Kim Jong-Un Net Worth

Kim Jong-un Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction About Kim Jong-un

The one who’s known as the “Great Successor”, The leader who made sure to leave an imprint on everybody that he came across, a leader who everybody looked up to, the one who made his mark as a supreme leader, none other than Kim Jong-un. 

The man who possesses immense power, a man who made dictatorship work in this modern world, a man who doesn’t speak about his plans and progress but his actions to depict so, the stoic and multi-talented man that he is known as, none other than Kim Jong-un. 

If you are not keeping up with the current news you probably don’t know who Kim Jong-un is. He is the supreme leader or also known as the general secretary of the worker’s party of Korea’s Marshall.

Net Worth & Salary of Kim Jong-un in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Kim Jong-un is estimated to be something around $5 billion. He has earned this sum of money through the services he has offered politically as well as his inheritance. 

His earnings remain anonymous and unknown to the public. Yet from what is known, he has made it to the Forbes list of the richest leaders as well as his assets are all scattered across the world with around 200+ accounts as well as palaces and other luxurious privileges like cars, etc are owned by him. 

Early Life & Biography of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong was born into a family of leaders. It was quite evident that he would follow along the part of what runs in his wins, that is leadership at its finest.

Kim house or a petition for keeping his details private, however as per certain official announcements and speculations he was born on 8 January in the year 1982. He was born in a beautiful country that never ceased from being amazing; i.e. Korea. 

Apart from his own two siblings, which consisted of his younger sister and his elder brother he had half-siblings as well.

His relationship with his siblings is as strong as ever and people often get glimpses from time to time. However, he wasn’t on the best of terms with all his half-siblings. 

Even though his stay in Korea was ascertained, he was sent off to Switzerland to study. He opted for a faux name, which disclosed his identity as well as let his shyness bloom without suspicion or invasion. 

At the age of 18, he graduated from his school and came back to North Korea. He went for attaining 2 degrees which served a purpose and intrigued him the most. 

He went to Kim Il Sung University, which is essentially a college that provides military education as well. He graduated in the year 2007 with 2 degrees gracing his hands, one in physics and the other in the Army. 

Name:Kim Jong-un
Age:40 years old
Birth Date:8 January 1982
Birth Place:North Korean
Nationality:North Korean
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse:Ri Sol-Ju
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Daughter- Ju-Ae)
Profession:Leader of North Korea
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$5 Billion
Content Last Updated:April 2022

Personal Life of Kim Jong-un

Kim always had this aura of enigma around him as he was kept away from the prying eyes of his own good. He knew from a very young age that he had to prepare for a life that won’t wait for him to strike. 

He struck when it was necessary and it shows how he admired and respected the family values that eventually got passed down to him. He maintains a close bond with his own siblings, his sister, and his brother. 

He got married to Ri Sol-Ju in 2009 however, the news was hidden from the public for a good 3 years. Together they had a child in 2010, whose name and gender remain unknown. 

As well as he had a daughter named Ju-Ae in 2013. 

There are speculations that they have another child however it hasn’t been confirmed by the sources yet. 

Kim Jong-un

Career of Kim Jong-un

Kim had the spirit of leadership running in his very veins. He was destined to take over. 

In the process, before his father died, he made the embassies pledge their loyalty to his son, made clear propaganda, and did whatever that he could to make sure Kim’s position as the heir was secured. 

He was appointed to the military position of “Dae Jang” in 2009. In 2010, he got a promotion and now played the role of the Vice-Chairman of the Military Commission. 

Kim was a part of meetings, public rallies, etc thus being made comfortable with the people he would rule one day. 

Following his father’s death in the year 2011, it wasn’t clear whether Kim would be the one who’d lead the nation, owing to his inexperience in the field. The whole nation was caught in shock when they realized that their new Marshal, termed the ‘Great Successor’ was none other than Kim. 

He took over the reins from his father and got to work. In 2012, he became a part of the Fourth Conference (a part of the worker’s party in Korea). He was known as the Eternal General Secretary, as well as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission as well as the National Defense Commission. 

In the subsequent years, he went on to play the role of the Marshal. Marshal denotes the highest rank possible in the North Korean military. 

In 2014, he got elected to play a part in the unicameral legislature of the country. He became the Chairman of the party that he, his father, and his grandfather belonged to, i.e. the Workers’ Party of Korea. 

Awards & Achievements of Kim Jong-un

Kim hasn’t just been recognized as a major part and parcel of North Korea. He has been awarded awards and recognitions outside the country as well. 

He has received various awards like the international peace prize, the Commemorative War II Medal, etc to state just a few. 

Major Investments and Assets of Kim Jong-un

Kim has maintained a lavish lifestyle and considering the amount he’s worth, it adds up. He has not only been known for purchasing luxurious estates all over the country as well as in other nations, he has mansions, islands, bank accounts with hefty sums of money all distributed throughout the globe, a collection of around 100+ luxurious cars, and more to his name. 

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Kim Jong-un

This video showcases Kim as who he is. A must-watch for those who are interested to dig deeper into the history of the heir! 

Instagram Handle of Kim Jong-un

Kim doesn’t have a functioning/ personal Instagram handle that’s known to the public. 

Twitter Handle of Kim Jong-un

Kim doesn’t have a functioning/ personal Twitter handle that’s known to the public. 

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