Bill Hader Net Worth

Bill Hader Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Introduction about Bill Hader

The actor who has garnered a huge fan base and is highly recognized for his very popular movies like Superbad, It: Chapter 2, and Men in Black 3 and may more, William Thomas Hader Jr. or popularly known as Bill is without a doubt one of the finest actors Hollywood will ever have.

Bill has even achieved much greater heights by being an exceptional voice actor and has added life to many films by the Pixar Productions. He is also an established comedian and the face of the very popular series, Barry which is a part of HBO Productions.

Net Worth & Salary of Bill Hader in 2022

The net worth of Mr. Bill Hader is estimated to be something around $12 million. He has successfully earned this wholesome sum of money by being an actor, comedian, writer, and voice actor.

His earnings have seen a huge growth when he was the star of the HBO Show, Barry. His per-year income was calculated to be around $2 million.

Early life & Biography of Bill Hader

Bill is multi-cultural and has Danish and Irish descent and hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born as the first child to Sherri Renee and William Thomas Hader Sr. on the 7th of June in the year 1978.

His mother served as a dance teacher while his father served worked multiple jobs and was also a comedian of his time. He shares a close bond with his siblings, Katie and Kara.

As a high school student, he went to Edison Junior High where he completed his elementary school at Patrick Henry Elementary School. He has often said in interviews how he had a hard time growing up and was never that good at studies and had a hard time focusing on studies.

Since his early days, he valued British Comedy and loved watching movies and reading novels. He was an even enthusiast of his father’s work on Mel Brooks’s movies and was encouraged to make his own short movies along with his schoolmates which he later did by being a part of The Glass Menagerie.

He then got admission to The Art Institute of Phoenix and then he completed his education at the Scottsdale Community College. He was first employed as a salesman when he was just an adult.

Name:William Thomas Hader Jr.
Age:43 years old
Birth Date:07 June 1978
Birth Place:Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Height:1.85 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife/Spouse:Ex- Maggie Carey
Children/Kids3- Hannah, Harper, and Hailey Hader
Dating/GirlfriendAnna Kendrick
Profession:Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Voice Actor
Yearly Income:$2 Million
Net Worth$12 Million
Content Last Updated:May 2022

Personal life of Bill Hader

Bill actively carried out his interest of being an avid reader in his adult days too and he loved reading. He is very fond of Richard Ford, Tobias Wolff, etc.  He has always been applauded for his simple attitude.

He began dating Maggie Carey in the 2000s and Maggie is known as a renowned director. It was in 2006 when the couple got married.

The couple has three children together, Hayley, Harper, and Hayley. However, things did not work for the couple and they were divorced in 2014.

In 2019, Bill amazed everyone with his top-notch chemistry with Rachel Bilson and it was revealed how the two actually started dating in real life. They were seen together in award shows and dated for a year until they broke up in mid-2020.

Bill is now in a relationship with Anna Kendrick who is renowned as a popular actress.

Bill Hader
Bill Hader Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Personal Life

Career of Bill Hader

It was quite surprising to know that Bill was a college dropout and he shifted to Los Angeles to start his journey as a filmmaker. He used the money which the family had saved for his education and invested it into becoming an assistant director at first.

 The initial days were tough for Hader as he had to work for almost twenty hours each day and after managing some days of intense hard work he left the job. Things became very depressing for Bill when his production wasn’t that big of a gig and he was also left heartbroken because of his girlfriend but he never gave up.

He was interested in comedy and established his sketch comedy group and gained prominence from that. Soon his entire group bagged the massive opportunity to do Saturday Night Live which went smoothly and he grew more popular.

He has mimicked many of the greatest superstars and the fans loved him for this he has been called multiple times on the show. It was in the mid-2000s when he set his foot in acting and he had his first movie, You, Me and Dupree, and many other movies like Hot Rod and Superbad which turned out to be immensely popular.

At the end of 2010, he started his work on South Park which was one of the most popular animated shows. He further gained public attention when he shared the screen with Robert Downey Jr. in the movie, Tropic Thunder and the movie was critically acclaimed.

He was also seen in a dramatic role in his 2014 film, The Skeleton King. Bill has a notable appearance in the famous show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  He was seen in a thrilling role when he was a part of the star cast of It: Chapter 2.

 As a voice actor, he has had a splendid career in voice acting Pixar characters, GTA games, Aqua Teen Force, and many more. He has provided his voice for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Star Trek, and Inside Out which gave him immense success.

Awards and Achievements of Bill Hader

Bill have been honored with multiple awards and accolades throughout his career and has been nominated for the renowned Primetime Emmy Awards twenty times.

He has bagged the Primetime Emmy Awards thrice and has had consecutive wins. He has also been nominated two times for the Golden Glove Awards.

The actor has four nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards with his name. He has been the winner of two Gotham Awards and has also won AFI Awards.

Major investments and Assets of Bill Hader

Bill enjoys a lavish lifestyle and resides in a lovely mansion in California which is worth millions of dollars. It was revealed that his house cost him $3 million.

He has even another rich home at Pacific Palisades which is $4 million.

Must Watch Latest Video and Trending Photographs of Bill Hader

Here Bill states how comedy is not what people think, doing comedy is as hard as doing a serious role. He further adds how he finds patient people very amusing and very interesting in the way they handle an insane person.

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