Most Expensive Womens Shoes

Most Expensive Womens Shoes

Do you think that buying pricey shoes is an unnecessary expense? Perhaps not precisely. It’s usual to see people with well-kept outfits that didn’t cost much, but when it comes to buying nice shoes, you may expect to spend significantly extra time and money on them. 

But is it worthwhile to spend money on high-quality shoes? The whole objective of buying costly shoes is that top-quality shoes will last you far longer than low-end, inexpensive shoes. Consider the distinction between 80 and 160-dollar shoes; costly shoes will undoubtedly last you far longer than inexpensive shoes.

Let’s talk about the 10 Most Expensive Womes shoes in the World

10. Contessa Wafer Stilettos – House of Borgezie – $130,000

Contessa Wafer Stilettos
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Contessa Wafer Stilettos are the tenth most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Despite being the least expensive pair of shoes in the collection, the Contessa Wafer stilettos are anything but luxurious. 

They are perhaps the only shoes in the world with a 1,000-year guarantee, which implies they may be passed down to the next generation as keepsakes. The Contessa Wafer Stilettos, fashioned by Christopher Michael Shellis, reflect the House of Borgezie’s signature and cost $130,000.

9.  Kathryn Wilson Charity Pumps – $400,000

Kathryn Wilson Charity Pumps
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Kathryn Wilson Charity Pumps are the ninth most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Kathryn Wilson, perhaps New Zealand’s most famous shoe designer, rose to this status in a little more than a decade, all because of her exceptional ability and thoroughness. 

She designed these one-of-a-kind pumps for a fundraising event, and she collaborated closely with Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewellery to cover the shoes with white diamonds.

8. Diamond Dream Stilettos – Stuart Weitzman – $500,000

Diamond Dream Stilettos
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Diamond Dream Stilettos are the eighth most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Although they appear to be frail, Stuart Weitzman’s Diamond Dream Stilettos were more than capable of carrying Anika Noni Rose over the red carpet in 2007. 

These shoes include 1,420 diamonds in two interconnected strips of diamond-encrusted circles. The diamonds total 30 carats in weight and were obtained by Kwiat.

7. Marilyn Monroe Shoes – Stuart Weitzman – $1 million

Marilyn Monroe Shoes
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The Marilyn Monroe Shoe is the seventh most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Wearing a part of history must always be seen as a responsibility and an honor. Indeed, when Regina King wore this magnificent pair of shoes to the 2005 Academy Awards, she must have felt pretty honored. 

The shoes were embellished with a set of earrings originally owned by Marilyn Monroe, which is not something you see often.

6. Platinum Guild Stilettos – Stuart Weitzman -$1.09 million

Most Expensive Womens Shoes
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Platinum Guild Stilettos are the sixth most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Stuart Weitzman’s Platinum Guild stilettos are probably among the most exquisite shoes on the planet, but they’re also incredibly adaptable. 

They have 464 diamonds provided by jeweler Kwiat and were created for Laura Harring to carry on her big evening at the Oscars.

5. Cinderella Slippers – Stuart Weitzman – $2 million

Cinderella Slippers
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Cinderella Slippers are the fifth-most expensive women’s shoe in the world. Everyone has heard of Cinderella and her famed glass slippers, and many artists have attempted to recreate the iconic style depicted in the popular story. 

Stuart Weitzman, known for designing the world’s most costly women’s shoes, has chosen a different method for his Cinderella Slippers.

4. Rita Hayworth Heels – Stuart Weitzman – $3 million

Rita Hayworth Heels
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Rita Hayworth Heels are the fourth most expensive women’s shoe in the world. They were made of rust-colored satin, which isn’t exactly sumptuous by today’s standards. They do, however, have some rich precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, which are all wrapped in a satin frill at the toe. 

The Rita Hayworth shoes by Stuart Weitzman, which cost $3 million, are now in the custody of Princess Yasmin ga Khan, which means they won’t be available for purchase anytime soon.

3. Ruby Slippers – Harry Winston – $3 million

Ruby Slippers – Harry Winston
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Ruby Slippers are the third most expensive women’s shoe in the world. The shoes from The Wizard of Oz, as Cinderella’s slippers, played a significant role in the plot and even helped to increase the film’s overall popularity. 

While Harry Winston’s reconstruction may not have been able to transfer Dorothy back to Kansas, it has earned its place in history. Ronald Winston designed the couple in 1989 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

2. Diamond-Studded Heels – Debbie Wingham – $15 million

Diamond-Studded Heels
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Diamond-Studded is the second most expensive Women’s Shoe in the world. For nearly a year, the shoes seen above were the most costly in the world, with a cost of $15 million. 

A succession of extravagant adornments, including 1000 diamonds set on platinum and accented by 24K gold-thread embroidery, justify the price. In addition, each shoe features dual three-carat pink diamonds and a one-carat blue diamond.

1. Passion Diamond Shoes – Jada Dubai – $17 million

Passion Diamond Shoes
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Passion Diamond Shoes are the most expensive women’s shoes in the world. The world’s most expensive women’s shoes were unveiled on September 26, 2018, at the world’s finest luxury hotel, the 7-star Burj Al Arab. 

The Passion Diamond Shoes were created in collaboration with Passion Jewellers and have 236 diamonds around the outside rim as well as two 15-carat D-flawless diamonds as centerpieces.

Summary- The Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Most costly women’s shoes are couture designs constructed with luxury materials and elaborate craftsmanship. Christian Louboutin, Blahnik, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo designer shoes are among the most sought-after and costly shoes available. 

Depending on the materials and decorations used, the price of these creative shoes can range between a few hundred dollars to many thousand dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Most Expensive Women’s Shoes in the World

Q1. Is my shoe too high?

Ans: Keep your heel under three inches and choose a sturdy heel over a pencil stiletto. A solid or stack wedge heel is an excellent choice for a solid heel. When wearing high heels or pencil heels, you run the risk of nerve compression, ankle sprains, and Achilles tendinitis.

Q2. Is my shoe too flat?

Ans: Extremely thin, flat shoes flex quickly and provide minimal arch support in general. The plantar fascia belt, Achilles tendon, plus calf muscle are all strained as a result of their lack of support. Wearing collapsed ballerina flats, slides, or flip-flops can cause stress fractures, exacerbate Plantar Fasciitis, as well as worsen Achilles tendonitis.

Q3. Are soft shoes good?

Ans: Memory foam is really popular right now! Wearing foldable, soft, “pillow-like” insoles and shoes is fashionable yet risky. They do not give foot stability. They put us at risk for ailments like stress fractures or plantar fasciitis.

Q4. Do branded shoes bend?

Ans: The only location where the shoe should flex is at the big toe joint next to the shoe. The shoe must not flex sideways readily. A shoe must not be twisted or wrung out. Again, the only spot where you should bend should be where you would stand on your toes.

Fun Facts about the Most Expensive Women’s Shoes in the World

  1. Your shoe addiction is more than just an attempt to stay up with trends.
  1. When Italy was struggling with blocked commerce with other countries, Salvatore Ferragamo designed the wedge shoe.
  1. Shoes have changed dramatically over time and across cultures, with shape originally being associated with function.
  1. Grooms in Hungary sip a toast from their bride’s wedding slipper. 
  1. While Marie Antoinette’s shoe collection was magnificent, it paled in comparison to Imelda Marcos, the past First Lady of the Philippines.

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