Nate Robinson Net Worth

Nate Robinson Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life

Introduction About Nate Robinson

Very few people can call their life ‘ideal’ but Nate Robinson seems to have what one may actually call sweet and ideal. Inspired by his father to have a similar dream, succeeding in achieving and excelling in it, being an inspiration for others, and having your high school sweetheart by. All of this is much more than what anyone can ask from their life.

Nate Robinson is an American former Professional Basketball Player, with an excellent career. Although he is now retired, he has been a great force for many of his teams’ wins/.

He has played for several NBA teams during his active period. He is the one who, in 2010, gave the NBA the first three-time Slam Dunk Champion.

Net Worth & Salary of Nate Robinson in 2022

Nate Robinson’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, which is a really big figure for a retired athlete.

His major source of income has, obviously, been his career in Basketball. He also does product endorsement which adds to his bag.

Although he is still making huge numbers, during his peak his salary alone marked around $25 million as salary. He had his highest earnings during the 2011-12 season when OKC Thunder and Golden State gave him around $5.4 million for just one season.

He has also been part of a few movies, has his own podcast, wrote a book, opened his own restaurant, ventured into different sports like boxing and football, and much more. He never stopped moving forward no matter what he had achieved and what he had not, a great character that justifies his success.

Age, Early Life & Biography of Nate Robinson

As of 2022, age of Nate Robinson is 38 years. Within less than four-decade, he has achieved much that might even be hard to achieve in a whole lifetime for some people.

He was born and brought up in Seattle, Washington, USA. He did move to California for a while but returned to Seattle soon.

He went back and forth between two different high schools more than twice, first two years he studied at Rainier Beach High School then he transferred to Logan High School in California for a year, and eventually during his senior year he returned to the former school.

He was very active in sports and athletes during his school days, he showed remarkable performance in Football, Basketball, and Track. He was a natural from the start.

He went ahead to receive a Football scholarship at the University of Washington and was part of the University team. It was his sophomore year when he decided to go with Basketball rather than Football.

Nate Robinson net worth
Nate Robinson Net Worth, Age, Biography and Personal Life
Name:Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson
Age:38 years
Birth Date:31st May 1984
Birth Place:Seattle, Washington, USA
Height:1.75 meters
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Sheena Felitz
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Four Children (3 Sons and 1 Daughter)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):
Profession:Former Professional Basketball Player
Yearly Income:
Net Worth in 2022$10 million
Content Last Updated:October 2022

Personal Life of Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson was born to his mother, Renee Busch, and father, Jacque Robinson, in 1984 in the city of Seattle, Washington. His father was a Univerity Football Player, which shows the beginning of Nate’s love for sports.

He was not alone as a child as he has three siblings- Jasmine Stewart, Anthony Stewart and Deron Isaiah Robinson.

He married his long-time girlfriend, Sheena Felitz, and they have been together since high school. They have three children together- Navy, Nahmier, and Ny’ale Robinson.

It has been known that he has a fourth child named Nasir Chakur Robinson from an affair. Although the woman who is the mother of the child has not been disclosed to be public.

Career of Nate Robinson

Robinson has played basketball throughout high school and college. In high school he was a big part of the win of their team at the AAA Championship, he also had the AAA State Player of the Year to his name.

Robinson was a football player in college before deciding to have a career in basketball, but whichever sports it may be, he excelled in it.

During his college years too, he brought laurels to his University. Before starting his professional career he had been named to teams like NABC All-NCAA District 14, All Pac-10, and Pac-10 All-Tournament.

His professional career started in 2005 (and continued till 2016) when he took the decision of letting go of his senior year of high school and prepared for the NBA draft.

He was selected in the 2005 draft and first went on to be with the Phoenix Suns but was soon traded to be in the New York Knicks. During his time with the Knicks, he made his highest career point which was 45.

He has played with Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, and New Orleans Pelicans, respectively, in his career. After his retirement from NBA, he has played in some Premier Leagues.

He has ventured on various paths since then; he has penned down a book called ‘ Heart over Height’; has opened a restaurant; participated in football matches, and even made his professional debut in boxing.

Awards & Achievements of Nate Robinson

Nate has had a very successful career, he is a 3 time NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, he was named the Venezuelan League Grand Final MVP (Most Valuable Player), he has won the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award, he has been the NBA Player of the Week once, and there is much more.

Major Investments and of Nate RobinsonAssets 

Robinson is a car enthusiast, his collection includes Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Cadillac CTS-V, a 1972 Pontic Firebird, Porsche Panamera, and more.

He has a house near his hometown of Seattle, in Sammamish.

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