Most Expensive Fishes

The 10 Most Expensive Fishes

Rare and bizarre fish can be seen in both saline and freshwater out from the swiftly flowing Yangtze River in China to the coastlines in Northern New South Wales in Australia.

The planet’s most expensive fish is available in a multitude of forms and hues, but they all share a degree of rarity and beauty that fuel demand and sky-high prices. 

We’ve talked about fish from the shores of every country, and also fish from the Amazon River and the deepest oceans. The most expensive fish can command astronomical costs that reflect their rarity and elegance and are sought after by everyone from casual enthusiasts to wealthy celebrities. 

From record-breaking platinum Arowana to the ironwork butterflyfish, these remarkable fish are cherished by species enthusiasts around. Those with deep knowledge of marine life forms are the target audience for this article.

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10. Wrought Iron Butterflyfish – $2,700

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish
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Wrought Iron Butterflyfish is the tenth most expensive fish in the world. The ray-finned fish recognized also as wrought iron butterflyfish, or Chaetodon Daedalma is native to the Pacific Ocean and is most frequently seen off the coastlines of Japan. has mainly black coloring and striking yellow bands on the lateral and caudal fins. 

The wrought iron butterflyfish are like little fish that can reach a maximum length of 15 centimeters. They enjoy stony reefs since they can eat both invertebrates and algae there. A wrought iron butterflyfish might cost up to $2,700 for fish owners and collectors to purchase. On websites for suppliers to aquarists, many standard-size wrought iron butterflyfish command over $4,000.

9. Australian Flathead Perch – $5,000

 Australian Flathead Perch
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Australian Flathead Perch is the ninth most expensive fish in the world. Some other smaller fish, the Australian flathead perch, is native here to the Western Pacific Ocean and enjoys hiding in coral reef nooks. The frontal fins of said Australian flathead perch are yellow, and its flanks are marked with lilac bands. 

Collectors can buy aquarium fish from breeders like TAFE’s Batavia Coast Maritime Institute of Australia for about $5,000 per fish through into the aquarium fish trade. Since they frequently reappear in caverns before divers can detect them, catching the Australian flathead perch with in wild can be challenging.

8. Golden Alligator Gar – $7,000

Golden Alligator Gar
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Golden Alligator Gar is the eighth most expensive fish in the world. Rivers around the world are home to several kinds of alligator gar, well with golden alligator gar ranking as one of the most valuable fish there is. Golden alligator gars have indeed been observed to survive in seawater, despite normally being freshwater fish that prefer huge rivers and lakes. 

Alligator gar can sell for up to $7,000 because only about 10,000 of them have this hue, and the high tank size needed to keep one makes it even more pricey for collectors of aquarium fish.

7. Platinum Alligator Gar -$7,000

Golden Alligator Gar
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Platinum Arowana Gar is the seventh most expensive fish in the world. The platinum alligator gar, which sells for about the same $7000 as its golden kin and is prized for such gold scales as well as a long, slender look, is another pricey freshwater fish. 

The platinum alligator gar is indeed a lengthy investment that is best suited to dedicated fish owners with the ability to keep them secure. If properly cared for, they can survive for up to 50 years. Although these fish become opportunist hunters in the wild, they are perfectly pleased to consume a variety of frozen fish, prawns, & shrimp when they are raised in captivity.

6. Neptune Grouper – $7,000

Neptune Grouper
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Neptune Grouper is the sixth most expensive fish in the world. The Western Pacific Ocean seas off the coast of Japan, marine oceans bordering French Polynesia, as well as the oceans around Australia are just a few of the waterways where the Neptune grouper can be found in the wild. 

The Neptune grouper is a gorgeous addition to any marine aquarium thanks to its stunning pairings of orange and white bands, which are accentuated by its integration and spiky dorsal fin. While possessing one of these exotic fish would cost collectors at least $7,000, such fish may find it difficult to adjust to variations in water pressure once they reach the surface.

5. Bladefin Basslet – $10,000

Bladefin Basslet
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Bladefin Basslet is the fifth most expensive fish in the world. One of several oddest fish in the world is indeed the Bladefin basslet, which is connected to the golden basslet, another common aquarium fish. Almost all of the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are where you can find them. 

Bladefin basslet fish is only removed from wild populations that used a submarine, which adds to the high cost of $10,000 because they congregate at depths more than 800 feet. It is a little fish that normally only reaches a length of 3 cm. When measured by price per inch, the Bladefin basslet is among the priciest aquarium fish in the ocean due to its small size and high asking prices.

4. Masked Angelfish – $30,000

Masked Angelfish
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The fourth most expensive fish in the world is the Masked Angelfish. The extremely rare masked angelfish is always present in its natural habitat all through the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. They are valued by collectors for their stunning snow-white skins. 

Masked angelfishes are only available to experienced purchasers for a price of $30,000. So if you can buy one of the most expensive boats in the world, you might be rich enough to afford to have one of these amazing fish in your tank. The masked angelfish, which are frequently seen on coral reefs and thus are safeguarded from fishing activities, are typically raised in aquariums in captivity.

3. Peppermint Angelfish – $30,000

Peppermint Angelfish
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The third most expensive fish in the world is The Peppermint Angelfish. The peppermint angelfish, as its name suggests, is appreciated for the vivid red and white stripes that resemble candy, which helps to explain why it is the most expensive marine fish in the world. 

The peppermint angelfish inhabits caves and reefs inside the South Pacific Ocean and may reach deep of up to 120 meters. Worms, sponges, as well as other debris make up the majority of their food. 

A peppermint angelfish that had been gathered for study on a Smithsonian Institute study excursion was given to Waikiki Aquarium worth $30,000 in 2012.

2. Polka Dot Stingray – $100,000

Polka Dot Stingray
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The second most expensive fish in the world is The Polka Dot Stingray. The freshwater polka-dot stingrays live just on shorelines and slower-moving streams of the Xingu Basin in Brazil, South America, and are one of the most expensive aquatic species. 

This 46-centimeter-diameter fair-skinned river stingray has a glossy, dark-brown body as well as a tail with a poisonous spine. 

Only the wealthiest athletes on the planet can purchase freshwater polka-dot stingrays, which cost a nice $100,000, making them among the most costly captive-bred fish.

1. Platinum Arowana – $400,000

Platinum Arowana
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Platinum Arowana is the most expensive fish in the world. To a wide extent, the platinum Arowana, which sold for an astounding $400,000, has the highest price tag of any fish in the world. 

The platinum Arowana, often known as the Asian Arowana due to its home in Southeast Asia, is also found along the coastlines of Australia as well as South America. The platinum Arowana gliding through into the water has a glittering iridescence because of its long, lean body and scales that are like dragons. 

Only a few aquariums can indeed be found with such a wild platinum Arowana within the waters. This fish is perhaps the most expensive in the world and is listed as a threatened animal.


The top ten priciest fish on the globe were on this list. You might utilize this knowledge to purchase the pricey fish within your means. These fish populations have been overfished due to the high demand, which has resulted in a population decline.  

Peppermint Angelfish, Masked Angelfish, Neptune Grouper, Polka Dot Stingray, Bladefin Basslet, and Platinum Alligator Gar are some other pricey fish.

FAQs on Most Expensive Fish

1. Which fish is lucky for money?

Ans- Goldfish are suitable for feng shui aquariums because they attract riches and luck.

2. Which fish gives diamonds?

Ans- In Venezuela’s northern region, diamond tetras are endemic.

3. What is the rarest fish?

Ans- The Devil’s Hole pupfish are among the rarest fish on the planet because they exclusively exist there.

4. Which is the fastest fish?

Ans- According to the majority of sources, the Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Istiophorus Platypterus, is the fish species that moves the fastest.

Fun Facts on Most Expensive Fish

1. the whale shark The common Whale Shark, which is known as the biggest animal in the ocean, can grow to be more than 40 feet long. Whale sharks are an endangered species, and it is forbidden to fish either their meat or fins. They are very valuable on the illegal market as a result.

2. Among the most expensive fish in a well Animal Crossing video game is the golden trout. This fish is available for 15,000 bells.

3. With its massive, metallic scales with whiskers that protrude from its chin, the Asian Arowana has indeed been compared to a dragon.

4. In almost every color of the rainbow, domestic angelfish are available.

5. Although they are predators in the wild, angelfish in captivity need a varied diet.

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