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David Arquette’s Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction About David Arquette

Lately, there’s been a lot of commotion about the mainstream profession in families. Wanting to see their children either as a doctor or an engineer, they feign oblivion to the compulsion put onto the young ones.

Of course, in that respect, the American society has been desirably liberal on its part. Interestingly enough, the kids loosen up to eke out living on their own but only after being taught to remain consciously vigilant about the infringement of the rights of others.

As for the man, we are concerned with today, the story follows the same plot. David Arquette, an American actor, and retired professional wrestler saw himself rise to the top because of the encouragement he warmly received from his parents. 

Net Worth & Salary of David Arquette in 2022

In 2022, the net worth of David Arquette is $30 million. He still had his fame intact with a net worth of $25 million in 2021. While we’re at it, the sources of his income shouldn’t be turned a blind eye to.

David makes a great actor, producer, and director for Hollywood in addition to being a former pro wrestler for sports. Annually, he earns a salary of $3.96 million.

That’s how much of a stature he demands!

Age, Early Life & Biography of David Arquette

As of 2022, David Arquette is 50 years old. 

He was born in Bentonville, Virginia, the United States to Brenda Denaut, a Jewish actor and therapist, and Lewis Arquette, an English, French-Canadian, and Swiss-German actor. Yeah! Sounds so complicated! 

No! It doesn’t end there! The story goes back to Lewis’s paternal grandfather who was a professional comedian. 

David has four siblings who also took to the entertainment industry as if prophecized to do so. It’s an amusing realization how his father, a drug addict, could manage so well with five children on his own because his mother took her last breath with breast cancer.

Unfortunately, no information on his educational background has been shared anywhere. So, we’ll keep it short.

David Arquette’s
David Arquette’s Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life
Name:David Arquette
Age:50 years
Birth Date:8 September 1971
Birth Place:Bentonville, Virginia, United States
Height:1.78 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Christina McLarty
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Coco Arquette, Charlie West Arquette, Augustus Alexis Arquette
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):
Profession:Actor and Former Professional Wrestler
Yearly Income:$3.96 million
Net Worth in 2022$30 million
Content Last Updated:August 2022

Personal Life of David Arquette

David Arquette is a little too reserved about his personal affairs. He prefers staying out of unnecessary involvement in publicity. 

Some 23 years back, he crossed paths with our favorite female character of ‘Friends’, Courteney Cox, and both were madly in love with each other for 11 years. After marriage, they had a daughter- Coco. Things weren’t looking healthy between them and in 2010, they filed for a divorce, barely making it out.

This split-up allowed Johnny McDaid to be Courteney’s cane for support. And for David, it was Christina McLarty, an American producer, with whom he tied a knot in 2015 and had two sons- Charlie West Arquette and Augustus Alexis Arquette.

David was notably isolated in a rehab center, keeping in view his alcohol consumption. In addition to this addiction, he fell prey to drug abuse and depression which made him feel dizzy at intervals.

Completing a prescribed medical course of 28 days, he’s recovered sooner than expected and is back on his feet.

Career of David Arquette

Even if we do get past a few of David Arquette’s contributions to his lineage, there is no assessment of how much he has blessed the world.

He first appeared in a comedy horror film- Buffy The Vampire Slayer- in the 1990s. This movie was extra good in terms of the stimulation our funny bones got.

Erm…it won’t be a blatant bluff if we told you about how he developed a strong liking for directing comedy slasher films like The Tripper or even a psychological thriller, as in the Glutton.

From Hollywood to sports, he threw himself into the wrestling ring and created some inerasable stack of memories. The Arquettians (lol…I just made it up) have been built this way to stand out among other artists. 

What was that? Ahh! David was part of a temporary band called Ear2000 that produced songs for Scream 2 and Scream 3. Too bad we couldn’t hear him sing!

Awards & Achievements of David Arquette

Say what? David Arquette is unlike any other actor of his time. He beat the odds as a young man only to turn into a full-fledged personage. If his achievements are taken into account, you will find numerous honors bestowed upon him. 

You know how popular the genre of thriller and action these days is. Everyone must’ve watched all the sequels that followed the first Scream movie. For most of his career, David was, is, and will be known for Scream 2 and Scream 3. 

He won the ‘Blockbuster Entertainment Awards‘ for ‘Favorite Actor-Horror’; the movie Never Been Kissed brought him the ‘Blockbuster Entertainment Awards’ for ‘Favorite Supporting Actor’; on top of that, he has been nominated time and again for other such hit cinemas.

Oh! His wrestling career is not to be taken lightly for it let him bag a Gooker Award and many more.

Major Investments and Assets of David Arquette

David Arquette is a show biz member. That being said, he does have some experience in running a business. How do we know that? Well, he, along with his ex-wife, Courtney Cox, gave foundation to the Coquette Productions company which is a portmanteau of their last names- Cox and Arquette.

Apart from all this, when still together, David and Courtney had sold their 9,708 square feet Malibu home at $7,150,000.

In 2017, David bought a 4,332 square feet poolside ranch in Encino from Kate Walsh at $4.6 million. The same year, he bought a 5,000-square feet house in Lake Arrowhead that he sold at $1.45 million after three years of keeping.

There is no set record for how many cars he owns but this one time he was seen driving a square-shaped 1963 Studebaker Avanti of fiberglass body on his way to watch a game in Los Angeles.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of David Arquette

We are gullible to mistakes and so are the esteemed figures. It is important to bear in mind that they are just like us except for the absolute doting they receive from a selected group of people. Remember how Adam and Eve swore to non-separation after breaking the rules of Heaven?

Apparently, we all are fallible in every way but a good human being would admit his mistakes and repent to make it up to someone he loves dearly. Suppose, it’s an addiction that is to be kept under check. You can either abandon yourself to it or fight your way out. 

Watch this latest video on David Arquette who attempts to make amends for his faulty ways of leading life and re-establishes his true identity.

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