney’s cast of ‘That’s so Raven’ and starred with famous childhood actor Raven as Eddie Thomas.

He also used to give voices in shows such as ‘The Proud Family’ and ‘Filmore’ and sang the theme song of ‘That’s so Raven’ while being on Disney he starred in movies like ‘Max Keeble’s Big Move’, ‘Eddie’s million cook-offs’, ‘suits on the loose’ and many more.

Soon after working with Disney for a long time, Orlando left Disney in 2007 and started his rap music career.

Before working solely on his music career, Orlando sang some notable songs such as ‘Circle of life’, and ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’.

In his post-Disney career he sang rap and hip-hop songs like ‘Trade it all’, ‘Picassos Nightmare’, ‘Fuck my name’, and many more.

Orlando Brown Awards & Achievements

In 2000, Orlando Brown won Best Performance in a  TV series for his film ‘Safe Harbor’.

In 2005, he won the Outstanding young performers in a TV series ‘That’s so Raven’.

Orlando Brown  Major Investments and Assets

There are no significant investments are done nor any assets are owned by Orlando Brown

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