Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Michael Jordan

Who hasn’t heard of Michael Jordan? The MVP of so many games that we often forget the count of? The man who revolutionized the legendary game of basketball. 

Known all over the world for his contribution to the sport and the sheer dedication he possessed, Michael stands as an absolute icon and star to all the people over the world whether they’re aspiring to become basketballers or not. This one’s for the Bull, the Michael Jordan. 

Net Worth & Salary of Michael Jordan in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Michael Jordan is estimated to be something around $2.1billion. He has been recorded and named various times in the Forbes list as well. 

He was the first NBA player to obtain the status of a billionaire. He earns around $40 million as his salary, thanks to his endorsements with brands like Nike, etc as well as his own ventures. 

Early Life & Biography of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, a legend, was born in Brooklyn in New York. He was born on the 17th of February in 1963. 

His mother was Deloris, an employee of a bank. His father was James R. Jordan, who had the occupation of an equipment supervisor. 

He is the second youngest of the 5 Jordan children. He grew up with his brothers Larry and James and sisters Deloris and Rosalyn. 

His family moved to North Carolina where Jordan began his education. He was a student at the Emsley A. Laney High School. 

He immediately took to basketball and put in his level best to ace it. He even played other sports like baseball and football. 

Name:Michael Jordan
Age:58 years old
Birth Date:17 February 1963
Birth Place:Brooklyn
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Yvette Prieto
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Daughters- Jasmine, Isabela, Yvette Sons- Jeffrey and Marcus) 
Profession:Retired basketball player
Yearly Income:$40 Million
Net Worth in 2022$2.1 Billion
Content Last Updated:April 2022

Personal Life of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan had a very deep and intimate bond with his father, often managing to adopt his mannerisms and ways of living life. After his father’s murder, things crashed down and he lost his will to play, depicting how much of an impact his father had on his life. 

He maintains an amicable relationship with his siblings and extended family. He got married to his now-wife Juanita Vanoy. 

They got married in 1989 in Vegas. Together they have 2 sons Jeffrey and Marcus and their daughter Jasmine. 

However, troubles in paradise ensued. This led to a divorce in 2006. 

He went ahead to propose to his then-girlfriend, Yvette Prieto. Yvette is a well-known and renowned model. 

They got married in 2013 and now have two adorable twin daughters Victoria and Ysabel. Michael recently became a grandfather in 2019.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Career of Michael Jordan

Ever since he was a high school student, his career path was set quite clear with his passion for the legendary game of basketball lacing his life. His career was officially kick-started in college.

He was named the Freshman of the Year due to his exemplary performance. The college period marked some mountainous turning phases in his life. 

He was officially selected for the NCAA-All American First Team in the years 1983 and 1984. He went on to be a part of the Chicago Bulls and played for them in the year 1984, debuting at the Chicago Stadium. 

Due to a foot injury, he wasn’t deemed physically fit to play anymore. He took his time to recover and came back to the scene in 1986. 

He continued leading and being known as the “MVP” as well as gaining respect from the other teams and fans to making history and catching the crowd in surprise with his immaculate skills. He then announced in 1993 that he lost the lifelong passion that he had for the sport that he had been pursuing ever since anybody could remember. 

It was backed by the darkness of his father’s death that year itself. However, he ended up signing a contract with the Chicago White Sox in 1994, a contract which would shoot him towards the Major league. 

However, after a very successful run and constant wins, he wanted to quit the NBA and took a break of 1.5 years.

In around 1992, he debuted on the National Basketball Team. He eventually went on to become a part of the “Dream Team”. 

He joined the Bulls again, thus preparing to make history with them in 1995-1996, he gave it his absolute best. He went ahead to create record-breaking history yet again, leading with impressive points and shooting for the win.

He retired yet again in 1999. He loved the NBA too much to let it go again, so he joined as an owner of the team Washington Wizards. 

However, he did return to the NBA scene after seeing some of his old friends take to it. He trained with determination and perseverance after hiring his old coach and went ahead to debut again with his team. 

However he hurt his knee and the injury led to something serious, thus barring him from playing at the end. He had a problem with the tearing of cartilage in his right knee. 

His final game in the NBA was in 2003. His legacy continues to live on and inspire millions and millions of people all across the globe. 

He now owns stakes in companies like Charlotte Bobcats. He even went on to design his own line of products, introduced as the Jordan Brand. 

He is also the owner of the company Michael Jordan Motorsports. As of 2020, he fielded the NASCAR team 23XI Racing. 

Awards & Achievements of Michael Jordan

He isn’t just known as the greatest player in the history of the NBA for nothing! He has won various awards like NBA’s most valuable player of the year, Best NBA Player ESPY Award, NBA-All-Defensive Team, All-NBA team, and even Presidential honors to name a few. 

Major Investments and Assets of Michael Jordan

He has a lot of sources of income due to the work he does with so much dedication and a jaw-dropping work ethic. He makes sure to invest them in sources to get profits as well.

He has invested in buying the Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Wizards, companies like SportRadar, Muzik, etc. Jordan maintains a very luxurious lifestyle with his mansions making news every now and then and his cars being absolutely swoon-worthy! 

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