Liz Cambage Net Worth

Discover Liz Cambage Net Worth, Age and Personal Life in 8 key insight


Liz Cambage, a powerhouse both on and off the basketball court, is a name synonymous with excellence in women’s professional basketball. With her towering presence and exceptional skills, she has made an indelible mark in the world of sports.

In this exploration of Liz Cambage’s life, we delve into her achievements, net worth, and the remarkable journey that has led her to become a celebrated athlete and a strong advocate for social change. From her dominance on the court to her contributions to the community, Liz Cambage is an inspirational figure who continues to make a profound impact.

Liz Cambage Net Worth

Liz Cambage net worth is $3 Million.

Liz Cambage net worth is $3 million, primarily stems from her extraordinarily successful career as a basketball player. As one of the most dominant and dynamic forces in women’s professional basketball, her earnings from contracts, endorsements, and performance incentives have significantly contributed to her financial success.

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While her basketball career remains the cornerstone of her income, Liz Cambage net worth is further bolstered by a series of lucrative endorsement deals. Her marketability and widespread popularity both in the sporting world and beyond have made her a sought-after figure for various brands and companies. These endorsements consistently contribute to her growing net worth, illustrating her undeniable influence and appeal in the world of sports and entertainment.

Liz Cambage Age and Early Life

Liz Cambage is 32 years old.

Born to a Nigerian father and Australian mother, in London, Liz had her parents separated when she was only three months old. She then moved to Australia with her mother. She moved around a lot as a child.

As a child, her main interest was art, and playing basketball was just an attempt to socialize (imagine panning out your entire career just because you wanted to make friends!). 

She was 6 feet tall by 14 and she was bullied for it (jokes on them….she made an entire career with height as her advantage…). At the age of 16, she took up residence at the Australian Institute of Sport in 2007 (and never had to look back!!!)

Liz Cambage
Discover Liz Cambage Net Worth, Age and Personal Life in 8 key insight
Name:Elizabeth Folake Cambage
Age:32 years
Birth Date:18th August 1991
Birth Place:London, United Kingdom
Height:2.06 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Not Known
Profession:Professional Basketball player
Net Worth $3 million

Liz Cambage Personal Life

When you achieve the zenith of success like Liz has, itโ€™s safe to assume that rumors about your personal life will follow you around like a shadow.

Liz has had her fair share of the frenzy of the media around her personal life and yet like magic, not much information has been divulged to the public. 

Very recently she has been linked with the world-famous rapper, Drake. But hey! we don’t know for sure. They can very well be good friends.

Liz Cambage Career

Calling the center position in basketball her home, Liz joined the Dandenong Rangers in the 2007-08 season for their WNBL team. She played junior basketball with them. The Australian Institute of Sport(AIS) granted her a scholarship in 2007, and she played for AIS Team in the Women’s National Basketball League for the rest of the 2007-08 season and the next one. 2020 marked Liz’s return to the WNBL as she signed with the Southside Flyers for the 2020-21 season. (Things, on the other hand, were not going south!)

2011 marked an important opportunity for Liz as the Womenโ€™s National Basketball Association approached her to play for the Tulsa Shock. She turned down this major opportunity by stating that she only wanted to learn and grow and not become a franchise player. She, however, played in the WNBA All-Star game in 2011. Liz was supposed to return to the Shock in 2012 but to their shock (pun intended!) she declared to not play the remainder of the season owing to exhaustion after the nationals. 2013 saw her return to the Shock but WNBA did not see her return for the next 5 years. She signed with the Dallas Wings in 2018.

2012 was exciting for Liz as she signed with Zheijang Chouzhou, a Chinese Basketball club. Her remuneration there was……wait for it… $400,000(Australian dollars), making her one of the highest-paid female Basketball players in the world. But in a bizarre turn of events, she reported that she could not even meet her mortgage payments.

 Liz put her signature on a multi-year contract with the Dallas Wings in 2018. In July she scored a WNBA record point, leading the Wings to their win. She kept up her performance throughout the season, which led the Wings to the first-round elimination game. She was also voted into the WNBA All-Star Game in 2018.

After just a season with the Wings, Liz requested a trade and ended up with the Las Vegas Aces. She aced (^-^) through all her games, earning her another vote into the All-Star Game in 2019.

During 2020, Liz sat out of the games owing to the pandemic and July 2022 saw the Sparks citing “contract divorce”. Her announcement of retirement came three weeks after this incident.

Liz, a member of the Australian Junior Women’s National team in 2009, won gold at the Oceania World Qualification Series, and silver at the William Jones Cup, Taiwan.

She was promoted to the senior team in 2008 and played her first game for the Australian Opals in 2009. She was a member of medal-winning teams and her performance added to her team’s ability to snatch titles. 

In the World Championship in the Czech Republic in 2010, Liz played an important role in her team’s success and was named to the 2012 Australia Women’s National Basketball Team.

She then went on to showcase her talent in different games, getting her into the league of “big” players.

But in 2014 a rupture around her calf, specifically her Achilles tendon, forced out to miss out on valuable months of playing before the World Championships.

However, this did not dim her hope and she became part of the Commonwealth Winning Team in 2018.

Her stand on the priority of her mental health is commendable.

Her career, however, has been scarred by verbal disputes. 

Liz Cambage Awards & Achievements

Liz has many (trust me when I say many) awards under her name. To name a few, she is a 4 times WNBA All-Star winner, 2 times WNBA All-Rookie Team, and WNBA MVP in 2011. 

She has also won a bronze in the 2012 London Olympic Games, a silver in the 2018 FIBA World Cup, and a gold in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, all the while representing Australia.

Did we include all the good wishes and blessings she has received all through the years? A big Yes.

Major Investments and Assets of Liz Cambage

We can rest assured that Liz lives a comfortable and happy life. 

Information on her assets cannot be gathered from reliable sources but it can be safely said that she has all the requirements to lead a content life. We can also count on her to make profit-making, intelligent investments to secure her future.

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