Bronny James Net Worth

Bronny James Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022

Introduction about Bronny James

What happens when you are the child of a legend? Making a name for yourself is perhaps the greatest challenge. To add to it, there are not many in this world who have managed to accomplish this feat. Bronny James, on the other hand, certainly does not fit into that list. 

Something that people fail to achieve in their entire lifespan, Bronny has done it at just 17 years of age. His stardom isn’t just about his father LeBron James, but more about himself. Sharp, accurate, and athletic, Bronny James is probably one of the highest-rated basketball players currently. He is even better than what his father used to be at his age!

Let’s unravel one of the glorious journeys that the sport of basketball has witnessed to date. The journey from being LeBron James’ son to becoming Bronny James.

Net Worth & Salary of Bronny James in 2022

As of 2022, Bronny James’ net worth stands roughly at around $10 million.

Bronny’s net worth makes him one of the youngest millionaires and richest basketball stars. His staggering net worth is a result of his participation and triumph in high school basketball championships. Bronny also earns a fortune from live streaming and gaming. He doesn’t have any brand endorsements as such but speculations have it that he might be secretly linked to sports apparel giants Nike.

Age, Early Life & Biography of Bronny James

Bronny James was born in Cleveland, Ohio based in the United States. 

From the very beginning, Bronny was inclined toward sports. He participated in various forms of sports including soccer and basketball. Before high school, James participated in various tournaments featuring Amateur Athletic Union basketball teams. He first came to attention when he was just nine years of age! While playing at an AAU tournament for Miami Ballers, he caught the eye of John Calipari, the head coach for Kentucky Wildcats.

2014 was the year when Bronny James came into national attention after he was featured in reels concerning basketball. His accuracy and the smoothness in his play mesmerized anybody watching him. It was as though basketball ran in his blood since the day he was born.

Bronny James
Bronny James Net Worth, Age, Biography and Major Investments in 2022
Name:Bronny Raymone James Jr.
Age:17 Years
Birth Date:6 October 2004
Birth Place:Cleveland, Ohio
Height:1.91 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Un-Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Peyton Gelfuso
Profession:Basketball player, Gamer
Yearly Income:N/A
Net Worth in 2022$10 Million
Content Last Updated:August 2022

Personal Life of Bronny James

When you are followed by fame, especially at an age as young as 17, much to your annoyance, life will get transparent. Netizens will flood the internet with rumors, allegations, and trolls forcing you to open up about your life. The only motive behind this is the fact, that the information they have, stands validated.

However, this is not the case when it comes to Bronny’s life. Courtesy of his parents, especially LeBron James who took all the measures possible to keep his son away from such mindless distractions.

Not much is known about Bronny’s personal life. Some dating rumors and some allegations of varying natures did surface on the internet. However, they couldn’t create much of a ruckus and were taken care of.

As of now, Bronny is reportedly dating his classmate from high school, Peyton Gelfuso.

Career of Bronny James

Just 17, and Bronny James has already inked his name in basketball. Bronny’s greatest boon has been the fact that he started playing in his childhood. With time, he has just excelled in the sport. His accuracy is so talked about that some reports suggested that Bronny’s accuracy at his age outnumbers his father LeBron James’ accuracy when he was 17. Isn’t that something any father would be proud of?

Even when he started, Bronny never forgot to pay homage to his childhood idol, Russell Westbrook, by wearing the jersey number ‘0’. He then changed it to ’23’, the same number as his father’s jersey.

After coming to national attention in 2014, Bronny’s career took a giant leap. A leap, worth remembering.

In 2015, he joined the Gulf Coast Blue Chips AAU team. Bronny’s excellence helped the team win the fourth-grade championship at the League Dallas also known as Hype Sports Summer Jam.

For the next three years, he continued to participate in various other tournaments and events. His next breakthrough happened in 2018. He joined North Coast Blue Chips and led them to the John-Lucas All-Star title. The same team went on to win the under-13 championship at NY2LA Swish ‘N Dish tournament. Bronny’s hunger however was far from satisfied. The team then represented themselves at the Jr. National Basketball Association Midwest Championship. They advanced to the quarterfinals but were then eliminated.

Bronny’s confidence didn’t take any hit though. Owing to that, despite being underage compared to the competition, he joined the team “Strive for Greatness” for the under 16 Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. His experience saw a good rise as he faced various tough opponents and famous recruits.

May 2019 saw James getting transferred to Sierra Canyon School for his freshman year. His brilliance in the first few months, saw five-star recruits following him. With Bronny by their side, the team performed exceptionally well. They were looking so strong that ESPN broadcasted their matches live. He went on to score points in every game. However, none of them was as memorable as the one where he earned the MVP title against the team of his father’s alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. In 2020, he scored 17 points in a match which became the season’s highest.

Besides basketball, he is also a streamer. He is a part of the FaZe clan, with whom he streams Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and NBA 2K.

Awards & Achievements of Bronny James

Bronny James has chosen not to reveal much about his awards and achievements. 

Not much is known about them apart from the fact that he has won several championships with various teams. No wonder his shelf must be glittering with the trophies and medals he has amassed.

Also, we should not forget the fact that he is just 17 and a lot more awards are yet to come his way.

Major Investments and Assets of Bronny James

Bronny James’ biggest asset is the way he plays his game.

The materialistic assets and investments remain hidden from the public eye.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Bronny James

In this video, Bronny James is seen making a comeback to his sophomore year after suffering an injury which is turning out to be his best season yet!

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