The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars To Repair

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars To Repair

Even though cars are steel-bodied vehicles, they are among the most prevalent items on this planet. The majority of individuals choose to own a classic or antique automobile that is no longer being produced, or some people have a passion for collecting old vehicles that cannot be replaced by a new one. 

Another explanation might be that the automobile holds sentimental importance for the owner, perhaps because it was their first vehicle or was given to them as a present by a loved one.

Finally, some people might just choose to maintain their current vehicle and spend money on maintenance rather than going through the hassle of purchasing a new one. Here is a list of the most costly automobile repairs, as we reported in the post on how expensive cars are to fix.

Let’s Explore Together This List Of The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars To Repair

10. Dodge – $10,600

Dodge - $10,600
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On the tenth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Dodge, which is one of the most well-known American automakers. The company is in charge of producing the beloved Ram Truck line in addition to well-known sports cars like the Viper and Charger.

Unfortunately, the expense of maintaining these vehicles is rather high. For ten years, a Dodge automobile will normally cost $10,600 to own. The expense is increased even further if you drive a Dodge Ram 1500 since repairs often cost more than $12,000 each year.

9. Chrysler – $10,600

Chrysler - $10,600
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On the ninth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Chrysler. Those who are educated about automobiles may be surprised to learn that some of the more pricey models are less costly to maintain than the “mainstays” we see driven regularly. A great example of this is Chrysler, a brand recognized more for durability than flashy luxury features.

The brand $10,600 is much more expensive than Lexus ($7,000), Volkswagen ($7,800), as well as possibly Land Rover ($8,800). A Chrysler Sebring’s upkeep costs an amazing $17,100 on average throughout ten years, so you might want to consider twice before buying one.

8. Pontiac – $11,800

Pontiac - $11,800
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On the eighth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Pontiac. Many of you may be aware of the Pontiac brand thanks to their iconic muscle car, the GTO. The carmaker once belonged to General Motors as a “higher cost” branch, however, it hasn’t produced a vehicle since 2010.

This is most likely because the line of automobiles in issue hasn’t been produced for over 10 years, which has increased maintenance expenses by $11,800.

7. Mercury- $12,000

Mercury- $12,000
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On the seventh position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Mercury. The Mercury line of vehicles was discontinued at the same time as Pontiac (2011). Its most well-known vehicle is without a doubt the Mercury Cougar, but the company also made the Grand Marquis Coupe as well as the well Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

The group and Lincoln had a good working relationship into the early 2000s, but due to slow sales, it was finally “phased out.”

6. Saturn- $12,400

Saturn- $12,400
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On the sixth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Saturn. It is the third most costly carmaker to repair. Pontiac and Mercury were “standard” cars of the day in terms of look. 

By producing cars with appealing designs and simple lines, Saturn, on the other hand, tried to stay ahead of the trends. Saturn Vue and Sky are two excellent examples.

The Sky aimed to mimic the lovely and flowing forms found in supercars like the Dodge Viper and Audi R8, while the Vue provided the conventional SUV with a smoother and more compact appearance. The transition to the contemporary period led to Saturn’s demise, with manufacturing ceasing in about 2010.

5. Audi- $12,400

Audi- $12,400
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On the fifth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Audi. An entry like this would be expected to be on this list. Audi is well known for its distinctive fusion of power, elegance, and design. These vehicles are not only sleek but also speedy and enjoyable to drive. 

The fact that so many “established enterprises” are listed near Audi is astonishing, even if it seems to sense that a triple threat would be costly to maintain.

For the bulk of Audi’s vehicles, you’re looking at a one-two punch of expensive initial retail pricing and hefty maintenance expenditures.

4. Volvo- $12,500

Volvo- $12,500
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On the fourth position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Volvo. Many of the vehicles on this list are there as a caution to prospective car purchasers to stay away from manufacturers that appear to be affordable but have exorbitant repair costs. 

But of the relatively few manufacturers on this list, Volvo is one whose repair costs could be affordable. Although $12,500 is more expensive than the national average and a brand-new Volvo should cost a decent amount at a dealership, the company’s dedication to safety is a great selling factor.

Volvo ensures your safety while driving by consistently developing and applying innovative safety technologies.

3. Cadillac- $12,500

Cadillac- $12,500
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On the third position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Cadillac. More than ever, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies today. Finding a well-made product in a world full of inferior products may be eye-opening (without shelling out bigger bucks).

You should be prepared for a retail price shock to go along with your big repair bill because all of Cadillac’s automobiles exude elegance. However, many Cadillacs are “affordable” (particularly if you opt for an older model).

2. Mercedes-Benz -$12,900

Mercedes-Benz -$12,900
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On the second position of our most expensive cars to repair list is Mercedes-Benz. Consider Mercedes-Benz to be Cadillac’s wealthier sister. Even though the cars may have a comparable look and appeal, the Mercedes-Benz is unquestionably the “winner” in terms of quality and performance. 

Both companies will provide you with the luxury you want, but this more costly alternative is better for individuals who prefer acceleration, handling, and speed.

Regrettably, rising expenses also mean more expensive repairs. Just be prepared to pull out your money if you ever need a mechanic.

1. BMW- $17,800

BMW- $17,800
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On the first position of our most expensive cars to repair list is BMW. The name BMW is well-known to everyone who has even slightly “dabbled” in the automotive industry. 

These vehicles provide an incredible balance of style and power, which comes with a commensurate retail cost. You will have to pay money for any new BMW vehicle, maybe a bit more than you would for a Mercedes-Benz or an Audi.

The expense of repairs doesn’t need to be discussed in great detail. It says a lot with that placeholder for $17,800. The car on our list that comes in second place is nearly $5,000 more expensive. That is a substantial jump.


Overall, it is undeniable that automobiles are the most widely used goods in the world. The Craze for Most Expensive Cars are gonna stay

There would be no need at all to charge so much for a car otherwise!

Cars have taken the place of every other material as the epitome of luxury. 

Both the automobiles and their owners are shown via their vehicles. They are typically kept in good condition by enthusiasts and collectors who routinely repair and restore them. Many well and costly-to-repair automobiles are on the list above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What brand vehicles are the most expensive cars to repair?

Ans: The cost of repairing a BMW is the highest. The cost of maintaining and fixing the automobile to make it more useful is $17,800.

Q2) What automaker’s repairs cost the least?

Ans: The Toyota Avalon is the most affordable car to fix. To maintain service for an average of 10 years costs $4,010.

Q3) Which pickup vehicles have the highest repair costs?

Ans: One of the priciest pickup vehicles to fix is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

Q4) Which auto parts require the most money to repair?

Ans: It should come as no surprise that the most costly component of any car is the engine and cylinders. After all, the driving mechanism in every automobile, truck, SUV, or minivan is at its core.

Some Fun Facts About Expensive Cars To Repair

1. It costs around $500 to replace the air conditioner compressor while repairing an expensive car.

2. Most of the Brake Line replacements will cost you around a whopping $1000.

3. A Head Gasket replacement in your favorite car can cost you around $1500.

4. The suspension of a car is somewhat of a neglected part. However, replacing the same while repairing your favorite car can cost you as much as 3000 bucks.

5. A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold for $70 million in 2018 and is the most expensive vehicle ever to be sold at auction.

6. Replacing the engine of your expensive car can cost you as much as $10,000, which is one-fifth of a person’s annual income in the US.

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