Bill O’Reilly's Net Worth

Bill O’Reilly’s Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction About Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is someone everyone is acquainted with. The elegant face of his capturing the attention of millions, the commanding voice of his getting the message through, the aura of his which attracts millions and millions of people, the TV personality that has been all over the news ever since anybody could remember. 

He has been a constant on the TV screens of millions and millions of people. He has made his presence felt by the immaculate effort that he puts into his work. 

Net Worth & Salary of Bill O’Reilly in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Bill O’Reilly is estimated to be something around $85 million. He has amassed this amount of money majorly through his profession as a Television Host, Author, and commentator. 

From what’s known about his salary, he earns around $25 million per annum due to his work commitments. He has lost a huge amount of money due to certain legal and personal reasons but that hasn’t acted as a setback for the man. 

Early Life & Biography of Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is a name almost every household has on the tip of their tongues and his image embedded in the back of their minds. The famous and well-known commentator is named William James O’Reilly Jr.

Bill O’Reilly, was born on the 10th of September in 1949, marking him 72 years of age now. He was born in the city that never sleeps, New York, US. 

He belongs to an Irish-American family with rich cultural roots. His father is William James Sr, the one with roots going as far as places like Ireland. 

His mother is Winifred Angela. Information about the respective occupations of both his parents is unknown. 

They occupied a small house and lived in New Jersey for a period of time. After living there for 2 years, their daughter Janet was born and the whole family made the collective decision of moving to Long Island for better and bigger opportunities. 

Bill went to St. Brigid Parochial School situated in Westbury for a couple of years. As the time for changing schools came into question for high school, he went to the Chaminade High School to respect his father’s wishes. 

He was quite brilliant and a much-known prodigy in school. Not just in academics, he was amazing at sports too, playing for his school in hockey and baseball.

He graduated from high school in 1967. He acquired a degree in arts from Queen Mary College. 

He graduated from Marist College before that with a major in History. He took up the job of an English teacher where he taught kids for around 2 years. 

He went ahead to pursue a master’s in broadcast journalism. He graduated from Boston University. 

He further achieved a master’s in public administration from Harvard. He has also been bestowed with an honorary degree from Marist.

Bill O’Reilly's
Bill O’Reilly's Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life
NameWilliam James O’Reilly Jr. 
Age:74 years old
Birth Date:10 September 1949
Birth Place:New York
Sexual Orientation:N/A
Marital Status:Divorced
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Daughter- Madeline, Son- Spencer)
Profession:Commentator, Author 
Yearly Income:$25 Million
Net Worth in 2022$85 million
Content Last Updated:May 2022

Personal Life of Bill O’Reilly

Bill always made sure to keep the view and words of his parents on a pedestal that wasn’t higher than anybody. No matter what position he acquired or what he wanted, he would always pay heed to the words of his parents. 

He maintains an amicable relationship with his sister Janet. He got married to Maureen E. McPhilmy in 1996. 

Maureen was a professional who worked in the field of public relations. They have 2 kids together, their daughter named Madeline who was born in 1998, and their son Spencer was born in 2003. 

Due to certain troubles in paradise, they got divorced in 2011. 

Career of Bill O’Reilly

His career started when he took up the job of an educator in a school for around 2 years. He taught English and was quite loved by his colleagues and the kids for his skills and the wisdom that he would impart.

His broadcasting career started when he reported and anchored at the WNEP-TV. 

He was also in charge of the weather reporting in the channel’s Dallas outlet.

He changed to KMGH-TV around 1978. He also interned for WFSB for a year. He was also a part of the local news at WCBS-TV. 

In 1986, he joined ABC news. He had a tenure / a contract that lasted 3 years. He had the job of a weekend anchor, week-day reporter, and general assignment reporter as well. He went ahead to gain 2 Emmys due to his excellence in the field eventually. 

He joined the King World News team, which is now known as CBS again in 1989. He had the designation of an anchor and made history by being the first reporter ever from America to report about the Berlin Wall. 

He left CBS in 1994. He went ahead to get his own show with Fox. It was titled the O’Reilly report. It became one of the highest-grossing shows on Fox. He spoke on a lot of matters and warned the public about potential frauds, being kept in the dark, etc. In 2017, he left the show which spanned around 2 decades. 

His current work includes his podcast titled The O’Reilly update. He has made several political and social appearances as well. 

He has been an excellent author with a loyal crowd of dedicated readers. He has written books like Who’s Looking Out For You, Those Who Trespass, The No Spin Zone, Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, The Last Days of Jesus, and Killing Reagan (a series of books where he deliberately talks about the murders and deaths associated with the famous personalities) and has also co-authored a lot of books.

Awards & Achievements of Bill O’Reilly

Bill has received the love and adoration of millions and millions of people who have watched him on screen ever since anybody could remember. He has received awards like Emmys and has also received 2 National Headliner Awards as well. He has also received honorary degrees and has been the receiver of various other awards like Dallas Press Club awards, etc.

Major Investments and Assets of Bill O’Reilly

He has several real estate establishments scattered across his favorite locations. He has also donated to a variety of causes throughout his career. His collection of cars has also made the news. He resides in a big mansion.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Bill O’Reilly

This video showcases Bill talking about his new book of his. As he candidly talks about certain topics, his amazing personality shines through! A must-watch! 

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