Justin Hartley Net Worth

Justin Hartley Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction About Justin Hartley 

From the portrayal of characters that have brought people to tears, his excellent skills where nobody holds a candle to his artistry. A self-made man who made his position in this industry and stayed forever in the hearts of the audience.

Justin Hartley is a man who has played characters who have ranged in emotion and has proven his versatility in various fields. To the man who never fails to impress the audience in front of him and takes up a role and makes it his own, Justin Hartley.

Net Worth & Salary of Justin Hartley in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Justin Hartley is estimated to be something around $7 million. He has garnered this amount of money by doing various shows. He has earned a different amount of money for every season and episode that he did for every show. 

For some shows, he makes around a quarter of a million dollars to $40,000 or $200,000 depending upon the role and the show that he is starring in. 

Age, Early Life & Biography of Justin Hartley

As of 2022, the age of Justin Hartley is 45. 

Justin Hartley was born on the 29th of January in 1977. 

Justin belongs to the state of Illinois. He grew up in Chicago. His parents were Paul Mark Hartley and Jackie Hadley.

The professions Enjoyed by his parents respectively haven’t been disclosed. He is one of the four kids of the day Hartley couple.

He grew up with two sisters named Megan and Gabriela and a brother named Nathan. He completed his high schooling at the Carl Sandburg High School. 

He went ahead to pursue his dreams of being an active part of the film industry. Thus he went ahead to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and history. 

He completed his bachelor’s in two universities. The two universities are the University of Illinois and the Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

His parents always supported his dreams of becoming an actor and gave him immense support and motivation to continue his career.

Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life
Name:Justin Hartley 
Age:44 years old
Birth Date:January 29, 1977
Birth Place:Illinois
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Married 
Wife/Spouse:Sofia Pernas
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Isabella Justice)
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$7 Million
Content Last Updated:June 2022

Personal Life of Justin Hartley 

His family has always played a quintessential role in ensuring Justin’s success. They’ve been his pillars and rocks, through thick and thin with him. 

After dating for around half a year with Lindsay Korman, they got married in 2004. In that year itself, they had a daughter named Isabella Justice Hartley. 

Citing personal reasons the couple separated on friendly terms in the year 2012. He started dating Chrishell Stayse in the year 2014. They went ahead to date for a good 3 years and got married in 2017. 

However, due to personal reasons, they ended up separating in the year 2019. 

He got married to Sofia Pernas in the year 2021. He maintains an amicable relationship with his ex-wives and has intimate friends inside and outside the Hollywood industry. 

Career of Justin Hartley 

Justin had been interested in the art of performing ever since he could remember. His parents ended up supporting his decision too, which led to him giving the craft his all. With no prior connection or link to the industry, he was a newbie, yet he didn’t let the industry intimidate him into backing off. 

He debuted in 2002 after graduating and searching for work for a while. His first ever role was with NBC in the show fashion. He worked for a period of four years from the year 2002 to the year 2006.

His character was fox green and it was immensely loved by the public. Right after the show ended he was offered a myriad of roles and he picked Aquaman for a show. He did his part diligently, however, due to some reasons, it didn’t air. 

He then went ahead to make a comeback with a show named Smallville. He made on and off appearances till he bagged a permanent role in the show finally in the year 2008.

He isn’t just skilled in acting, he has also tested his hands at writing and wrote an episode as well as directed one in the shows he was working in!

He was a part of the show Emily Owens M.D where he showed his humorous side for a whole season. 

He has made cameo appearances in shows like Hart Of Dixie, Castle, and Chuck. He also played a role in the show Revenge in the year 2013.

He tried out and auditioned for a few more series but they never aired for various reasons. In 2014, he played two roles in 2 different shows simultaneously. One being in MIstresses and the other in The Young and the restless. 

His role in the show This is Us stood out the most to the crowd. It was emotional, expressed a multitude of emotions, and was portrayed perfectly by Justin. His stellar performance paved the way for many awards for his role.

The show This is Us had Justin as a regular and permanent member from the very beginning. It aired in 2016 and was there for 6 seasons, the show officially ending in the year 2022. 

He has also been a part of many movies throughout his career which is 2 decades old as of now.  His official movie debut was Race You To The Bottom in the year 2005.

He went ahead to play a part in movies like Red Canyon, Spring Breakdown, Another Time, Scorpio Men on Prozac, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, Little, Jexi, The Hunt, The Exchange, Senior Year, and his most recent one of 2022 being Senior Year. 

He has also taken up the challenge of being an executive producer for a film. Can’t wait to witness his talented self at play!

Awards & Achievements of Justin Hartley 

Justin has embedded a place in the heart of the crowd and the critics with the diverse roles and the beautiful and exceptional portrayal of them. His roles, diversity, and talent have gotten him so far and have awarded him too.

He has been nominated for a lot of awards across many categories like Daytime Emmy Awards, Streamy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, etc. He has won the Screen Actors Guild Awards twice for different categories.

Major Investments and Assets of Justin Hartley 

Justin has invested in real estate properties, which are highly in demand keeping the current market situation in mind. He has purchased houses in elite areas for various purposes. He rents his properties out, has purchased one for pure investment-fuelled motives, and currently resides in one too. He has also purchased a farmhouse and certain cars that enamor his collection. 

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Justin talks about his show This Is Us and shares his warm moments with the fans as he gives them a glimpse into his personal life. A must-watch!

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